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Is outstanding debt having an impact on your business in terms of overall profitability?

Do you spend a disproportionate of time on the phone chasing payment for low-value invoices? According to our own market research, small company business owners spend at least one day per month chasing outstanding debt – a hugely time-consuming process. But if it is left unchecked, it will have a knock-on effect on their bottom… Read more »

SMS – the driving force behind mobile banking services

Mobile phones have fundamentally changed the way we communicate with one another and the days when phones were used for their original purpose, i.e. talking, are long gone. Why call someone when you can use Facebook or text? Nowhere are our changing habits more apparent than in the way we manage money. We bank online,… Read more » SMS gateway fully integrates with iSchools online management and financial software

Teachers and support staff are increasingly under pressure to keep parents and carers regularly informed of their pupils’ academic progress as well as well as the school’s calendar of events without compromising teaching standards. The Government has stipulated that by the end of 2012, all schools and colleges will be required to communicate with parents… Read more »

League Republic use the inbound SMS service

LeagueRepublic, a leading provider of online administration systems for managing sports websites, fixture scheduling and results systems, has integrated Slepe Communications’ inbound SMS application (online SMS technology) into its overall system management software. Their software has been used to manage over 2000 professional and amateur leagues, since 2002. Up until last year, all match information… Read more »

Send PDF attachments as SMS messages using online SMS service

It can be challenging for vehicle hire or maintenance companies to operate efficiently and provide high quality after-sales service to their customers. Both factors, however, are vital to their success and in order to achieve this they are willing to invest in sophisticated job management and allocation software systems. The majority of these systems use… Read more »

SMS based appointment reminders

Missed NHS appointments cost the Government and ultimately the taxpayer in excess of £6million per annum, according to industry statistics. Patients believe the blame lies with the NHS – letters not being sent out in time, not being able to cancel or change the appointment because phone lines are busy or never answered, or stuck… Read more » Affiliates Campaign Launched is very pleased to announce that our new affiliates campaign has just gone live. We are a UK based company that provides an easy-to-use, reliable and fully featured SMS gateway to hundreds of companies worldwide. We deliver Web SMS, Email SMS, SMS API and a range of other communication services to help customers reach… Read more »

API Reference Implementations

Today we kicked off a new project to create some reference implementations for our API. We recognise that generally people want to get up and texting as quickly as possible, so we’re creating some worked examples for integrating applications and websites into our systems. We’ll be creating C#, VB, PHP and Java reference cases, that… Read more »

Password reminders now available is very pleased to say that customer’s can now remind themselves of their password without having to contact our support department. The login page now has a ‘Forgotten password?’ link, that shows a form where you can enter your account details. You can enter either your username, or contact email address or mobile phone… Read more »


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