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Mobile marketing campaigns using SMS are getting popular with marketers

Major brands are now looking to invest in innovative and effective mobile marketing campaigning over the next few years, according to a new independent survey conducted among large brands in the retail, manufacturing and financial service sectors. The survey was commissioned by O2. The O2 survey concludes that mobile marketing budgets of the top brands… Read more »

The quality of SMS text message services

There are a few efficient SMS text message service providers with years of experience. So if you are confused while opting for a service provider all you need is to register. Service providers can help you evaluate your requirements in order to work out how their SMS gateway can be comprehensively adapted to meet your… Read more »

The plus points of subscribing for a text message service

Since the advent of the mobile phone the short message service (SMS) has been a favourite of many users. It is simple and cheaper than making a call (especially if it’s an international one). SMSs have made communication much simpler and in fact there is a whole new lingo that has developed because of this…. Read more »

What are the advantages of SMS?

Many of us use mobile phones. SMS or short messaging service is one of the most popular methods of personal communication. It has many advantages. SMS is an ideal way to have short conversations without having to call or talk and it is very helpful when you do not want to get disturbed. If we… Read more »

Growing demand for online SMS

TynTec, a mobile messaging operator, has announced a deal with corporate SMS provider Red Oxygen. TynTec is to provide high quality message delivery to the SMS provider, plus the deal even ensures that Red Oxygen’s SMS services will benefit from TynTec’s 15 second delivery guarantee. Red Oxygen offers email-to-SMS, bulk SMS, and Microsoft Outlook SMS…. Read more »


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