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Send SMS with a click of mouse

Science and technology is advancing day-by-day. The communication industry is not behind. In the initial days, the only means of communication was by letter. Then it was replaced with phones, the internet and e-mail service, and finally we have SMS or short messaging service. To convey information, communication is a must. Without proper means of… Read more »

Send messages from PC to mobile phone

While sending messages from one mobile phone to another is a common fact, one could also send text messages from a computer to a mobile phone. All you need is an internet connection, the carrier address and the contact number of the mobile phone. Yes, it is that simple. With the click of a button,… Read more »

Online messaging for direct response

Online messaging or sending text messages through the internet evokes a direct response. The process is simple, all you have to do is send messages from your email addresses and they are received by the respective mobile phone numbers. There is usually no limit to the number of contacts one can send messages to. Also,… Read more »

SMS marketing- low cost and effective way to reach out

You know pretty well that the best way to stay ahead of your competitors is by employing the right methods of marketing and advertising. The methods of marketing and advertising are changing everyday. To lead the way you must always opt for the newest ways of marketing. Using SMS as a marketing strategy can give… Read more »

Internet to SMS in seconds

Seconds is all it takes for a text message to be sent from an email address to a mobile phone. Everyone is aware of text messaging from one mobile phone to another. However, one could also send text messages from the internet to the mobile phone. All you need to have is an email id,… Read more »

Forgotten password..? No problem!

We’re currently developing a feature that allows customers to automatically create a password reminder email. This means that anyone that has trouble remembering what their password was will no longer have to contact us to help them out, although they are perfectly welcome to do so if they wish. The password reminder will be available… Read more »

Using online text messaging to increase your business profits

Information and regular updates are required to keep customers coming back to your store to buy your products. But how could you possibly keep updating thousands of customers every time a new range of products comes out? It may sound a bit far fetched, but it can be done through a fairly easy method. Online… Read more »

Internet SMS makes marketing easier

Today all of us are a part of a virtual world that is increasing in popularity. Technology does not only provide us with scientific miracles but also finds ways to combine these miracles to make things convenient and better than they already are. Internet SMS is one such combination that has changed the general style… Read more »

Online text messages on your cell phone

While we are all well acquainted to the SMS or short service message which is sent from one mobile phone to another, few of us know that the same SMS can also be sent to a mobile phone via an email. Technology is growing so rapidly that we need to keep in touch all the… Read more »

Personalised advertising through SMS

Text messaging has become a popular form of communication with the rise of the mobile phone technology. Everyone is familiar with this form of messaging and using it in the right way will help do wonders, especially in the field of advertising. SMS advertising is now becoming the most commonly used method by most companies,… Read more »


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