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Rely on a more affordable and effective way to reach clients

Every company looks for better marketing strategies to expand their business. With almost every passing year, new and creative strategies are invented that help all kinds of businesses profit. One of the most effective strategies, though not many are aware of it is the email to SMS service. The reason why many may not know… Read more » Affiliates Campaign Launched is very pleased to announce that our new affiliates campaign has just gone live. We are a UK based company that provides an easy-to-use, reliable and fully featured SMS gateway to hundreds of companies worldwide. We deliver Web SMS, Email SMS, SMS API and a range of other communication services to help customers reach… Read more »

Use internet SMS service to improve your customer reach

Along with advertising and promoting your business, communicating with your existing customer base plays an important role in the success of your business. You can spend large amounts of money on advertising your products or services, but if you do not know the response of the targeted customer, the campaign may be a failure. Today,… Read more »

Email to SMS is an effective business tool

Most business owners and managers are aware and understand that effective communication with employees and clients is very important and essential for the survival of the business. If there is no proper communication between the employer and its employees the quality of service provided by the company can suffer, which may result in the loss… Read more »

Benefits of internet SMS for businesses

Did you know it is possible to send messages to any mobile phones without having to use another mobile phone? The costs of sending such messages are much lower than the costs charged by the mobile phone service providers. Sound unbelievable, right? Well, such a service is already available and is known as internet SMS…. Read more »

Bulk SMS: one of the most effective modes of advertising

There are many different ways for a company to advertise its products and services. Advertising can sometimes be somewhat expensive. If you are running a small or a new business organisation, you would always need to spend your capital carefully. To promote a company’s products and services, advertising is a must. If you have limited… Read more »

The increasing popularity of Internet SMS

Due to the number of technological advancements, it has become quite easy to communicate with more people than ever before. The innovative software and gadgets that are currently available have made our life simpler. For businesses, it is essential to stay connected all the time. At such times, the internet SMS service can prove to… Read more »

Internet SMS – stay connected with your customers

For any type of business to function at its best, advertising their products and services is a must. If you do not communicate with your target customers, it is very difficult to do good business. The more people are aware about your products and services the better your company’s performance will be. With the majority… Read more »

SMS marketing: one of the most reliable modes of advertising

Advertising can be considered as one of the most crucial aspects of promoting a business. However, it is not only a large marketing budget that can help convert opportunities into sales. Effective marketing is the key to attaining sales. If you operate an SME or a new business, your budget can be considered a key… Read more »


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