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Internet SMS and bulk messaging are extremely useful

The introduction of mobile phones has led to the introduction of new forms of communication. One of these forms of communication is the Short Messaging Service (SMS). SMS is a fast and easy way of communication. Today, SMS has gained in popularity with large numbers of people and is not only used for day to… Read more »

Online text messaging helps you to reach the masses

Technology today plays a crucial role in our day to day life. With the advent of mobile phones, it has become extremely easy and convenient to communicate with people. The communication industry has seen several changes in the past few years. With improvements in technology communication has changed rapidly. SMS or short messaging service has… Read more »

The various advantages of using bulk SMS

SMS has a number of advantages. It is much more distinct than telephone conversations, it is less time consuming when compared to e-mail or a phone call and you do not need to be in front of your computer to send an SMS. SMS can be defined as a store-and-forward service, you can send a… Read more »

Reduce your mobile phone bills with online text messaging

With each new day, a new invention is introduced to this fast-paced world. Large or small, these new discoveries and inventions are slowly changing the face of the earth. As we all know, one invention leads to another invention and perhaps, the invention of television was one particularly important discovery, as it lead to other… Read more »

Online text messaging for business use

In the business world there are a number of marketing strategies that companies rely on to help them grow their businesses. Using regular marketing strategies like banners, display signs and other such things can be very effective, if your target audience is easily accessed. However, if you are looking for a faster way to promote… Read more »

Multiple uses of internet SMS

SMS is a method of communication that has revolutionised the whole world and is expected to be extremely popular for a long time. The reason for this is that SMS is short, to the point, economical and is delivered almost instantly. With mobiles being used by almost everybody, SMS has become something more than just… Read more »

Internet SMS is an unparalleled communication tool

The latest, hot and most happening buzzword on the internet is internet SMS. More and more people are using this exciting and new medium of communication for many different reasons. Internet SMS is more economical, simpler and faster than other traditional mediums of communication. Using this latest technology is really easy. Anybody who has access… Read more »

API Reference Implementations

Today we kicked off a new project to create some reference implementations for our API. We recognise that generally people want to get up and texting as quickly as possible, so we’re creating some worked examples for integrating applications and websites into our systems. We’ll be creating C#, VB, PHP and Java reference cases, that… Read more »

Bulk SMS – A highly effective way of advertising

Presently, commercial enterprises can become successful only by correct and ample advertising. Advertising through electronic and print media is usually the first choice since it offers a wide audience and ensures that a large part of the population is communicated to. Although this is an effective and glamorous way of advertising, it is highly expensive… Read more »


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