Monthly Archives: July 2011 SMS gateway fully integrates with iSchools online management and financial software

Teachers and support staff are increasingly under pressure to keep parents and carers regularly informed of their pupils’ academic progress as well as well as the school’s calendar of events without compromising teaching standards. The Government has stipulated that by the end of 2012, all schools and colleges will be required to communicate with parents… Read more » developers API has been customised to facilitate M2M monitoring

The number of machines in the modern world is forecast to be eight times the human population by 2050 according to Detecon, an integrated management and technology company. We have become so dependent on them in our modern world any failures, caused by power cuts, component failure or system overload can have serious consequences. As… Read more »

Use email to SMS to generate sales leads and benefit from higher sales conversion rates

Use email to SMS for lead generation Email has always been a popular choice for direct marketing campaigns and lead generation. In recent years, however, it has had to compete against a number of different communications methods, with social media being the most prevalent.   As Facebook and Twitter grows in popularity, thousands of companies… Read more »