Online text messaging: affordable and simple

You will be amazed to hear that you can now send SMS messages via your personal computer. Yes, it is true and you needn’t be shocked about it. What is more surprising is that SMS sent by the computer is safe and secure.

People who have used this service can vouch for its efficiency. Internet SMS services offer complete privacy and the process is very simple. Typing on the keyboard is definitely easier than typing on the small mobile phone keypads.

The process of sending online text messaging or online SMS is gaining in popularity at a fast pace. This is because people find this service very exciting. People consider online text messaging as more than just a leisure activity.

You can connect with any person you wish via online text messaging. You can send multiple SMS messages to various mobile numbers in one go.

You do not require special qualifications or skills to use online text messaging. All you need to have is some basic knowledge of computers and the internet. Anyone who has used a computer can make use of the technology.

Online text message or online SMS is delivered within a few seconds. The network coverage of online text messaging is great. Your SMS can be sent anywhere in the world. The prices charged are also minimal, so online text messaging is a cost effective method of communication.

Internet SMS more convenient than other options

Technology plays a crucial role in our everyday life. There have been a number of changes in the communication industry over the past few years, all thanks to the progressing technology. Previously, there were just a few ways of communication. However, now the entire mode of modern communication has changed rapidly.

The SMS or short messaging service is just another mode of communication which is popular on mobile phones. With the onset of SMS, the traditional post has become more of an outdated means of communication. SMS is considered to be a simple, cost effective and efficient means for communicating with others.

Features of SMS:

• It barely takes less than a minute to send an SMS
• SMS message gets delivered directly to the customer’s phone
• You can get delivery reports of sent messages
• It requires no paper and is more environmentally friendly
• Quite cheaper than paying for packaging, stamps and papers

E-mail to text messaging is also known as internet SMS. It is considered to be a spam-free mode of communication. Business organisations can benefit greatly with a bulk messaging service. Using this service, organisations can easily send text messages to their employees. Moreover, business organisations can even inform their clients about various promotions, discounts and offers. Bulk SMS lets you send a single message to many people at one time, which is one of the biggest advantages of this service.

E-mail and internet SMS – a unique marketing strategy

Our world today is dominated by the latest modern technology and its innovations. Things are becoming a lot easier. In the past, there were only limited means of communication. However, with the invention of mobile phones and the SMS or short messaging service, this is now one of the most widely used modes for communication. SMS is a popular form of communication which enables the mobile phone user to send a text message without the need to talk face to face.

With further advancements in technology, it has now become possible to send SMS not only from a mobile phone but also from your email account. This service is popularly called e-mail to SMS or internet SMS. Today, there are a number of websites that let you send an SMS to a mobile phone using any of the popular email services.

Using internet SMS, you can even send bulk SMS. The major advantage of bulk SMS is that you can send a single SMS to many different people, all at the same time. Bulk SMS can prove to be extremely helpful for companies that need to inform their clients about various offers, promotions and discounts that they have, from time to time.

If you want to reap the benefits of the bulk messaging service, all you need to do is just log in and register on the company website and pay a fixed amount to the site. Then, after registering with the site, you can then send text messages to a number of recipients.

Various ways in which online text messaging can be used

Online text messaging services have become immensely popular and are used by both large and small commercial organisations due to its cost effectiveness and better reach. Online text messages are used by many companies, not only for marketing but also for carrying out effective customer care relations and for staying in touch with their employees.

Online text messaging is economic and can save on the time and labour of the company. Moreover, online text messaging is direct and offers instant communication. Thus, online text messaging is a great way to keep in touch with the customers.

By sending festive greetings through online text messaging, the companies can add a personal touch to their customer care. Such messages can help in retaining existing customers.

Online text messaging is a great tool for promoting a product or launching a program in only a very short time and with great effectiveness. Online text messaging is highly used for advertising within deadlines.

Online text messaging is a great way to keep in touch with company employees who require travelling long distances. Online text messaging can be used to keep such employees updated about any new development in the company or give them instructions about their job. Online text messaging can also be used for summoning employees immediately in emergency situations.

Many companies also use online text messaging for sending important messages to their clients too in order to let them know about new developments. So, consider using online text messaging without further delay.

Internet SMS- An economic and effective method of marketing

The aim of marketing a company is to ensure that the company reaches out to the maximum number of people as it will boost the sales of the products or services of the company. There are many ways of marketing that are available, but if you want to opt for a method of marketing that is extremely effective, cheap and technologically advanced then you must consider using internet SMS services.

Internet SMS services are extremely beneficial for any commercial company for many reasons. Internet SMS is short, to the point and a smart way of conveying the crux of a matter in a few seconds. So, by sending an internet SMS you can communicate directly with a large number of customers.

Internet SMS is delivered to a large number of recipient numbers from the internet and so the company personnel has to type in the SMS just once. After this, the internet SMS service provider sends the SMS from internet to the customers’ individual numbers. Hence, internet SMS is time saving and cost effective.

Internet SMS can be more effective in comparison to an email or any other method of marketing, as here the message is delivered directly to the customers’ mobile phones and cannot be spammed. Research has proven that more than 90% of mobile phone users read their SMS. No other method of marketing offers a 90% guaranteed success.

