Bulk SMS marketing is a modern and effective marketing strategy

Within the past few years, mobile phones have become extremely popular across the globe. The number of mobile phone users is increasing day-by-day. Apart from making and receiving calls, mobile phones also boast a value added feature called SMS or a short messaging service. This feature allows mobile phone users to communicate with people through the exchange of short text messages of 160 characters and above. SMS can prove to be a vital tool for advertisers and help them to promote their brand in an effective way.

If any company wishes to increase the sales of its products, it is essential to make them popular among the masses. Television advertisements, newspapers and radio advertisements using banner stands and posters for displaying the products are some of the means that can help companies to make their products popular. However, SMS marketing is the latest innovative technique that can greatly help companies to make their products popular among mass audiences.

With SMS marketing, companies can send bulk SMS to the audience in a very cost effective way. If the cost of SMS marketing is compared to other means, it proves to be one of the cheapest alternatives. Bulk messaging allows marketers to send a single message to number of customers at the same time. To send bulk SMS, all you need to do is just log in to the client website over the internet, enter the recipients’ numbers followed by your text and click on send. It promotes your products and services in an effective manner and proves that SMS marketing is the best option.

Online text messaging – The new age marketing technique

Companies are well aware of the different marketing techniques that will help their businesses prosper. While most companies use these techniques the way they are, there are some companies that go one step ahead and use unusual ways to reach their clients and customers. Of the most recent ways, online text messaging has become quite a popular marketing scheme for a number of companies.

Why are companies using online text messaging for marketing?

Online text messaging has proven to be one of the most useful forms of direct marketing today. A survey shows that as compared to e-mails, text messages are more likely to be opened by recipients. This shows that online text messaging is surely better at reaching out to customers than other forms of marketing. Online text messaging is a more personal way of reaching customers, something that they appreciate.

Is using online text messaging easy?

There is no doubt that using online text messaging as a marketing technique is relatively simple. This service is just like text messaging from phones; only it is done through the internet. Online text messaging can be used through any regular e-mail application. Companies that are using this service are usually provided with an online address book where the contacts of their customers are stored. This makes online text messaging extremely easy as you need only to select the contacts once the message is complete and send it to them.

The rates of using online text messaging are lower compared to regular messaging. This and the ease of using the service have made online text messaging a very popular marketing tool.

Online SMS is the next big thing in communication

Today most of the people in the world use mobile phones and text messaging. Thus if you own a mobile phone, it is quite obvious that you must have used it to send and receive text messages. SMS is a popular mode of communication today and has been around for a long time now. Although SMS has been around for a while, not many people made use of it in its embryonic stages since it was not cost effective and needed a certain amount of hands on knowledge to do so.

Online SMS is a natural evolutionary step from mobile phone text messaging. Many people are switching to online SMS since it has many more advantages than mobile phone text messaging. One of the key factors of online SMS is the vast number of people you can text through online SMS. Mobile phone texting has a limited amount of recipients you can send the messages to. While this is the case with mobile phone messaging, online SMS gives you a vast number of recipient options which are perfect for business men and corporate individuals.

Another great advantage of online SMS is that most people are more comfortable on a keyboard than a keypad. Computer keyboards have been in existence for a long time and people are much more comfortable with typing up an SMS on a keyboard rather than a mobile phone keypad. Thus online SMS has many advantages over mobile phone messaging.

Saving time through the Internet to SMS service

Mobile phones are one of the most useful devices people can have with them. These devices are used for a variety of purposes. They are the best help in emergency situations, perfect for people to stay in touch wherever they are and if that is not enough, they are the best when it comes to taking messages. The messaging feature of mobile phones is definitely one of the most beneficial and can be put to various uses.

Text messaging is especially useful when the person is busy and cannot take calls. It is easier to leave a message than keep calling and disturbing the recipient. The latest in text messaging is the Internet to SMS service which companies have started using to reach their clients and even employees.

What is an Internet to SMS service?

The Internet to SMS service allows users to send text messages to several contacts through e-mail or the Internet. All these contacts receive the messages as soon as it is sent. This is a useful feature to companies if they do not want to get in their customers’ bad books by calling and disturbing them. With an Internet to SMS service, you can be sure that clients will get the message as and when it is sent.

Many companies have also started using the Internet to SMS service to send their employees important messages. This is usually done when the company is very large and has to inform a large number of employees at a single time. Internet to SMS service is an excellent asset to companies as it can save a lot of valuable time.

Promote your products with SMS marketing

Advertising and marketing is considered to be one of the most important aspects for promoting your business. It is generally observed that customers only purchase the products that they are aware of. Effective marketing campaigns can help companies to attain good sales so if you operate a business, your budget is one of the crucial factors that you need to consider.

Many companies utilise different advertising techniques in order to promote their products. If you want to promote your products in an effective manner, you need to use a unique technique. If you wish to promote products and services of your newly launched company, you will also essentially need to maintain a strict budget. SMS marketing is undoubtedly the best and most effective means of advertising your business.

With SMS marketing, you can make sure that your message reaches a large number of people effectively. These days, many people use mobile phones for communication purposes. Thus, by promoting your products with the help of SMS marketing you can be sure to reach a wider audience. Using an internet SMS or bulk messaging service, you can send a single message to many recipients at the same time.

Mobile phones are used by many people and so it has quickly become the best method of communication. Internet SMS is reliable, quick, cost-effective and the best option to reach the target audience. So, if you want to make the most from your marketing campaign, SMS marketing is the ideal option.

