SMS as a marketing strategy

SMS, or short message service, has become extremely popular with everyone and it has now become an effective medium to market almost any product or service.

While SMS is meant to be sent from one mobile phone to another, SMS can also be sent via the web using an SMS gateway. This is a good way of marketing or promoting a service as a lot of bulk messages can be sent in a short space of time and for lower cost. Also, sending to a person’s mobile phone is much more targeted and this is the objective of such a type of marketing. In such cases internet SMS is a good option as you can reach a larger audience thereby increasing visibility and productivity.

SMS marketing is beneficial as it is a direct channel. If you send bulk messages, you can be sure that each and every one will reach its intended recipient. Bulk messaging from email to SMS is a good idea as it helps in cutting down the cost. Text clubs are also a great medium for keeping your customers up to date and aware about latest offerings.

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