So, make a prudent decision and use internet SMS for making your business more successful.

Why internet SMS is preferable

In the fast and competitive world of today, even a single minute of delay can sometimes lead to disastrous results and huge losses to businesses. Communication plays a major role in the coordination and planning process of any type of business and it is important for the business owner or manager to be in touch with the employees at any given time.

Although communication is a major factor in helping the business move forward and plan smoothly, it can also be expensive and increase the bottom line costs of the organisation. Most businesses depend on mobile phones to communicate with their employees, which can lead to high phone bills. In addition, the mobile phone is not a guaranteed way of communicating with employees, as there could be signal or network issues with the mobile service provider when in certain places.

Another convenient and effective way of communication with employees is SMS or a Short Messaging Service. It plays a vital part in letting employees know of any schedule changes like delivery times and meeting venues etc. However, the costs of sending regular SMS through the mobile phone service provider can prove to be expensive and that is where internet SMS offers an ideal solution.

Internet SMS service is provided by many companies at costs that are relatively cheaper than the mobile phone service provider costs. With internet SMS, you can send a message to any mobile phone and you also receive a notification that confirms the delivery of your message. So, to save a significant amount of money and reduce the mobile phone costs of your business, register for an internet SMS account and reap the benefits.

Uses of email to SMS

Email to SMS is a wonderful service that allows you to send and receive text messages from your email program like MSN, Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail and others. In addition, you can also send SMS text messages from applications with email functionality such as databases, monitoring tools and websites using the email to SMS service.

Email to SMS is an ideal service for sending small group or individual texts to your employees, customers or prospects. Depending on the plan you choose from the email to SMS service provider, you can add as many email addresses as needed to your account and send and receive text messages from all of them. Although, there are hundreds of uses for email to SMS, the following are few of them:

Internal communication
Using email to SMS, you can send and receive test messages to clients, customers or work colleagues from your email application program.

Single urgent text messages
You can send urgent instant text messages from your email inbox without logging on to the internet. Email to SMS is an effective, quick and easy way of sending and receiving urgent messages.

2 way communication

Email to SMS allows you to send and receive messages without any delay and prevents the wastage of valuable time. For example, you can send a message to your sales team while they are on the field informing them about a new appointment and they can send a text back to confirm the appointment, which is shown to you as an email.

Online text messaging as a cheap and reliable mode of marketing

With the advancements in technology, mobile phones have become even smaller. This makes it difficult for people to send texts with the smaller keypads. Hence, to save yourself from this inconvenience, you can always send text messages from PC to mobile phones. This is relatively simpler as the letters on a computer keyboard are well spread, unlike mobile phones. This helps an individual to type the message faster and is also less time consuming.

Online text messaging or internet SMS also allows an individual to perform two way texting. In two way texting, you can send text messages from PC to your mobile phone and from mobile phone to your PC. The process of online text messaging is quite easy and cost effective. The best advantage of online text messaging is that you can dispatch group messages and can also send individual messages.

Today, online text messaging has become quite popular and is used by many companies for advertising campaigns and keeping in touch with customers and employees. It is also one of the most economical modes of spreading your message, to attain potential customers.

Online text messaging is quite reliable and cost effective. If you have not tried online text messaging yet for your business, do it now and see the positive results.

Internet SMS: One of the cheapest forms of communication

Today, the internet is one of the most exciting forms of communication and almost everyone now has some form of access to a computer.

Internet SMS is very easy, simple, economical and fast. All you need is basic knowledge about computers to use the service.

The benefits provided by internet SMS cannot be compared to any other form of communication. Internet SMS provides convenience and speed. It is very affordable and proves to be a cost effective method to communicate with a large number of people.

Internet SMS is comparatively cheaper than phone calls. It is easy to use and it takes very little time to set up. It is one of the most used business tools.

If you want to use the service, then you need to register with a company that offers internet SMS. By using internet SMS, you can send messages to a number of mobile users at once. There are different packages available so you can choose an internet SMS package depending upon your requirements.

Internet SMS has facilitated easy communication. It is a beneficial service that has revolutionised personal and business communication.

Internet SMS: The most effective and cheap way to communicate

Internet SMS is increasingly becoming popular in the commercial sector as companies are now using it to promote their business, marketing the company and maintaining customer care services. Internet SMS is more effective than any other method of communication as here the message is directly and almost instantly delivered to the receiver.

Internet SMS cannot be spammed like emails. Thus, the receivers get the message as a general SMS and always read the message; this means the information gets to the targeted people. No other method of advertising can pin point the consumers like this and communicate so effectively.

Internet SMS is also used for providing updates to the customers and inviting the customers to events. Internet SMS is instrumental in maintaining customer care relations which play a major role in retaining the customers in the current times.

Sending season’s greetings or good wishes on the customers’ birthday has become much easier with the use of internet SMS services. Such SMSs create a good impression on the customers who feel cared for and remain loyal.

Internet SMS is extremely useful in occasions when a fast ad campaign is required for publicising a product or opening of a new store. Finally, the best part about internet SMS is that it is cost effective and takes very little time as the text has to be written just once, after which everything is taken care of by the internet SMS service provider.


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