Posts By: Rob Jagger developers API has been customised to facilitate M2M monitoring

The number of machines in the modern world is forecast to be eight times the human population by 2050 according to Detecon, an integrated management and technology company. We have become so dependent on them in our modern world any failures, caused by power cuts, component failure or system overload can have serious consequences. As… Read more » Affiliates Campaign Launched is very pleased to announce that our new affiliates campaign has just gone live. We are a UK based company that provides an easy-to-use, reliable and fully featured SMS gateway to hundreds of companies worldwide. We deliver Web SMS, Email SMS, SMS API and a range of other communication services to help customers reach… Read more »

Email to text: The ideal business service

Receiving and sending texts by email is becoming an increasingly popular trend. The Email to SMS service helps you send and receive text messages from Gmail, IBM Lotus Notes, Outlook, Groupwise, Thunderbird or any other email application. It is an efficient way of networking and the possibilities are endless. The email to text service is… Read more »

API Reference Implementations

Today we kicked off a new project to create some reference implementations for our API. We recognise that generally people want to get up and texting as quickly as possible, so we’re creating some worked examples for integrating applications and websites into our systems. We’ll be creating C#, VB, PHP and Java reference cases, that… Read more »

Password reminders now available is very pleased to say that customer’s can now remind themselves of their password without having to contact our support department. The login page now has a ‘Forgotten password?’ link, that shows a form where you can enter your account details. You can enter either your username, or contact email address or mobile phone… Read more »

Forgotten password..? No problem!

We’re currently developing a feature that allows customers to automatically create a password reminder email. This means that anyone that has trouble remembering what their password was will no longer have to contact us to help them out, although they are perfectly welcome to do so if they wish. The password reminder will be available… Read more »

Product name change….’Receive Texts’ becomes ‘Direct Response’

We’ve decided to rename our ‘Receive Texts’ product to be ‘Direct Response’. This is to reduce the possibility of confusion between our product offering. Direct Response is perfect for marketing campaigns or promotional events, as it allows anybody to send texts to a fixed number, and have those texts forwarded to the customers as either… Read more »

Improvements to the API is going to be updating and improving the API that developer’s can use to send and receive text messages. The API is based on an HTTP Post in either direction, and HTTPS is also supported where required. What we plan to do in the early stages in to make integration easier for our MS… Read more »


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