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Bulk messaging cuts costs and saves time

SMS or short message service has several advantages. One of the biggest is that it is more discrete than a telephone conversation. SMS is a service that is ‘store and forward’ in nature. This means that the message sent does not store directly into the mobile phone of the receiver. The SMS Centre stores a… Read more »

SMS: the ultimate tool for business

SMS stands for short message service. SMS has completely overtaken every other medium of communicating, simply because it is easy to use and consumes minimal time. SMS is textual information exchanged between mobile phone users. The format is particularly successful, and this is largely due to its convenient nature. SMS is rapidly spreading and is… Read more »

Some advantages of using bulk SMS services

With evolving technology, methods of communication are also changing. With the high popularity of the internet, emails are used for marketing products and communicating with staff. However, emails have many shortcomings, especially when used for marketing. Many times emails will fail to reach targeted customers due to spam filters. In some cases, even if the… Read more »

Why is the concept of Bulk SMS so popular?

A message being sent from one mobile phone to another is fairly common. However, the ability to send SMS in bulk is rather new and is aptly termed ‘bulk messaging’. The concept is simple: a single message can be sent to many different users at the same time. The numbers of the mobile phone users… Read more »

Increasing your customer list with a simple tool

The digital age that the world is enjoying has brought along with it a number of great services and benefits that everyone can gain from. With the advent of the internet, people can do just about anything they want. In the business world, the internet is the lifeline of nearly every company. A unique way… Read more »

Communicating with your employees efficiently

Companies, whether they are big or small rely on communication to make it successful in the business world. For this purpose it is necessary to have the best communication channels that will enable you to get in touch with everyone that needs to be informed about certain developments or changes in a plan. A great… Read more »

Promote and market your business using bulk messages

In order to succeed, almost every organisation needs to heavily promote and market their business. The mobile phone and internet are two of the most important features of today’s world, and utilising a combination of both of these communication methods is even more powerful. Promotion and marketing means producing and circulating information so that the… Read more »

Promote your brand easily with SMS marketing

Mobile phone users across the globe now easily exceed the number of internet users. SMS or Short Messaging Service is becoming extremely popular these days. Many mobile phone users exchange text messages with others as it is the easiest way to communicate. At such times, companies can greatly benefit if they use the technique of… Read more »

Use Email to SMS in order to grow your business

Having a successful business requires constant supervision and an effective marketing strategy. When a new product or service is launched in the market, it needs to be promoted in order to raise awareness among the target audience. In addition, it is also important to contact your employees at any time in case of an emergency…. Read more »

SMS – a modern marketing strategy

The popularity of mobile phones is rapidly increasing and there are many people who are now using it. By using a mobile phone, it becomes very easy to communicate with people. SMS or Short Messaging Service has gained popularity in recent years. It enables one to quickly communicate with people by sending a text message…. Read more »


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