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What advantages can Internet SMS offer to your business?

Sending SMS via the internet is fast becoming a preferred method employed by companies to tackle the problem of sending more than one message or sending the same message across to a number of people. What are the advantages of Internet SMS for a business? • Firstly, Internet SMS requires minimal training. It blends seamlessly… Read more »

Online text messaging and its benefits

Via the internet and e-mails is one of the fastest ways of getting in touch with someone these days. Online text messaging is the newest concept that ensures faster delivery of messages. With the majority of people using mobile phones today, SMS or short messaging service is a sure fire way of getting in contact… Read more »

Online text messaging – The new age marketing technique

Companies are well aware of the different marketing techniques that will help their businesses prosper. While most companies use these techniques the way they are, there are some companies that go one step ahead and use unusual ways to reach their clients and customers. Of the most recent ways, online text messaging has become quite… Read more »

Internet SMS, making the world a smaller place

Bulk SMS has become a very vital part of communication in organisations with a lot of employees. It is necessary to reach out to people by spending as little money as possible. In today’s world, with economic crunch hitting hard on all companies it has become necessary for them to cut costs wherever they can…. Read more »

SMS marketing is a unique and effective marketing strategy

The number of mobile phone users is increasing on a daily basis. Today, a mobile phone has become a vital part of most people’s lives. The main advantage of having a mobile phone is that it helps you to remain connected with the world, irrespective of whether your are at your home, office or any… Read more »

Rely on a more affordable and effective way to reach clients

Every company looks for better marketing strategies to expand their business. With almost every passing year, new and creative strategies are invented that help all kinds of businesses profit. One of the most effective strategies, though not many are aware of it is the email to SMS service. The reason why many may not know… Read more »

What are the benefits of SMS marketing?

SMS as a marketing strategy is hugely beneficial. More and more businesses are opting for SMS as a popular way of marketing and promoting their business. The popularity of SMS has massively increased in business sectors. More and more companies are adopting SMS as an effective marketing tool to generate more business. SMS marketing is… Read more »

SMS marketing is a cheap and effective mode of advertising

Advertising is the most important aspect that needs to be considered to promote your business. However, a large marketing budget is not always needed to make large sales for your business. Effective marketing usually helps to generate an amount of sales. If you run a small business, budget would be considered the main factor. Marketing… Read more »

SMS as a marketing tool

Given the highly competitive business environment, the importance of marketing cannot be underestimated. The better the marketing, the better are the results. Putting up banners or writing on walls is passé. It is the survival of the fittest and that calls for innovative methods of marketing. Internet SMS marketing is the ideal way to reach… Read more »


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