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Internet SMS- A simple and easy way of communicating

The Short Message Service has become a global phenomenon and seems to be a very efficient way of communicating with people all over the world. The service, which includes writing a message with 160 characters, is seen on mobile phones. As almost everyone has a mobile phone these days, getting in touch with someone or… Read more »

Uses of online text messaging

With advancing technology, all electronic gadgets are becoming available for all. Almost everybody has a mobile phone and so for people who know the value of time and money SMS has become very important. SMS is a service which enables people to send and receive text messages via mobile phones. Online text messaging is a… Read more »

SMS via internet

SMS is one option for communicating through mobile phones. SMS via web or internet enables people to send an SMS from the internet without using their mobiles. By visiting a website and typing in a message, anybody can send SMS to anyone anywhere in the world. Online text messaging is a service provided through the… Read more »

SMS as a marketing strategy

To advertise through SMS allows you to reach more people than marketing through the internet. Thus small and large companies alike are moving to SMS marketing strategies as these offer better results than via the internet, since SMSs can easily reach a larger audience. By doing bulk SMS through the internet you can directly communicate… Read more »

Promote your offers with bulk messaging

Today many people use mobile phones all over the world. SMS or short messaging service is one of the features of mobile phone communication. SMS is a good way of communication as it does not disturb people. SMS is a noiseless way to communicate with others and does not disturb anyone. The message gets delivered… Read more »

Online text messaging – a better way to communicate

Short messaging service or SMS has quickly replaced the traditional ways of communication. SMS is an in built feature in mobile phones. Today, SMS has become a better way to communicate with others. One benefit of SMS services is that if someone is in a meeting or unavailable, with an SMS you can quickly send… Read more »

Internet SMS – the future of the communication industry

Ordinary telephone communication is still one of the most popular methods to be in contact with people across the world. Then came mobile phones, which changed the whole scenario. People can conveniently move around and still remain in touch. A mobile phone is a wire free mode of communication. Instead of telephone conversations, people more… Read more »

Expand your business through email to SMS

Successful businesses make use of the latest technology. The better the technology, the more success the business enjoys. One of the latest technological developments introduced into the world of business is online text messaging. One example of this is the Email to SMS service. When companies use this service, it can help them expand in… Read more »

Advantages of using bulk SMS

Using bulk SMS can be of great benefit to companies. Bulk SMS are sent through the internet, directly to mobile phones. Bulk SMS is like sending online text messaging but here, one single message is delivered to a group of people. Being a spam free medium, internet SMS is a better means of communication than… Read more »

Have you tried bulk SMS?

Methods of communication are changing every day. Today, the internet and mobile phones are among the most effective means of communication. People are extremely busy these days and there is hardly any time to talk. SMS is thus an effective way to send short messages to people. Bulk SMS enables single and multiple users to… Read more »


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