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Email to SMS – easy way to send bulk text messages

Gone are the days of sending text messages through mobile phones. As technology advances, we get more innovative ways to make our day to day tasks easier. Sending a text message through your mobile phone is not very convenient as it requires you to type your message in the small keypad. A mobile phone has… Read more »

Net to phone SMS services for text messaging

It is common to see mobile users typing short messages with their fingers or handy touch devices, and sending them through instantly. As a result of advancing technology, SMS is now an effective tool for companies to market their services and products. From a general users’ perspective, text messaging is an effective form of communication…. Read more »

A new study highlights importance of SMS as marketing channel

A new study has highlighted the importance of SMS when it comes to reaching out to today’s tech-savvy consumers. The new ExactTarget study has outlined six distinct personas while measuring how each of them interacts with different media. Here are highlights of the research report: Wired Users – About 20 percent of them subscribed for… Read more »

Send online SMS

Mobile phones are undoubtedly one of the greatest inventions of modern times. With countless advantages they make our lives easier. SMS or short message service is a highly effective service. In simple words, SMS helps to send and receive text messages via mobile phones. With advancements in technology, SMS can be sent through many online… Read more »

Make Use of the Best SMS Gateways & Web to Text Services

Enjoy fast, secure and reliable SMS gateways that allow you to send text messages from your desktop, by email, or fully integrated with back-office applications or servers. There are many companies offering varied SMS and email solutions. For example, you could try the Web to Text feature that allows you to send and receive text… Read more »


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