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Multiple advantages of using bulk SMS

SMS has many advantages. It is more discreet and less time consuming than many methods of communicating. Communicating through SMS is a very beneficial proposition for business organisations both large and small. Business organisations need to communicate continually with their staff and occasionally with their clients and customers. Often messages are small and can easily… Read more »

Bulk SMS- An excellent marketing tool

Mobile phones are the easiest way to stay in touch with others. Almost all people who are educated and have a source of income carry mobile phones. Naturally, SMS has become a popular form of advertising and marketing. More than 90% of people read the SMS that they receive. Unlike emails, SMSs cannot be spam…. Read more »

Marketing with the help of internet SMS

Mobile phones are the most commonly used technical devices in present times. One of the features of the mobile phone is text messaging which is widely used by all because of its fast and easy communication. This small device fits in the palm of your hand making it convenient to carry around. Businesses have been… Read more »

Password reminders now available is very pleased to say that customer’s can now remind themselves of their password without having to contact our support department. The login page now has a ‘Forgotten password?’ link, that shows a form where you can enter your account details. You can enter either your username, or contact email address or mobile phone… Read more »

Internet SMS in the commercial sector

SMS is the latest and most convenient mode of communication. SMS is used by almost everyone familiar with its simple system. Originally SMS were sent from one mobile phone to another. The development of technology has now changed this aspect of text messaging by allowing you to send internet messages from the computer to any… Read more »

Effective advertisement through bulk SMS

SMS is one of the most effective ways of communication in modern times. Popularly used for communicating between two mobile phones, SMS today can also be sent from a computer to a mobile phone via the internet. Internet SMS makes it possible for you to reach a large number of people at the same time,… Read more »

Bulk SMS – The best tool for marketing

Today, SMS or short messaging service has become tremendously popular and has quickly replaced the traditional forms of communication. SMS is used by many people across the globe. In addition, SMS has turned out to be an important aspect of everybodys life. SMS also serves as a great marketing tool. If you own a business,… Read more »

Internet SMS – A smart and convenient way to communicate

Short Messaging Service or ‘SMS’ has completely changed communication. SMS is a revolutionary way to communicate with each other by the means of sending and receiving messages on the mobile phone. Methods of communication such as letters, telegrams, faxes, and telephones struggle to compete with the convenience of SMS. SMS has taken the communication industry… Read more »

Benefits of bulk messaging

Today, with increased competition it is crucial for businesses to market and promote their products and services in a productive and effective manner. Although traditional forms of advertising are useful in promoting a product, the feeling of a personal touch is often missed. Most people use a mobile phone to communicate and to entertain themselves…. Read more »

Online text messaging – A great way to promote your business

With the invention of mobile phones, a new door in communication was opened that was better than anything else. It took over writing letters and even e-mails. This is because anyone with a mobile phone can be reached almost anywhere and at anytime. Another great feature of these phones is, if the person is to… Read more »


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