Internet SMS – inform your customers about the latest offers and promotions

Are you aware that you can now send SMS messages to any mobile across the world without having to use any another mobile phone? This is possible with the help of an online internet messaging service. With advancements in technology, it has become possible to send SMS messages from a computer. The cost for sending such messages is also lower compared to what the mobile phone service providers charge.

Using a computer with an internet connection, it becomes very easy to send text messages to any mobile phone across the world. In order to send internet SMS all you need to do is register with the internet SMS provider, login to your account, type the message, add recipients and click on send. It is very important for large and small businesses to stay connected with their clients and customers to stay ahead of the competition.

A mobile phone is a device that is used by the majority of people throughout the world. Due to the many advantages of a mobile phone, they have now become a must have for everyone. The major advantage of using a mobile phone is that it enables people to stay connected with their family and friends irrespective of where they are.

These days, many businesses use mobile phones in order to stay in touch with their customers and employees. With the internet SMS service, businesses can easily update their customers and employees about their ongoing promotions and offers. So, if you want to make the most from your business, internet SMS is simply the best option.

Internet SMS can be beneficial for your business

The success of every business depends largely on advertising and marketing. To promote your business, you need to reach out to your potential customers in the best possible way. Today, people are largely dependent on their mobile phones and hence have provided many companies with an additional option for marketing. Internet SMS is one of those options that can work for many businesses.

Internet SMS allows you to send text messages to mobile phones with the help of the internet on your computer. As the internet is accessible to all, it is easier using this method of messaging. There are a number of Internet SMS sites that allow you to send messages over the Internet as soon as you register with them. Internet SMS is quite cost friendly as compared to your usual mobile phone network companies.

Internet SMS also offers you the advantage of sending out bulk messages to a number of phone users at one time. This reduces your costs to a great extent, hence adding to the profits of your business. With Internet SMS you can also reach a larger amount of people within a smaller time period, which can be very beneficial for you.

Internet SMS, unlike other forms of marketing and advertising, reaches your consumer as soon as they are sent out. Therefore, you can be sure that your messages will reach your consumers within a shorter time span. Like your normal service providers, Internet SMS also has a character limit of 160 words which has to be maintained.

Online text messaging the next big step in the evolution of communication

Short messaging service, or SMS, has become one the most useful tools of communication today. Communication with one another has been embedded into our lives as human beings. Human beings have survived all through the centuries as a result of their ability to communicate with each other.

History of communication
Messaging has been in our lives since the ancient times. Red Indians used smoke signals as a way of messaging from far of distances. The invention of the Morse code saw people being able to communicate with each other over large distances. Naval ships and sea fairing ships use light signals to communicate in the dark or during storms. The invention of the telephone enabled two people to talk each other. After a few decades came the invention of the mobile phones, portable hand held telephone devices were also invented.

How internet SMS works
Mobile phones allowed people not only to talk to each other but also to text message each other through SMS. This service is now not only from one mobile phones to another but also from internet to mobile. Online text messaging allows you to customise personal messages as needed, so that they can have an impact on whoever they are sent to. There are many websites which offer such services, and any person can make use of such services by registering themselves on the website or creating an e-mail account and thus availing this service.

Internet SMS – A cost-effective mode of communication

These days, more than ever, technology and its innovations play a vital role. Mobile phones are one of the widely seen and used accessories across the globe. These devices greatly help people to remain connected with the world irrespective of whether they are at their office, home or elsewhere. Some 10 years ago, mobile phones were rarely seen and used, but today almost everyone uses a mobile phone.

These mobile phones have become so popular that one can hardly imagine a day without a mobile phone. Due to several advantages of a mobile phone, they are increasingly becoming the most effective means of communication. Short messaging service or SMS and voice based calls are two main forms of communication that a mobile phone is capable of.

Using the SMS, businesses can easily reach their target audience and employees. It is also an effective way of informing the employees and customers about the latest offers, schemes and promotions. Due to these advantages, more and more businesses are presently looking forward to reach their target audience with the help of SMS. However, internet SMS or online text messaging service is the newer version of communication that allows businesses to send messages to their clients and employees at a relatively lower cost.

Bulk messaging is another feature provided by internet SMS providers which enables organisations to send a single message to many different recipients at the same time. Internet SMS is easy, convenient and reliable because of which it has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years.

Internet SMS, making the world a smaller place

Bulk SMS has become a very vital part of communication in organisations with a lot of employees. It is necessary to reach out to people by spending as little money as possible. In today’s world, with economic crunch hitting hard on all companies it has become necessary for them to cut costs wherever they can. It is for this reason the relatively new methods such as internet SMS has found popularity. Internet SMS is a very cost effective way to message each and every employee. Apart from this, it is a big time saver as it can be done at one time and effortlessly.

Marketer’s new tool
Besides being used by companies, a lot of other people are using it to contact groups of people, whether it is fellow employees, friends or relatives. E-mail to SMS is where people send SMS via e-mail to people on their mobile phones. This concept has caught the eye of marketers who are using this to send bulk SMS to lists of people whom they want to target. There are people who SMS updates, news, products, schemes, etc. using online text messaging services.

New uses arising from Internet SMS
There are many new applications of internet SMS, like emergency messaging and warning messages are sent by the government to the public on safety issues. Advertising campaigns are also carried out using internet SMS to send to large number of people.

Internet SMS is fast, cheap and effective, which is what has made it so popular.


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