Bulk SMS – the modern way of marketing

SMS is considered to be the best method of marketing for many companies, to promote their products or to improve customer relationships. SMS is the modern mode of marketing and with the growing number of mobile phone users around the world it can be seen that SMS can be an effective method of communication.

The best advantage of marketing through SMS is that the message can be delivered to the required or selected people within a short time period, rather than calling them or e-mailing them which can be very time consuming. Moreover, SMS is very cheap and cost effective when compared to other sources of marketing like banners or posters. With the help of SMS, a supplier can send important updates and can introduce new products to its potential buyers. By doing this, the supplier can get an immediate response from the customers if they are interested in purchasing the product, or if they want more detailed information about a product. This helps the company save a lot of expensive mobile phone calls. The user-friendliness of the system is what makes it easy for people to get used to the system.

Bulk SMS can be accessed on both, computers and mobile phones. The popularity of marketing through SMS is growing substantially and for many new companies this kind of marketing strategy is very helpful as they need to spend money precisely to become well established in the market.

Internet SMS and bulk messaging are extremely useful

The introduction of mobile phones has led to the introduction of new forms of communication. One of these forms of communication is the Short Messaging Service (SMS). SMS is a fast and easy way of communication. Today, SMS has gained in popularity with large numbers of people and is not only used for day to day communication, but also as an effective business tool.

With the launch of internet SMS, online text messaging has also grown in popularity. Online text messaging is used by many businesses for various reasons. Bulk messaging is the main advantage of internet SMS. Internet SMS helps businesses manage their communications through Bulk SMS.

Bulk SMS is mainly used for three reasons, as a reminder messaging service, a product campaign service and a greeting message service. With the help of bulk SMS, businesses are not only able to keep in touch with their customers, but they can also use this service to keep their employees informed.

One of the main industries that benefit from internet SMS and bulk SMS is the advertising industry. As SMS can easily be used as an effective form of advertising, many companies like to promote their products with the help of SMS messages.

Internet messaging costs less when compared to messaging from your mobile phone and is hence seen as a better option. Besides this, the fact that it lets you SMS people in bulk, with the single click of a button also adds to its many benefits.

Online text messaging helps you to reach the masses

Technology today plays a crucial role in our day to day life. With the advent of mobile phones, it has become extremely easy and convenient to communicate with people. The communication industry has seen several changes in the past few years. With improvements in technology communication has changed rapidly.

SMS or short messaging service has gained a lot of popularity over the past few years. It has several advantages over a usual telephone conversation. It is an ideal mode of communication, especially when you do not want to be disturbed by multiple phone calls. Internet SMS or online text messaging is definitely one of the fastest and most fascinating way to get in touch with anyone.

Unlike a mobile phone’s tiny keypad, a computers QWERTY keyboard lets you type messages very quickly and easily. To send the message via the internet all you need to do is login to the website with your user id and password. Next, you need to type the recipient’s mobile phone number in the designated field. Following this you need to type the content. One thing to remember is that there is a fixed limit of words you can type which is restricted to 160 characters.

An online text messaging service is designed in such a way that it enables you to send a single message to several recipients. Bulk messaging can therefore prove to be beneficial for corporate companies to get in touch with their employees and clients.

The various advantages of using bulk SMS

SMS has a number of advantages. It is much more distinct than telephone conversations, it is less time consuming when compared to e-mail or a phone call and you do not need to be in front of your computer to send an SMS.

SMS can be defined as a store-and-forward service, you can send a text message and the message does not have to appear directly to the client’s mobile phone. The main benefit of this method is that the recipient’s phone need not be active or in range for you to send the message. Once the person’s phone is active or in range, the message is then received. Moreover, SMS is a spam free mode of communication unlike e-mail.

With the help of bulk message service:

1 A company can send immediate alert messages to their staff.
2 You can also send important information to customers and suppliers regarding any specific issue.
3 A company can send greetings to different people on festivals and other occasions.
4 You can send important updates to your staff and other people with the help of the bulk SMS system.

With the help of bulk SMS, your message can be delivered instantly and effectively. Bulk SMS is considered to be the most cost effective method of communication for organisations. They can save a lot of time, as the messages are delivered instantly to the required number of people with just a simple click of a mouse.

Reduce your mobile phone bills with online text messaging

With each new day, a new invention is introduced to this fast-paced world. Large or small, these new discoveries and inventions are slowly changing the face of the earth. As we all know, one invention leads to another invention and perhaps, the invention of television was one particularly important discovery, as it lead to other major inventions, such as computers.

These inventions are constantly modified, to get more output from minimum input, and ultimately benefit the customers. In addition, the demand for such products is increasing everyday, which encourages the manufacturers to create new and simpler to use versions.

Mobile phones were invented primarily for communication purposes. However, with a rise in their demand and popularity, its uses were enhanced with features including text messages. A text message is a very effective and fast method of communicating messages. Many businesses use them to inform and stay in touch with their employees and clients, but often complain of high mobile phone bills. Although the cost of sending text messages has reduced considerably over the years, it is still comparatively costly to send many messages.

