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Email to SMS – a new way to communicate

In this age of mobile phones, SMS (short messaging service) has become very popular. People all over the world are using SMS to keep in touch with their family, friends, etc. Anyone with a mobile can easily send text messages to any other user in the world. You can stay in touch with your business… Read more » Signs New Reseller are pleased to announce a deal with a reseller that will be using our text messaging services amongst their own clients. Scene Media Marketing Ltd provide marketing and promotional facilities to a wide client base across commercial and public sectors. The company sees this reseller opportunity as a way of strengthening and extending their reach… Read more »

Email to SMS – easy way to send bulk text messages

Gone are the days of sending text messages through mobile phones. As technology advances, we get more innovative ways to make our day to day tasks easier. Sending a text message through your mobile phone is not very convenient as it requires you to type your message in the small keypad. A mobile phone has… Read more »

A new form of communication – internet SMS

With the advent of mobile phones came SMS, which stands for short message service. Since then, text messaging has become amazingly popular. Soon SMS was used by everyone for keeping in touch, so much so that there came a time when people started suffering from ‘SMS thumb’ – a condition in which your thumb gets… Read more »

Bulk SMS is Hulk SMS.

With the SMS came easy and fun connectivity and with the Internet, this service just got better. SMS which is a popular messaging service amongst the youth and even others has now crept over to the internet and when you were charged a lot for bulk sending SMS over your phone to others; with the… Read more »

The Rising Demand for Bulk SMS

There is a need to update everything around you. In a world where your business is big, your clientele is bigger and the workload is massive you need an effective communication system such as SMS that helps you cope with business. In today’s world you can enjoy seamless messaging services that offer an array of… Read more »

Net to phone SMS services for text messaging

It is common to see mobile users typing short messages with their fingers or handy touch devices, and sending them through instantly. As a result of advancing technology, SMS is now an effective tool for companies to market their services and products. From a general users’ perspective, text messaging is an effective form of communication…. Read more » now supports sending bulk text messages is very pleased to announce today the launch of our bulk text message sending feature. Text messages can be specified in a spreadsheet that can be uploaded and then sent. The messages within the spreadsheet can be customised for each recipient, so you don’t have to send exactly the same message to each recipient…. Read more »


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