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SMS: the ultimate tool for business

SMS stands for short message service. SMS has completely overtaken every other medium of communicating, simply because it is easy to use and consumes minimal time. SMS is textual information exchanged between mobile phone users. The format is particularly successful, and this is largely due to its convenient nature. SMS is rapidly spreading and is… Read more »

Communicating with your employees efficiently

Companies, whether they are big or small rely on communication to make it successful in the business world. For this purpose it is necessary to have the best communication channels that will enable you to get in touch with everyone that needs to be informed about certain developments or changes in a plan. A great… Read more »

SMS – a modern marketing strategy

The popularity of mobile phones is rapidly increasing and there are many people who are now using it. By using a mobile phone, it becomes very easy to communicate with people. SMS or Short Messaging Service has gained popularity in recent years. It enables one to quickly communicate with people by sending a text message…. Read more »

Bulk SMS- An excellent marketing tool

Mobile phones are the easiest way to stay in touch with others. Almost all people who are educated and have a source of income carry mobile phones. Naturally, SMS has become a popular form of advertising and marketing. More than 90% of people read the SMS that they receive. Unlike emails, SMSs cannot be spam…. Read more »

Marketing with the help of internet SMS

Mobile phones are the most commonly used technical devices in present times. One of the features of the mobile phone is text messaging which is widely used by all because of its fast and easy communication. This small device fits in the palm of your hand making it convenient to carry around. Businesses have been… Read more »

Internet SMS in the commercial sector

SMS is the latest and most convenient mode of communication. SMS is used by almost everyone familiar with its simple system. Originally SMS were sent from one mobile phone to another. The development of technology has now changed this aspect of text messaging by allowing you to send internet messages from the computer to any… Read more »

Benefits of bulk messaging

Today, with increased competition it is crucial for businesses to market and promote their products and services in a productive and effective manner. Although traditional forms of advertising are useful in promoting a product, the feeling of a personal touch is often missed. Most people use a mobile phone to communicate and to entertain themselves…. Read more »

Internet SMS makes communication easier

Short Message Service (SMS) is one of the modern methods of communication. An SMS is generally sent between two mobile devices. With the development in technology, this traditional idea of a SMS has changed. Now, it is possible for you to send messages from a computer to a mobile phone. This has been made possible… Read more »

SMS as a marketing strategy

To advertise through SMS allows you to reach more people than marketing through the internet. Thus small and large companies alike are moving to SMS marketing strategies as these offer better results than via the internet, since SMSs can easily reach a larger audience. By doing bulk SMS through the internet you can directly communicate… Read more »

Internet SMS – the future of the communication industry

Ordinary telephone communication is still one of the most popular methods to be in contact with people across the world. Then came mobile phones, which changed the whole scenario. People can conveniently move around and still remain in touch. A mobile phone is a wire free mode of communication. Instead of telephone conversations, people more… Read more »


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