Give your customers a more personalised form of marketing

The business world has to constantly come up with different, unique and effective ways to promote and market companies, goods and services. The more effective the marketing strategy, the better the goods and service will be promoted. Keeping this in mind, a marketing strategy has been formed that is unique and personal and which will definitely get the attention of customers.

Marketing through mobile phones

The number of people who own mobile phones greatly exceeds the number of people that have access to the internet all the time. For this reason, most companies have begun to market their products and services through SMS instead of the internet.

Why SMS marketing is a better strategy
People are sure to have their mobile phones with them all the time and even if they are busy, a message will surely get through. This means that they can check their messages when it is convenient for them. All companies need is an internet SMS service to get the message across to customers. With this internet service, companies need only to use a regular e-mail address, type in the message they want their customers to get and send it.

Spreading the message

Apart from being a very personal form of marketing that customers will appreciate, the SMS marketing strategy has another advantage. All customers may not want to use the product or service being offered. However, customers can forward the message to those they may know are interested in it.

Simple steps for using the internet to send customers messages

Mobile phones are one of the few important things that people do not leave their homes without. This is because important calls and messages will be missed.

One of the best benefits of mobile phones is their SMS feature. Messages on mobile phones can be read, even hours after receiving them and stored in the phone’s memory. This is exactly the feature that businesses need to take advantage of while trying to promote their products and services. If you are a business owner, you probably think this could be troublesome and expensive right? Well it does not have to be.

Welcome to the E-mail to SMS service

This service is extremely useful to companies that need to improve their marketing strategies. The e-mail to SMS service allows companies to send mail in the form of mobile messages and at regular messaging rates so that customers can read them when they feel like it. Using the e-mail to SMS service is not difficult either. It involves easy steps

• Once you have an e-mail to SMS account created, you can create an e-mail through any email application.

• Then all you have to do is send it to the desired recipients with the help of an online address book that is provided.

• Recipients will receive your message in the form of a regular message and when they do, you will get a delivery report saying so.

An additional feature of the e-mail to SMS service is that should you get any replies, they will be mailed straight to you.

Send your message across with internet SMS

There will always be numerous improvements in technology in a variety of different areas. In the past few years, there have been a number of advancements in the communication industry which has given birth to new ways of communication and SMS or short messaging service is just one of them. Short messaging service is something that has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years with the majority of the population owning a mobile telephone.

SMS enables users to send short text messages for communicating with others. However, you need to know that there is a limit of 160 characters per message. Internet SMS is another service that is growing in popularity because of the advantages that internet SMS provides. In fact, most business organisations are now implementing the use of internet SMS to communicate with their employees and clients.

SMS compared to a phone call or e-mail is believed to be a discreet mode of communication. E-mail to SMS is another service that is used by most big brands and organisations to keep their clients and customers informed about the latest happenings and promotions. As internet SMS is extremely cost effective, more and more companies are using it to promote their products and offers.

Bulk messages can also be sent using internet SMS. Using the bulk messaging service, one can easily send a single message to several different recipients at the same time. This is far cheaper than contacting each individual client or employee separately.

Making the most from online text messaging

Internet SMS or e-mail to SMS is definitely one of the fastest and most fascinating means of getting in touch with others. SMS or short messaging service is very convenient and does not take up much time. It is also much cheaper than other means of communication. Sending SMS using a mobile phone’s mini keypad eats up a lot of time whereas by using full size QWERTY keyboard on a computer, you can quickly and easily type the message and send it.

For sending an internet SMS, all you need to do is visit the client’s website, login, type the mobile number of the recipient, enter your text and click send. It is so simple. However, it is very important to note that when using internet SMS you will only be able to send a message with total of 160 characters.

Internet SMS service is very well designed which enables to send you a single message to more than one recipient at any one time. As e-mail to SMS and internet SMS is extremely cost effective, most organisations are taking the advantage of this service to get in touch with their clients and employees.

Internet SMS also lets you send bulk messages to easily promote new offers and services. E-mail to SMS and internet SMS facility is very affordable and can be effectively used as a marketing tool for promoting the products and services that are offered by companies.

Improve your channels of communication with clients

Many people feel warmth inside after they receiving a text message from someone. This is because text messaging is a more personal form of saying something to an individual. But the benefits of messaging has not been restricted to just friends and families. Messaging is now used by businesses as a way of communicating with clients and has been proven to be quite effective.

Online text messaging, in particular, is a communication channel that many companies are utilising due its range of benefits. The service allows companies to send text messages to their clients on their mobile phones through the internet often at a very low price. Here are some of the positive points that can be gained from using online text messaging.

• You do not require anything out of the ordinary to start up your online text messaging service. A regular e-mail address is enough as all messages are sent from there;

• Sending an online text messaging is not as interrupting to the working day as a telephone call;

• With online messaging you can be sure that the message will reach clients as soon as it is sent, making it a fairly quick service; and

• Companies that provide this service also offer an online address book where client details can be stored. This reduces the time it takes to update them with information.

A huge benefit of online text messaging is that although the internet is used to send it, rates are lower than regular text messaging rates. This makes the service even more practical for companies of all sizes.

