Different styles of SMS

Did you know that you can not only send SMS from your mobile phone to another phone but also use the web for the same?

This is a great feature and it simply means that you can email messages through your email account to a mobile phone number. This has become quite popular in recent times as it is cost effective, faster and easy to execute. Also you can type in several numbers that you wish to send the desired message to.

This procedure of online messaging is done using an SMS gateway. The SMS gateway allows the sender to send messages from their email account. This kind of online text messaging is very practical to use as it saves a great deal of time and ensures quick delivery.

The SMS gateway stores the messages that are sent and even if the receiver has not received them because their phone was off or whatever, the messages are safe with the gateway and once the opportunity arrives the messages get delivered immediately.

This style of online messaging is very popular in organisations. In fact a lot of companies have started initiating in bulk SMS so that they can promote their brand and products more efficiently. Since the majority of people have a mobile phone and are totally addicted to SMS, it is obvious that companies get maximum productivity and visibility by targeting phones.

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