Bulk messaging – a revolutionary advertising technique

These days, competition in every field is increasing and at such times, it is essential to promote your business in the most effective way. The traditional means of advertisements are very helpful in terms of promoting the company’s products and services. However, it often lacks a personal touch and that it is crucial for effective advertising.

Almost everyone uses mobile phones these days. They are the best means to communicate with anyone across the globe. People use mobile phones to make or receive calls and also to send and receive messages. Short messaging service or SMS is a modern and revolutionary way to communicate and keep in touch with people.

One of the main advantages of SMS is that you can send a single message to a single person or to many people at the same time. It is quite cheap and provides a platform to notify several people with just a single click of a button. Today, there are many organisations and companies that use SMS in order to inform their clients about the latest products and offers that are offered by them. This is called bulk messaging.

Although bulk messaging is not a free service, it is relatively cheap, convenient and also cost effective. It is extensively used by a lot of advertising agencies, marketing firms, research companies and many other organisations.

Online text messaging: An easy way to reach out

The internet has proven to be highly effective in many ways and so have mobile phones. Thus, when the online text messaging SMS service was launched, it was expected to take the world by storm. Internet SMS is used by many companies for many different purposes.

Firstly, advertising campaigns through internet SMS have proved to be more successful than email advertising campaigns. The basic reason behind this is that emails can be spammed and advertising emails do not always reach the mail list and so are seldom checked by the receivers.

SMS on the other hand is delivered directly to the mobile phone, generally carried around by the receiver most of the time. Another plus point is that SMS cannot be spammed and the general tendency is to read an SMS as soon as it is received.

Internet SMS is also used by many commercial organisations to stay in touch with their employees. For companies employing staff who work in the field away from the office, internet SMS is the cheapest way to stay in touch and keep them updated with the latest company developments.

Internet SMS is also used by companies to alert staff in times of emergency. Online text messaging can also be used to convey important messages to clients. The instant delivery and cheap overall cost makes it popular with a vast number of companies.

SMS marketing: an important strategy for your business

Selling and marketing of a product or a service requires a lot of planning and effort. With the growing number of mobile phone users, tech savvy experts have devised another marketing option, called SMS Marketing.

The Short Message Service, popularly known as SMS, is one of the best current methods of marketing. The most important aspect is that it makes contact with the customer immediately and at a comparatively cheap price.

Whenever your message tone beeps, there is a possibility the message is an advertisement message, associated with an endorsement of some kind of product or service. The source company send messages to a great number of people using online text messaging to publicise their product

The SMS sender must be sure about the content used. The text should be interesting to the reader and should be useful to them. The simpler the text: the better the result. This will aid in the advertising campaign. Besides advertising, SMS marketing helps to develop a valuable relationship with the customer.

The notion of SMS marketing is by all means the best way to reach a wide range of people. It is quite convenient and a cost saving method of marketing. It is a wonderful tool at the disposal of the seller. With the aid of this service, the seller can connect with end-users and customers to place their brand in the minds of the customers.

The many benefits of using bulk SMS

Short Message Service, or SMS, is a very popular method of communication. It is distinct and separate from regular telephonic chat. This makes it an ideal form of conversation if you want it to be secretive. SMS requires very little time as compared to its other counterparts. The following are the advantages of bulk SMS.

  • Instant messages can be sent in case of disasters and critical situations.
  • Significant information can be sent to key customers or suppliers. This will guarantee the information sent is received by the right person.
  • Greetings can be sent to customers, employees and suppliers on special events. This will make the bond between the customer and company even stronger.
  • Field employees such as sales people or technicians on the road can be informed about work related updates.
  • Marketing can easily be done to reach customers.
  • Unlike e-mails, online text messaging is not treated as spam or junk mail. The messages go directly into the inbox of the phone.
  • Many people are informed just by pressing a button.
  • Conversations shall remain secretive.

With the above benefits, sending bulk SMS saves money and is less time-consuming than other methods. This is why many companies are now using the bulk SMS service.

Bulk SMS text messaging is cheap and highly effective

Bulk SMS text messaging services have generated great amounts of profits for many commercial companies. The reason behind the growing popularity of bulk text messaging is down to its multiple uses and can be used to achieve varied goals.

Bulk text messaging and internet SMS has been rated as one of the most useful services in the customer care sector. Bulk text messaging allows you to communicate with huge numbers of targeted people instantly. As the text messages cannot be spammed, it is readily delivered to the targeted clients, which in more than 90% of cases is immediately checked by them.

Companies can use bulk text messaging services to convey seasonal messages to clients and customers. Bulk text messaging campaigns are also effective in communicating new offers and new product arrivals in stores. Therefore, bulk text messaging can be a cheap and easy way to communicate with large numbers of people.

Bulk text messaging is also used by many organisations to remind their clients to pay their bills or meet any other commitment. The procedure may have previously been instigated through phone calls or letters requiring time, money and labour.

