Monthly Archives: October 2008

Mobile marketing campaigns using SMS are getting popular with marketers

Major brands are now looking to invest in innovative and effective mobile marketing campaigning over the next few years, according to a new independent survey conducted among large brands in the retail, manufacturing and financial service sectors. The survey was commissioned by O2. The O2 survey concludes that mobile marketing budgets of the top brands… Read more »

The rising demand of web to text services

In today’s world the ability to communicate and co-ordinate faster is a must. Modern gadgets and software have made our lives simpler and better-connected. In businesses there is a need to stay connected – for example, companies offering technical expertise. Such companies need to be on their toes when dispatching their technicians or engineers. The… Read more »

Growth in Text Messaging Continues in 2008

2008 has seen more phenomenal growth in the number of text messages that are being sent. The Mobile Data Association (MDA) published its research findings for July -September 2008 yesterday. The figures show that in Q3 2008 there were 38% more texts sent than in the same time last year. Interestingly, MMS is still a… Read more »

More machines connected to mobile networks

According to Berg Insight, the number of machines that have a connection to one or more mobile networks will grow by over 34% this year. This will mean that over 14 million machines will be connected by the start of 2009, and this number is set to grow by 33% each year to 2013. “The… Read more »

The quality of SMS text message services

There are a few efficient SMS text message service providers with years of experience. So if you are confused while opting for a service provider all you need is to register. Service providers can help you evaluate your requirements in order to work out how their SMS gateway can be comprehensively adapted to meet your… Read more »

Online text messaging can help you reduce your expenses

Mobile phones have become indispensible these days. No one had ever thought that a small electronic device could find a place in everyone’s pocket and change the way the world communicates. It is very difficult to imagine our day-to-day lives without mobile phones. A mobile phone is no longer about just receiving or making calls… Read more »

A new study highlights importance of SMS as marketing channel

A new study has highlighted the importance of SMS when it comes to reaching out to today’s tech-savvy consumers. The new ExactTarget study has outlined six distinct personas while measuring how each of them interacts with different media. Here are highlights of the research report: Wired Users – About 20 percent of them subscribed for… Read more »

Bulk SMS at your service

Bulk SMS and internet SMS services are in abundance. But choosing the right service provider is still a task. This modern messaging service has revolutionised the way people communicate. In fact it has helped many organisations to stay connected. Here is a lowdown on the services on offer. Email to text This form of messaging… Read more »


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