Monthly Archives: September 2009

Online messaging saves greatly on your mobile phone bills

The new trend with the internet is sending online messages to your friends, family and colleagues. Online messaging is used widely on the internet as it is very simple and quick. The online messaging service allows you to use the computer and the internet to send messages, which is beneficial for all those who use… Read more »

Online messages help you to send messages easily and quickly

Due to the continuous developments in technology, a lot of people are commonly using the internet and the various services it offers. Over the years, the service of online messaging has become very popular. Because of the easy access to the internet, the use of online messaging has increased tremendously as it is very easy… Read more »

SMS marketing provides remarkable results for Bistro Live

Businesses have always been encouraged to consider the benefits of SMS marketing after the success of a campaign led by Bistro Live restaurant group. Presently, the organisation has a record of over 10,000 customers who opted to receive promotional literature and offers on their mobile phones. During a particular event, the latest text-based promotional strategy… Read more »

Online messaging is much better than mobile messaging

Nowadays, online text messaging has become very popular. By using an internet text messaging service you can communicate with a lot of people with just a click of a mouse. It is like sending messages from your mobile phone but in online messaging you make use of a computer with an internet connection. The benefits… Read more »

Online text messaging allows clubs to communicate with players

According to the latest reports from one of the leading mobile marketing firms, SMS marketing is emerging as a top tool for sports clubs that wish to keep in direct contact with their players. SMS marketing is ideal, quick and easy for sending important messages to a large group of people. Rugby, golf and football… Read more »

Use your desktop to send and receive texts

Technology now lets us send SMS messages from our very own desktop computer. It is easy to send and receive text messages from a desktop computer or laptop. You can in fact use a standard web browser to send SMS messages to many mobile numbers. There is also no need to install any software. Once… Read more »

The many advantages of online text messaging

Text messaging can be difficult for people who are relatively new to the world of mobile phones. Moreover, the size of mobile phones is constantly reducing making it harder for people to type messages using their keypads. While you can always manage to send a few texts from using the keypad of your mobile phone,… Read more »

The many benefits of SMS services

People use mobile phones as their lifeline. SMS services have become extremely popular not only among the masses but also in the corporate world too. The SMS service has in fact changed the face of marketing strategies today. It is a very simple method to target customers and hence boost company sales. SMS messaging offers… Read more »


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