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SMS – the driving force behind mobile banking services

Mobile phones have fundamentally changed the way we communicate with one another and the days when phones were used for their original purpose, i.e. talking, are long gone. Why call someone when you can use Facebook or text? Nowhere are our changing habits more apparent than in the way we manage money. We bank online,… Read more »

Bulk SMS Services For Small Businesses

When the majority of people hear the phrase “bulk SMS” they think of a wholesale service provided by SMS aggregators who sell millions of text messages in bulk to service providers and other large organisations. They subsequently provide promotional messages or notifications en masse to their customers or subscribers. Such services are typically used by… Read more »

Reversed billed SMS for small business

The majority of people associate the term “reverse billed SMS” with premium SMS services, where more often than not consumers pay a fairly hefty price to receive alerts about the weather, football, other sports results or general informational updates. This type of application is really useful if you want to promote easy- to- access services… Read more »

Use SMS to streamline cash flow and credit control

Ensuring a steady cash flow is at the heart of any commercial organisation. But when times are hard and buzz words like “austerity measures” and “cutbacks” continually make the headlines, businesses and consumers alike tend to tighten their financial belts, which often results in payment delays. While larger organisations can usually to “ride the wave”… Read more »

Why SMS is here to stay

New Ofcom research reveals we are a nation that has become addicted to Smartphones, with people professing to using them everywhere; from the dining table to the bathroom and bedroom. According to Ofcom’s latest Communications market report, over a quarter of adults and almost half of teenagers now own a Smartphone. With such revelations we… Read more »

Eight reasons for incorporating bulk SMS into your direct marketing activities

While social media and web-based projects are all the rage with regards to current-day marketing activities, the whole process can be very “hit and miss” because you have no control over who will follow you on Twitter (or similar) or visit your website. Direct marketing campaigns allow you to be much more targeted.  Having said… Read more »


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