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Bulk SMS a marketer’s favorite tool

You may have noticed that the number of advertisements you receive on your cell phone has increased. This is because marketers have started to use internet and bulk SMS as a way to promote products and services. SMS or Short Message Service is a very personal way to communicate, and thus by using this medium,… Read more »

Bulk SMS – send a single SMS to several recipients at once

A mobile phone is something that is widely used by many people across the world. It is a device that helps people to communicate with others irrespective of their location. For any small or large company, advertising their products and services in an appropriate manner is very vital. If a company advertises and markets its… Read more »

A few advantages of using internet SMS

Internet SMS is a rather new phenomenon but its effectiveness has made it very popular in a short space of time. Discussed below are some of the major benefits of using internet SMS which also justify its increasing use. Internet SMS allows direct interaction Internet SMS is delivered to the desired persons mobile. Studies show… Read more »

Key uses of the bulk SMS service

Bulk SMS services are being used extensively, not only by commercial organisations but also by government agencies. The best advantage of using bulk SMS is that it is delivered at once to a large number of recipients. Discussed below are some of the popular uses of the bulk SMS service. Bulk SMS for maintaining customer… Read more »

Bulk SMS marketing is a modern and effective marketing strategy

Within the past few years, mobile phones have become extremely popular across the globe. The number of mobile phone users is increasing day-by-day. Apart from making and receiving calls, mobile phones also boast a value added feature called SMS or a short messaging service. This feature allows mobile phone users to communicate with people through… Read more »

Promote your products with SMS marketing

Advertising and marketing is considered to be one of the most important aspects for promoting your business. It is generally observed that customers only purchase the products that they are aware of. Effective marketing campaigns can help companies to attain good sales so if you operate a business, your budget is one of the crucial… Read more »

Promote your products and services with Bulk SMS

Every organisation needs to promote and market its products effectively in order to ensure good sales and be on the top. Having a mobile phone and an internet connection has become a need for everyone. While a mobile phone helps people to be in touch when they are out of their home, having an internet… Read more »

Use Bulk SMS to meet all your communication needs

Communication is an important part of any successful business. Any company, whether it is big or small, has to utilise communication for effectively reaching out to both its employees and its clients. As this communication needs to be done continuously, one of the best ways to manage this is by having a communication channel which… Read more »

All you need to know about internet SMS

Internet SMS is still a fairly new form of communication. An internet SMS service allows you to send a text message to multiple recipients at once, usually anywhere in the world. An internet SMS provider is all you need to be able to send SMS through the internet to anywhere in the world. By using… Read more »

Bulk SMS is an excellent communication tool for businesses

A bulk SMS service is an excellent way to keep in touch with your clients and employees. It is also very effective in generating a lot of sales and profits for numerous companies. Due to its inexpensive nature and multiple uses, bulk text messaging service has become one of the most widely used tools for… Read more »


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