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A new form of communication – internet SMS

With the advent of mobile phones came SMS, which stands for short message service. Since then, text messaging has become amazingly popular. Soon SMS was used by everyone for keeping in touch, so much so that there came a time when people started suffering from ‘SMS thumb’ – a condition in which your thumb gets… Read more »

The Rising Demand for Bulk SMS

There is a need to update everything around you. In a world where your business is big, your clientele is bigger and the workload is massive you need an effective communication system such as SMS that helps you cope with business. In today’s world you can enjoy seamless messaging services that offer an array of… Read more »

The rising demand of web to text services

In today’s world the ability to communicate and co-ordinate faster is a must. Modern gadgets and software have made our lives simpler and better-connected. In businesses there is a need to stay connected – for example, companies offering technical expertise. Such companies need to be on their toes when dispatching their technicians or engineers. The… Read more »

Online text messaging can help you reduce your expenses

Mobile phones have become indispensible these days. No one had ever thought that a small electronic device could find a place in everyone’s pocket and change the way the world communicates. It is very difficult to imagine our day-to-day lives without mobile phones. A mobile phone is no longer about just receiving or making calls… Read more »

Bulk SMS at your service

Bulk SMS and internet SMS services are in abundance. But choosing the right service provider is still a task. This modern messaging service has revolutionised the way people communicate. In fact it has helped many organisations to stay connected. Here is a lowdown on the services on offer. Email to text This form of messaging… Read more »

The advantages of opting for the ‘Receive Texts’ service

Today the world has become flat. With instant connectivity and the access to distant lands (via the internet) life has become simpler. You really do not need to take a flight to personally meet your client in Kenya or India. You could simply communicate with them in any part of the world through text messaging…. Read more »

The many benefits of SMS

SMS is an acronym standing for short message service. SMS is a cheap messaging solution which is gaining more and more momentum. It allows you to send a text message that can have a maximum length of 160 characters. The SMS messages can be sent from mobile phones. When compared to an outgoing phone call,… Read more »

SMS, the most convenient way of communicating

There are several benefits of SMS. SMS makes it possible to send your message to the desired recipient within a fraction of a second without disturbing the receiver. While on the other hand a phone call is time consuming and is a source of disturbance during work hours. SMS is less time consuming compared to… Read more »

Ever-growing demand for Email to Text services

Have you experienced the benefits of the Email to Text service? This new-age service, designed for individuals who are always ‘on-the-go’, is a simple and intuitive way to send and receive text messages from any email application. You can send a message with a few clicks of the mouse – whether to a single recipient… Read more »


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