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Uses of email to SMS

Email to SMS is a wonderful service that allows you to send and receive text messages from your email program like MSN, Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail and others. In addition, you can also send SMS text messages from applications with email functionality such as databases, monitoring tools and websites using the email to SMS… Read more »

Email to SMS is ideal for business use

You can send and receive text messages using different email packages available online. Email to SMS is a convenient easy to use service. You do not require special expertise to make use of this service. You can create and send regular emails and have replies delivered to your inbox. The email to SMS service is… Read more »

Why email to SMS is an ideal business service

In this fast and highly competitive business world of today, a delay of even a minute can sometimes have disastrous results for the company. It is important to have an effective communication system in your company that can quickly inform employees of any changes to the work schedule, yet not cost the company a fortune…. Read more »

Email to text: The ideal business service

Receiving and sending texts by email is becoming an increasingly popular trend. The Email to SMS service helps you send and receive text messages from Gmail, IBM Lotus Notes, Outlook, Groupwise, Thunderbird or any other email application. It is an efficient way of networking and the possibilities are endless. The email to text service is… Read more »

Are you aware of internet SMS?

Most of us are not comfortable using mobile phones for text messaging. Messaging using mobile phones is sometimes a tedious task and it can also be a little expensive. However, internet technology has made it possible to receive and send text messages from the desktop, via email. Typing using the keyboard is easier than typing… Read more »

Communicating with your employees efficiently

Companies, whether they are big or small rely on communication to make it successful in the business world. For this purpose it is necessary to have the best communication channels that will enable you to get in touch with everyone that needs to be informed about certain developments or changes in a plan. A great… Read more »

Use Email to SMS in order to grow your business

Having a successful business requires constant supervision and an effective marketing strategy. When a new product or service is launched in the market, it needs to be promoted in order to raise awareness among the target audience. In addition, it is also important to contact your employees at any time in case of an emergency…. Read more »

Expand your business through email to SMS

Successful businesses make use of the latest technology. The better the technology, the more success the business enjoys. One of the latest technological developments introduced into the world of business is online text messaging. One example of this is the Email to SMS service. When companies use this service, it can help them expand in… Read more »

Internet SMS makes marketing easier

Today all of us are a part of a virtual world that is increasing in popularity. Technology does not only provide us with scientific miracles but also finds ways to combine these miracles to make things convenient and better than they already are. Internet SMS is one such combination that has changed the general style… Read more »


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