The solution to reduce your monthly mobile phone bills is by using online text messaging. Most online text messaging companies offer this service at a reasonable and cost-effective price that is much lower than the cost of sending messages through your mobile phone. Online text messaging companies offer you different plans to choose from, depending on the messages that you intend to send.

Online text messaging is very easy to use and does not require any software installation. So, to save money and reduce your mobile phone bills, start using online text messaging.

Online text messaging for business use

In the business world there are a number of marketing strategies that companies rely on to help them grow their businesses. Using regular marketing strategies like banners, display signs and other such things can be very effective, if your target audience is easily accessed. However, if you are looking for a faster way to promote your business, they may not be all that favourable.

Many growing companies are looking for a faster and easier method to promote themselves. This can be effectively found in online text messaging. From the time that SMS was introduced, people have found it to be an extremely convenient way to communicate with others. This is because messaging allows people to read messages at a time convenient to them.

Online text messaging is a wonderful marketing strategy which many companies use to promote themselves. There are a few important things to remember though when using this vital marketing strategy.

• Tell the world you have arrived: Using internet SMS, you can promote your company to millions of people. However to do this, ensure that the message you send them is interesting to read. An interesting message will ensure that people will take notice of your company.

• Use technology to the fullest: The internet is a vital tool and can help companies keep their thousands of customers updated when important events take place.

With every passing day the concept of internet SMS continues to revolutionise the business world, and is sure to be a beneficial trend as the years go by.

Multiple uses of internet SMS

SMS is a method of communication that has revolutionised the whole world and is expected to be extremely popular for a long time. The reason for this is that SMS is short, to the point, economical and is delivered almost instantly. With mobiles being used by almost everybody, SMS has become something more than just a method of personal communication.

Many companies use SMS to communicate with their staff, to maintain client relationships, for customer care services and also as a marketing strategy. When companies and commercial organisations use SMS services, it no longer remains useful if done from a mobile due to various reasons.

Therefore commercial organisations use internet SMS services. Internet SMS services are easily available online and are very economical. Moreover, when using internet SMS services, the message sender needs to write the message just once which is then delivered to the desired numbers instantly.

Internet SMS is effective at calling emergency staff meetings and also for communicating changes in company policy.

Internet SMS is a very useful way to maintain customer care relationships on a personal level with very low expenditure.

Internet SMS is a very effective marketing strategy because by using internet SMS the companies can communicate directly with the targeted customer.

Internet SMS is an unparalleled communication tool

The latest, hot and most happening buzzword on the internet is internet SMS. More and more people are using this exciting and new medium of communication for many different reasons.

Internet SMS is more economical, simpler and faster than other traditional mediums of communication. Using this latest technology is really easy. Anybody who has access to a computer and who knows how to use them can easily make use of this valuable service.

The advantages provided by internet SMS are great. Its speed and cost-effectiveness is unparalleled compared to other mediums of communication. It is cheaper than making a phone call and less intrusive and faster than using an email. Using a computer to send internet SMS messages to an employee’s mobile phone has become a very popular communication and business tool. It is economical and only takes a few minutes to send the message to one or more mobile phones.

It is simple to send a message through internet SMS. All you need to do is register on the website of the company providing the service. The companies offering internet SMS have different packages, ranging between 50 and 2500 messages that fit into all kinds of budget.

Internet SMS is an excellent communication tool that can be used to contact or inform your employees of any important updates or changes in plans.

API Reference Implementations

Today we kicked off a new project to create some reference implementations for our API. We recognise that generally people want to get up and texting as quickly as possible, so we’re creating some worked examples for integrating applications and websites into our systems.

We’ll be creating C#, VB, PHP and Java reference cases, that should shorten the development time in a green-field site dramatically.

The software will all be open-source, so customers are free to slice and dice the code as they see fit. Of course, we’ll be on hand to answer any questions that may arise during the integration process.

Bulk SMS – A highly effective way of advertising

Presently, commercial enterprises can become successful only by correct and ample advertising. Advertising through electronic and print media is usually the first choice since it offers a wide audience and ensures that a large part of the population is communicated to.

Although this is an effective and glamorous way of advertising, it is highly expensive and sometimes useless. In this way of advertising, you cannot target a specific audience since you cannot make sure that your targeted audience watch the TV commercial or read the newspaper advertisement.

So marketing through SMS is becoming immensely popular with commercial institutions irrespective of their size. Bulk SMS via the internet, has many advantages. It is easy, economic and highly effective.

As almost everybody carries a mobile, you can easily reach them through SMS. SMS unlike emails cannot be spammed and is almost instantly delivered to the receiver. As the receiver has to go through the SMS to know who sent it, they are sure to read it. SMS is a short message and so it is precise and to the point, which is beneficial for marketing.

Bulk SMS services are provided by online companies and are very economical. Once you register with a company who provide bulk SMS services they deliver your message to the targeted numbers.

When using bulk SMS as a marketing strategy you have a chance of selecting targeted customers, clients and consumers who are most likely to use your services or buy your products. Thus the effectivity of bulk SMS as a marketing strategy is unquestionable.


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