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Online text messaging: An easy way to reach out

The internet has proven to be highly effective in many ways and so have mobile phones. Thus, when the online text messaging SMS service was launched, it was expected to take the world by storm. Internet SMS is used by many companies for many different purposes. Firstly, advertising campaigns through internet SMS have proved to… Read more »

SMS marketing: an important strategy for your business

Selling and marketing of a product or a service requires a lot of planning and effort. With the growing number of mobile phone users, tech savvy experts have devised another marketing option, called SMS Marketing. The Short Message Service, popularly known as SMS, is one of the best current methods of marketing. The most important… Read more »

The many benefits of using bulk SMS

Short Message Service, or SMS, is a very popular method of communication. It is distinct and separate from regular telephonic chat. This makes it an ideal form of conversation if you want it to be secretive. SMS requires very little time as compared to its other counterparts. The following are the advantages of bulk SMS…. Read more »

Bulk SMS text messaging is cheap and highly effective

Bulk SMS text messaging services have generated great amounts of profits for many commercial companies. The reason behind the growing popularity of bulk text messaging is down to its multiple uses and can be used to achieve varied goals. Bulk text messaging and internet SMS has been rated as one of the most useful services… Read more »

SMS is an effective marketing tool

In this digital age, all businesses want to stay ahead of their competitors by using the best available marketing strategy and advertising tools. It is essential to promote the products or services of your business in a way that connects directly with your customers. One of the best and most effective marketing tools available today… Read more »

The vast reach of online text messaging

The fastest way to get in touch with anyone these days is through emails and the internet. However, online text messaging is another concept that ensures faster delivery wherein the messages can be sent from an email address to a mobile phone number. Sending messages at a button click is remarkable and efficient, which is… Read more »

Features of online text messaging

With the smaller models of phones available today, it has become difficult for some people to text message as the keypads also keep getting smaller. Now with the advancements in technology you can also text message from a PC to a phone, which is quite easy as you can just use a normal keyboard. This… Read more »

Bulk SMS for increased business efficiency

Bulk messaging is highly efficient for every business organisation as it reduces cost and saves time. In fact, the delivery of messages is so fast that within no time everyone can be reached. In corporate organisations, bulk messaging proves to be worthwhile as several employees may need to be contacted with the same message. Text… Read more »

Bulk SMS – a great marketing tool

SMS or ‘short messaging service’ is becoming extremely popular these days. It is the most popular mode of communication at present. Using an SMS service, businesses and individuals can convey their message to their clients and other people very effectively. SMS is also regarded as a spam free mode of communication. One can send an… Read more »

Bulk SMS – the modern way of marketing

SMS is considered to be the best method of marketing for many companies, to promote their products or to improve customer relationships. SMS is the modern mode of marketing and with the growing number of mobile phone users around the world it can be seen that SMS can be an effective method of communication. The… Read more »


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