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Are you aware of internet SMS?

Most of us are not comfortable using mobile phones for text messaging. Messaging using mobile phones is sometimes a tedious task and it can also be a little expensive. However, internet technology has made it possible to receive and send text messages from the desktop, via email. Typing using the keyboard is easier than typing… Read more »

A new form of communication – internet SMS

With the advent of mobile phones came SMS, which stands for short message service. Since then, text messaging has become amazingly popular. Soon SMS was used by everyone for keeping in touch, so much so that there came a time when people started suffering from ‘SMS thumb’ – a condition in which your thumb gets… Read more »

Bulk SMS is Hulk SMS.

With the SMS came easy and fun connectivity and with the Internet, this service just got better. SMS which is a popular messaging service amongst the youth and even others has now crept over to the internet and when you were charged a lot for bulk sending SMS over your phone to others; with the… Read more »

The rising demand of web to text services

In today’s world the ability to communicate and co-ordinate faster is a must. Modern gadgets and software have made our lives simpler and better-connected. In businesses there is a need to stay connected – for example, companies offering technical expertise. Such companies need to be on their toes when dispatching their technicians or engineers. The… Read more »


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