To conclude, bulk text messaging saves both time and money and can prove to be a really effective method of communication. Advertising through bulk text messaging has been adopted by many commercial organisations owing to its cost effectivity and far reaching benefits.

SMS is an effective marketing tool

In this digital age, all businesses want to stay ahead of their competitors by using the best available marketing strategy and advertising tools. It is essential to promote the products or services of your business in a way that connects directly with your customers.

One of the best and most effective marketing tools available today is mobile marketing. This marketing tool allows businesses to connect and communicate directly with specifically targeted people. In mobile marketing, businesses can send SMS or messages directly to the mobile phones of their existing clients or prospects to promote their service or product. It can work for several reasons, such as informing the client of the last day of a sale or of special deals that are exclusive for them.

Mobile marketing is a targeted advertising method. This helps the business to communicate with only those that they feel will be interested in their product or service. It is also a personal way of getting in touch with the customers, as the SMS is sent directly to their mobile phone.

Nowadays, most things can be connected to the internet and the same holds true for mobile marketing. With the help of the internet, it is now possible to send SMS messages to a mobile phone using your present email application such as Outlook or Lotus Notes. Here, the email typed by you is sent in the form of an SMS to the mobile phone and does not require any installation of external software.

The email to SMS and online text messaging service is an effective marketing medium to connect directly with your clients.

The vast reach of online text messaging

The fastest way to get in touch with anyone these days is through emails and the internet. However, online text messaging is another concept that ensures faster delivery wherein the messages can be sent from an email address to a mobile phone number. Sending messages at a button click is remarkable and efficient, which is the main reason for taking advantage of the online text messaging services.

Moreover, it does not make a difference whether the receiver is offline or online as the delivery of the message is guaranteed. Even typing on a tiny phone keypad can be avoided with online text messaging. The concept merely requires an internet connection, a valid email address and the mobile phone number.

Online text messages can be sent to either one person or many (bulk messaging). In fact, like online text messaging, bulk messaging is also gaining popularity as it saves plenty of time and cost. The facility can be taken advantage of for charges that are indeed modest compared to the benefits.

Almost every large organisation is therefore opting for this service. The reach of online text messaging is vast and the location of the phone user does not really matter. The concept is fantastic for introducing new products or services. Marketing via online text messaging is far superior compared to traditional methods.

Features of online text messaging

With the smaller models of phones available today, it has become difficult for some people to text message as the keypads also keep getting smaller. Now with the advancements in technology you can also text message from a PC to a phone, which is quite easy as you can just use a normal keyboard. This makes the typing of a message very easy and less time consuming.

Online text messaging is very cost effective as you can send group messages at the same time. This is very useful for companies as it serves as an important tool to inform drivers and other staff out in the field. It can be considered a very economical way to spread your message to the desired recipients quickly and efficiently.

With the help of text messaging through computers, you can save on your monthly telephone bills and communicate much better. Online text messaging is ideal for business organisations who want to communicate with employees and customers.

Bulk SMS for increased business efficiency

Bulk messaging is highly efficient for every business organisation as it reduces cost and saves time. In fact, the delivery of messages is so fast that within no time everyone can be reached. In corporate organisations, bulk messaging proves to be worthwhile as several employees may need to be contacted with the same message.

Text via the internet has become the new generation communication method. This is because the concept is cheap, reliable and easy to access. With bulk messaging, the overall cost to the organisation can be halved.

Bulk messaging is done through the SMS gateway. The sending of messages to phones through email has created an online revolution. The concept is so flexible and convenient that messages can be sent both one-to-one and one-to-many.

The concept is simple and all it requires is a personal computer, an email addresses and some phone numbers. In fact, online text messaging in bulk is ideal for aggressive promotion and marketing. Increased visibility and easy accessibility are two features that make online text messaging and bulk messaging an extremely handy tool.

Moreover, one need not be technically qualified. A simple and basic knowledge of the internet is good enough. Therefore, online text messaging is the best way to increase business efficiency and productivity.

Bulk SMS – a great marketing tool

SMS or ‘short messaging service’ is becoming extremely popular these days. It is the most popular mode of communication at present. Using an SMS service, businesses and individuals can convey their message to their clients and other people very effectively. SMS is also regarded as a spam free mode of communication. One can send an SMS message with the help of a mobile phone or the internet.

Internet SMS is gaining more popularity at present as it eliminates the need for typing a message using a mobile phone’s mini keypad. One can conveniently type the desired message using a computer’s full size QWERTY keyboard. It is quick, easy and saves a lot of time. Another service which is popularly known as bulk SMS is getting popular as well as it enables large businesses and companies to create awareness about their products, services and offers amongst customers and employees.

Bulk SMS is a private service that enables institutions and organisations to send or receive a large number of messages. Companies can also receive delivery reports of the SMS messages that they have sent to customers. A single message can be forwarded to many recipients. A sender can decide the number of recipients to whom they want to send a message. The minimum number of recipients is one and the maximum would completely depend on the sender. However, there is a restriction of 160 characters per message.


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