Online text messaging – An economic and effective marketing strategy

There are many ways of communicating. The latest and most convenient way is through mobile phones. People always carry their mobile phone with them and hence they can be contacted at any time. SMS or Short Messaging Service is one of the best ways of reaching people and publicising your product or company.

Marketing through SMS is highly effective because in more than 80% of the cases an SMS is read by the person who receives it. The text can be short and to the point. So within a few seconds people get to know about your company and its product. Any other media cannot offer you such a direct method of communication where you can directly address your consumers and clients.

Further, SMS is a very economic and easy way of advertising. Bulk SMS services and online text messaging services are available via the internet. After you register with the online messaging service you just need to write the message once and provide them with the phone numbers and the rest is their responsibility.

Online text messaging ensures that you reach out to the exact person who is most likely to buy your products.

Bulk SMS is sent through the internet and is delivered instantly. Hence marketing through online text messaging is very effective for companies which have a deadline. Online companies providing bulk SMS services also track and report whether the SMS has been delivered or not.

Bulk SMS – A marketing strategy that is gaining popularity worldwide

A marketing strategy is an important key to success for every business organisation. However good your products and services are, your business cannot thrive if you fail to reach out to your targeted consumers. Over the time, many strategies and modes of communication have been used by different business groups all over the world.

Today, a mobile phone is an electronic device that is carried by almost all the individuals who form the consumer classes. Hence advertising and marketing through SMS is a marketing strategy that is gaining increasing importance throughout the world.

As SMS reaches the people directly, any company can pass their message to probable customers directly without the use of third party agencies. Thus SMS marketing helps any company to communicate with the masses in a better and more precise way.

Bulk SMS is the only way for businesses to carry out SMS marketing. Bulk SMS services can easily be accessed online as there are many companies that provide online bulk SMS services.

The best part of using a bulk SMS service is that it is cheap and very effective. Sending so many SMSs individually through the telecom network will cost much more. By using bulk SMS services any business group can carry out marketing, maintain customer care relationships and announce the launch of new products or any similar products at a very cheap rate.

Therefore bulk SMS is gaining in importance in the commercial sector irrespective of the size of the business organisation.

Bulk messaging cuts costs and saves time

SMS or short message service has several advantages. One of the biggest is that it is more discrete than a telephone conversation. SMS is a service that is ‘store and forward’ in nature. This means that the message sent does not store directly into the mobile phone of the receiver. The SMS Centre stores a message, often for up to a few days, until the receiver switches their phone on or moves back into range. The message will then be delivered.

Compared to email, SMS is a spam-free mode of communication. The certainty of message delivery is also more reliable than the email. Online text messaging is a concept that combines both email and SMS for faster and more reliable services. Bulk messaging is an important feature of online text messaging.

Bulk messaging is ideal for larger organisations and companies that have several employees. The concept of bulk messaging helps to issue immediate alerts to all the employees at a particular time. Updating several clients and customers at once becomes easy with bulk SMS.

Bulk messaging reduces both cost and time. The process requires a PC, internet and a bulk SMS service. Always opt for services that are reliable. Online text messaging can provide you with an extra edge over your competitors.

SMS: the ultimate tool for business

SMS stands for short message service. SMS has completely overtaken every other medium of communicating, simply because it is easy to use and consumes minimal time. SMS is textual information exchanged between mobile phone users. The format is particularly successful, and this is largely due to its convenient nature.

SMS is rapidly spreading and is a leading form of global communication. SMS is direct and instant in nature. Delivery reports confirm the arrival of a message. SMS is ideal for both personal and commercial purposes. SMS is also the perfect tool for promoting and marketing newly launched products.

Bulk messaging is a concept that allows the user to send messages to more than one customer. This concept is highly efficient for saving time and costs. Organisations can use this service for alerting and updating their customers about products.

You should choose high quality services that complement your organisation. If you choose to utilise Bulk Messaging services, it is worthwhile taking the time to research the level of service different providers can offer, prior to entering into a contract with them.

Some advantages of using bulk SMS services

With evolving technology, methods of communication are also changing. With the high popularity of the internet, emails are used for marketing products and communicating with staff. However, emails have many shortcomings, especially when used for marketing.

Many times emails will fail to reach targeted customers due to spam filters. In some cases, even if the email reaches its target, the individual may skip reading a message sent by an unknown company. When used for communicating with staff an email might not come to their notice as they might not have their inbox open at the time.

SMS has no such drawbacks. SMS is delivered directly to the target on their mobile phone which they will often have with them for 24 hours a day. Moreover, as the message is short and to the point, consumers can also be reached better. With SMS you can easily reach every member of staff in your company and there is no chance of them missing the call.

