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The plus points of subscribing for a text message service

Since the advent of the mobile phone the short message service (SMS) has been a favourite of many users. It is simple and cheaper than making a call (especially if it’s an international one). SMSs have made communication much simpler and in fact there is a whole new lingo that has developed because of this…. Read more »

The advantages of opting for the ‘Receive Texts’ service

Today the world has become flat. With instant connectivity and the access to distant lands (via the internet) life has become simpler. You really do not need to take a flight to personally meet your client in Kenya or India. You could simply communicate with them in any part of the world through text messaging…. Read more »

New Feature – Bulk SMS

One of our potential customers wanted to be able to send a set of text messages as a bulk upload. They have a spreadsheet at the moment that holds a list of customers, and they amount that each customer owes on their account. The requirement is to be able to send a personalised text message… Read more »

What are the advantages of SMS?

Many of us use mobile phones. SMS or short messaging service is one of the most popular methods of personal communication. It has many advantages. SMS is an ideal way to have short conversations without having to call or talk and it is very helpful when you do not want to get disturbed. If we… Read more »

The many benefits of SMS

SMS is an acronym standing for short message service. SMS is a cheap messaging solution which is gaining more and more momentum. It allows you to send a text message that can have a maximum length of 160 characters. The SMS messages can be sent from mobile phones. When compared to an outgoing phone call,… Read more »

Google’s “SMS Channels” is Launched

This month Google India launched a service called Google SMS Channels, which allows subscribers to receive news stories, stock prices, jokes, and lots of other things via SMS. Additionally, user can add an RSS feed to the service so that others can receive updates to the feed via SMS. The intention is to allow users… Read more »

SMS, the most convenient way of communicating

There are several benefits of SMS. SMS makes it possible to send your message to the desired recipient within a fraction of a second without disturbing the receiver. While on the other hand a phone call is time consuming and is a source of disturbance during work hours. SMS is less time consuming compared to… Read more »

SMS vs. Mobile Instant Messaging

There has been a lot of talk recently about how mobile instant messaging will threaten SMS. Our experience so far is that these two services are complimentary, rather than competitive, and furthermore that user are prepared to pay for both. Mobile instant messaging is still relatively early in adoption, not least because it requires users… Read more »

Send online SMS

Mobile phones are undoubtedly one of the greatest inventions of modern times. With countless advantages they make our lives easier. SMS or short message service is a highly effective service. In simple words, SMS helps to send and receive text messages via mobile phones. With advancements in technology, SMS can be sent through many online… Read more »

Growing demand for online SMS

TynTec, a mobile messaging operator, has announced a deal with corporate SMS provider Red Oxygen. TynTec is to provide high quality message delivery to the SMS provider, plus the deal even ensures that Red Oxygen’s SMS services will benefit from TynTec’s 15 second delivery guarantee. Red Oxygen offers email-to-SMS, bulk SMS, and Microsoft Outlook SMS…. Read more »


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