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Bistro live gets great results from SMS marketing campaign

Some time back, Bistro Live, a group of restaurants carried out a bulk SMS campaign as a measure of company marking. The company paid £470 for the SMS marketing campaign. As a response to this bulk SMS campaign, over 2.7 percent of the SMS recipients visited several Bistro Live outlets and spent above £8,000. At… Read more »

Are you familiar with internet SMS?

These days, mobile phones are used by many people. Mobile phones have now become one of the best means to be in contact with family, friends and office staff. The SMS or short messaging service is a value added service that comes as a feature on all mobile phones. Using SMS, one can send text… Read more »

The SMS service: A revolution in the world of marketing

Short messaging service technology was introduced in the year 2000. Ever since then this invention has created a stir in the mobile market and among mobile users. Communication became easier and life became faster. Big business companies today are opting for this remarkable service for brand marketing and hence also business recognition. The SMS service… Read more »

Email to SMS – An effective tool to market your product online

Online marketing allows you to market your product in the online world. Similar to offline marketing, online marketing makes the online people aware of your product. With the web world now being so popular, online marketing is a good way to communicate your product details to a lot of online users. Here is how you… Read more »

Internet SMS is an excellent tool for marketing

Almost everyone has a mobile phone these days. One of the most important benefits of a mobile phone is its ability to send and receive short messages more commonly known as SMS. SMS are short and a very effective method for the communication of important information. One service that has revolutionised SMS is the internet… Read more »

Internet can help you send free SMS

Mobile phones are one of the greatest inventions of all time. Most of us can’t get through the day without using one, Apart from other features, the messaging service is very useful. Through messaging you can communicate to anyone in the world at a really fast rate. It hardly takes a few seconds for the… Read more »

Speed up your business network and see your sales shoot up

SMS to us always meant messaging through mobile phones. It is less time consuming and an easier way to stay in touch with people. With the telecom sector booming today, the use of mobile phones is widespread. Bulk SMS has evolved out of this growth. It is the latest mantra of big businesses to reach… Read more »

Bulk SMS: the modern age of business

The business world is running fast these days. New brands, companies, services, mergers are happening everyday at a breathtaking pace. Marketing and advertising are the major tools to gain recognition and importance. Are you planning to launch a brand or modify your marketing strategies? Bulk SMS services could be of great help during this time…. Read more »


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