When large quantities of SMS have to be sent, utilising a bulk SMS service is the easiest decision. Bulk SMS services are provided online and you can easily use the services by registering with the company online.

When you opt for bulk SMS services you just need to type your message once and provide the company offering the service with the numbers you wish to reach with your SMS. After this, your work is done as the company will then deliver the message to all. They also offer confirmation services to confirm the successful delivery of the SMS.

Why is the concept of Bulk SMS so popular?

A message being sent from one mobile phone to another is fairly common. However, the ability to send SMS in bulk is rather new and is aptly termed ‘bulk messaging’. The concept is simple: a single message can be sent to many different users at the same time. The numbers of the mobile phone users can either be uploaded manually or through the contact text file.

A PC, internet connection and an email id are all sufficient for using this method. Especially in large organisations, where the employees are large in number, bulk messaging is both time and cost efficient.

All one has to do is enter the phone numbers and forward them through an email id. There is hardly any difference between the time taken for sending one message or several messages. Even the tiresome job of typing endlessly on a miniature keypad is eliminated.

This makes the entire process faster. The delivery report feature on the mobile phone can notify the delivery of the message to the intended recipient.

Increasing your customer list with a simple tool

The digital age that the world is enjoying has brought along with it a number of great services and benefits that everyone can gain from. With the advent of the internet, people can do just about anything they want. In the business world, the internet is the lifeline of nearly every company. A unique way in which digital services are being used today can help businesses increase the number of customers they have through a simple process.

We all familiar with text messaging friends and family either to stay in touch with them or to keep them informed about certain things. Using text messaging as a marketing strategy is a particularly effective tool. Through online text messaging, companies can now provide their customers with the latest developments of the company in a simple way.

Online text messaging services are ideal for companies that have large numbers of customers or clients who require regular updates. The idea behind online text messaging is that it can accurately convey a message and is less time consuming than a phone call. It also allows recipients to read it at their own pace, at any convenient time.

This is a great way for businesses to ensure that their customers and clients get the required message. When customers are happy with the service a company provides them with, it can lead to more business.

Communicating with your employees efficiently

Companies, whether they are big or small rely on communication to make it successful in the business world. For this purpose it is necessary to have the best communication channels that will enable you to get in touch with everyone that needs to be informed about certain developments or changes in a plan. A great way of achieving this is by getting an Email to SMS service.

This service is like the usual text messaging service which can be received on a mobile device. The only difference is that it can be sent via the internet which is a huge benefit for a number of reasons. The Email to SMS service allows you to send messages from almost any email application like Yahoo and Hotmail to employees in your company to keep them updated on the latest that is happening in the company.

Should your company need to hold an emergency meeting, or have to cancel one for what ever the reason, the Email to SMS service is convenient and ideal for the job. Through a regular email application, you can enter your message, select the people you want to send the message to, and within a few minutes each of them will receive the message.

Promote and market your business using bulk messages

In order to succeed, almost every organisation needs to heavily promote and market their business. The mobile phone and internet are two of the most important features of today’s world, and utilising a combination of both of these communication methods is even more powerful.

Promotion and marketing means producing and circulating information so that the consumers are aware about the products available. One of the best methods to use in order to successfully promote and market a product to a wide audience is Online Text Messaging. This is a feature that utilises both mobile phones and the internet for easy mass communication. The biggest advantage of using online text messaging is the ability to send bulk messages. Bulk messaging is an efficient way of sending messages to more than one person at the same time.

Companies and organisations which benefit most from this facility are those who employ large numbers of staff. Dealing with each staff member individually can be quite chaotic and time consuming. Bulk messaging saves plenty of time, which is an important factor for the smooth functioning of a business. The two important things required for sending bulk messages are an internet connection and mobile phone number.

Using the internet for sending emails is a common and convenient practice. Similarly, using the internet to send bulk messages is rapidly gaining popularity. Whether the purpose is personal or business related, the concept of bulk messaging is ingenious.

Promote your brand easily with SMS marketing

Mobile phone users across the globe now easily exceed the number of internet users.

SMS or Short Messaging Service is becoming extremely popular these days. Many mobile phone users exchange text messages with others as it is the easiest way to communicate. At such times, companies can greatly benefit if they use the technique of SMS marketing. Large companies can easily communicate with their clients and employees by using the bulk messaging service. By using a bulk messaging service, you can send a single message to multiple recipients at the same time.

The SMS marketing strategy offers great solutions to corporate companies and enables them to reach a wider audience very easily.

It becomes very easy to reach the target audience through SMS. Today a mobile phone is carried by almost 90% of people out of which more than 85% of people actually read the messages that they receive. To reap maximum benefits out of mobile marketing the content plays an important role in advertising your brand.


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