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Online messaging saves greatly on your mobile phone bills

The new trend with the internet is sending online messages to your friends, family and colleagues. Online messaging is used widely on the internet as it is very simple and quick. The online messaging service allows you to use the computer and the internet to send messages, which is beneficial for all those who use… Read more »

Online text messaging allows clubs to communicate with players

According to the latest reports from one of the leading mobile marketing firms, SMS marketing is emerging as a top tool for sports clubs that wish to keep in direct contact with their players. SMS marketing is ideal, quick and easy for sending important messages to a large group of people. Rugby, golf and football… Read more »

The many benefits of SMS services

People use mobile phones as their lifeline. SMS services have become extremely popular not only among the masses but also in the corporate world too. The SMS service has in fact changed the face of marketing strategies today. It is a very simple method to target customers and hence boost company sales. SMS messaging offers… Read more »

Are you familiar with internet SMS?

These days, mobile phones are used by many people. Mobile phones have now become one of the best means to be in contact with family, friends and office staff. The SMS or short messaging service is a value added service that comes as a feature on all mobile phones. Using SMS, one can send text… Read more »

Bulk SMS: the modern age of business

The business world is running fast these days. New brands, companies, services, mergers are happening everyday at a breathtaking pace. Marketing and advertising are the major tools to gain recognition and importance. Are you planning to launch a brand or modify your marketing strategies? Bulk SMS services could be of great help during this time…. Read more »

Promote your brand with SMS marketing

The population of mobile phone users has considerably increased over a period of time. It is not in doubt that many people now own a mobile phone. In the past, companies of all sizes used to promote their products and services using different marketing techniques such as radio ads, television ads and newspapers etc. However,… Read more »

What advantages can Internet SMS offer to your business?

Sending SMS via the internet is fast becoming a preferred method employed by companies to tackle the problem of sending more than one message or sending the same message across to a number of people. What are the advantages of Internet SMS for a business? • Firstly, Internet SMS requires minimal training. It blends seamlessly… Read more »

Bulk SMS to improve your marketing function

If you want to reach your customers in a flash and want to engage them wherever they are, bulk SMS is the best way to do just this. Bulk SMS, also known as internet SMS, is a great way to ensure that communication with your customers is not just one sided. This new way of… Read more »


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