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Internet SMS – Fast, economical and effective

There are several methods of marketing and advertising that are used currently by various companies. With every technological innovation, the methods of advertising have evolved. When the internet was made available, companies tried to reach out to the customers through emails. But this is the age of mobile phones and palm tops. SMS is the… Read more »

A few major advantages and uses of internet SMS

Internet SMS has been widely used for quite some time now. Several advantages offered by internet SMS is what has made it so popular. Internet SMS is used by commercial organisations as well as governmental and non profit making institutions. The economical nature and immediate effectiveness has made internet SMS so successful. Internet SMS is… Read more »

The change internet SMS has made in our lives and to those around us

The technology for communication is improving day by day. It was taken a step further when the Short Messaging Service was introduced. This mode of communication allows people to send short messages to one another. It is also popularly known as SMS and was developed after cellular phones became popular. Nowadays most people own a… Read more »

Online text messaging – promote your business effectively

Computers, mobile phones and the internet have been some of the most useful inventions of recent years. The mobile phones and the computers have completely changed the way in which people communicate. And online text messaging is also an important feature that enables people to communicate with each other no matter where they are in… Read more »

Bulk SMS – send a single SMS to several recipients at once

A mobile phone is something that is widely used by many people across the world. It is a device that helps people to communicate with others irrespective of their location. For any small or large company, advertising their products and services in an appropriate manner is very vital. If a company advertises and markets its… Read more »

Online text messaging is a success tool for your business

Using the online text messaging service, sending and receiving text messages becomes much easier. This can be easily done with a standard web browser and there is no need to install any other software. Using an online text messaging service, you can send text messages to either a single recipient or to many recipients simultaneously…. Read more »


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