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Make messaging inexpensive with online text messaging

Mobile phones are one of the most widely seen accessories of the modern world. While these devices were almost non existent just a few decades ago, not seeing one in every hand is becoming rather odd. They have become popular to such an extent that it is very difficult to imagine a day without a… Read more »

The use of internet SMS in mobile marketing

The field of marketing is getting more and more competitive and advanced. Companies are forever looking for means to market their products in more ways than one. Mobile marketing is one such method of marketing products. Mobile marketing has two ways of going about marketing products. The first one is to make phone calls and… Read more »

Internet SMS- fast cheap and effective

Internet SMS is an effective way to spread any message to any number of people in almost no time. The cheap cost and its effectiveness has made internet SMS immensely popular in the commercial sector. Today almost all companies, large or small, use internet SMS services. Internet SMS is cheap and the company only has… Read more »

SMS marketing is a cheap and effective mode of advertising

Advertising is the most important aspect that needs to be considered to promote your business. However, a large marketing budget is not always needed to make large sales for your business. Effective marketing usually helps to generate an amount of sales. If you run a small business, budget would be considered the main factor. Marketing… Read more »

SMS as a marketing tool

Given the highly competitive business environment, the importance of marketing cannot be underestimated. The better the marketing, the better are the results. Putting up banners or writing on walls is passé. It is the survival of the fittest and that calls for innovative methods of marketing. Internet SMS marketing is the ideal way to reach… Read more »

Bulk SMS- The cheapest way to publicise your company effectively

With every new invention, many things change. After the advent of the internet, advertising and marketing strategies have changed and with the arrival and popularity of mobile phones, business organisations had to rethink their marketing strategies completely. Today, internet SMS services are used by many companies to attain different goals. The reason for this drastic… Read more »

Internet SMS: a crucial tool for business

The Short Messaging Service, or SMS, is an important feature which allows mobile phone users to keep in touch with others. Unlike phone calls, SMS is cheaper and saves time. In recent times, SMS has gained in popularity and more and people have been using it. When using SMS, text information can be exchanged between… Read more »

Promote your products and services using bulk messages

For every organisation to be at the top, it needs to market and promote its products and services heavily. At present, having the internet and a mobile phone are the two most important things a person can have. This is the reason why a combination of both can be extremely powerful. Marketing and promotion is… Read more »

The importance of bulk SMS marketing

Bulk SMS marketing can be considered the cheapest and most cost effective mode of advertising. Many companies use bulk SMS as a marketing tool to promote their products and services. They are very useful for small business owners who have to consider the budget factor before marketing their products. Many of us own a mobile… Read more »


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