Internet SMS is the way to go

Internet SMS is taking the world of communication by storm. A large number of people are now opening up this new form of communication through which you can send text messages to your contacts, all through your computer. The internet SMS software is extremely easy to use and can be understood in minutes. Individuals with a basic knowledge of computing can master the software with ease.

Internet SMS has all the makings of a marvellous tool. Cheaper than phone bills and a faster option to email, internet SMS has become popular and is widely used by business institutions and casual users alike. In order to use internet SMS, all you need is an email account. Once you are registered with the internet SMS service, you are all set to use it.

An internet SMS service can also be used to send bulk messages to many mobile users at once. Another impressive facet of the internet SMS service is that there is no charge for receiving SMS messages. All you need is an active account and the will to communicate.

In today’s world, our lives are predominantly governed by the internet. Therefore, internet SMS is a stepping stone to newer and better communication technologies. Internet SMS is the daily mode of communication for people worldwide. If you have not used internet SMS yet, then why not try it today?

Internet SMS – communicate easily

SMS or short messaging service is becoming a common method of communication. It enables mobile phone users to exchange short text messages and communicate with each other with relative ease. However, internet SMS is another innovative feature that enables people to send SMS over the internet to mobile phones across the world.

Internet SMS can be sent by anyone, anywhere. To send an internet SMS, all you need to do is just logon to the internet SMS provider’s website, type a message and send it. It is that simple. As the online text messaging service proves to be a good way to stay in touch with employees and customers, it is slowly gaining a lot of popularity across the world.

You can write a message of up to 160 characters and then send it. Another useful advantage of internet SMS is that it lets you send bulk messages. Using the bulk messaging service, you can send a single message to several recipients.

Moreover, compared to the mini keypad of a mobile phone, it is very easy to type a message using a full size QWERTY keyboard on a computer. Internet SMS is fast, simple and also provides you with delivery reports. Thus, internet SMS proves to be a convenient method of communication.

Internet SMS has numerous advantages

Many of us today use mobile phones for communication. With the advent of new technology and its many innovations like mobile phones, it has now become possible to get connected with any person irrespective of their location. The availability and use of mobile phones has made it possible to contact any person at any point in time.

SMS or short messaging service is an excellent feature that comes with all mobile phones. It is a mode of communication by which you can contact people using simple text messages. SMS has a number of advantages and it is also an ideal way for having a conversation with the exchange of short messages. Using the short messaging service, there is no need to talk or make a call to have a conversation. Moreover, it does not disturb other people.

Internet SMS compared to an e-mail or a phone call consumes less time. One of the important advantages of SMS is that, even if the recipients mobile phone is out of coverage area or switched off, the message will be delivered as soon as the phone reconnects to the network. Also, when the message is delivered to the recipient’s mobile phone, you get a delivery report which is another important advantage of internet SMS.

The delivery of internet SMS compared to e-mail and other relevant modes of communication is faster and more reliable. Due to all these advantages, internet SMS has become one of the most efficient and convenient methods of communication.

Companies can benefit a great deal from the Bulk SMS service

Bulk SMS is sent via a computer. It is also referred to as internet SMS as it is sent over the internet instead of a mobile phone. Bulk SMS is usually sent many people at once.

The biggest advantage of bulk SMS is that it directly reaches the customers. As this form of messaging is quite personalised, a company can be assured that their messages will be read by the recipient. Companies can use the bulk SMS service for a variety of purposes. It can be used to communicate important information to their existing customers. It can also be used to send reminders about bill payment. Bulk SMS’s can also be utilised by the companies to build a better relationship with their customers.

Bulk SMS can be used by companies to market their products to many prospective clients. This helps them reach a huge range of customers in a personalised manner. Advertising through the medium of SMS is one of the latest and the fastest growing ways of making the products reach prospective clients.

Sending bulk SMS is quite easy. All you need to do it get a subscription for the service from a relevant provider. You will not even need any additional software or hardware to make it work. Bulk SMS has a lot of advantages for companies who either wish to keep in touch with their customers or attract prospective customers to their newly launched products.

Promote your brand with SMS marketing

Most small and big companies who were initially promoting their products and services over the internet have gradually shifted to this newest concept of SMS marketing. As SMS marketing can reach a wider audience base, SMS marketing strategy has taken over internet marketing.

A mobile phone is regarded as the most personal type of marketing tool which the marketers can make use of. SMS or short messaging service is known to be a spam free mode of messaging. With services like bulk messaging, it has now become possible for the advertisers and big brands to promote their products and services using this cost effective method.

The major advantage of the bulk messaging service is that big brands and marketers can send a single SMS to several different recipients. With an aim to extract the best possible benefits from mobile and SMS marketing, a marketer should essentially follow a long-term strategy. Bulk messaging is a quick, convenient and cost effective solution for advertising various products, services, ongoing offers and promotions.

The best part of SMS marketing is that it directly reaches the customer’s mobile phone. Unlike television, newspaper and other types of advertising and marketing mediums, SMS marketing is more effective. Using the SMS service, companies can also send birthday wishes and send greetings on special occasions. So, if you want to promote your brand in an effective manner, opting for bulk messaging and SMS marketing can prove to be the right decision.


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