Benefits of bulk messaging

Today, with increased competition it is crucial for businesses to market and promote their products and services in a productive and effective manner. Although traditional forms of advertising are useful in promoting a product, the feeling of a personal touch is often missed. Most people use a mobile phone to communicate and to entertain themselves. They use mobile phones to make or receive calls, and to send or receive messages. SMS or short messaging service is one of the most innovative and modern methods used by people to communicate.

SMS is a popular and convenient way that people use to stay in touch. You can send a message through SMS to a single person or to many people. It is relatively economical and provides a platform to inform a large number of people with the single click of a button.

Most companies and organisations use SMS to update their clients on the latest offers and products offered by them. Although messages sent are not free, they prove to be cost-effective and very convenient. Sending the same message to many people at the same time is called bulk messaging. It is widely used by most marketing firms, advertising agencies, research companies and other organisations.

Bulk messaging offers companies a unique way of communicating with their employees and clients. It is also a personalised and appreciated mode of communication as the message is delivered directly to the recipient’s mobile phone. It is also a fresh way of greeting clients during the holiday seasons and sending special customised messages.

Online text messaging – A great way to promote your business

With the invention of mobile phones, a new door in communication was opened that was better than anything else. It took over writing letters and even e-mails. This is because anyone with a mobile phone can be reached almost anywhere and at anytime. Another great feature of these phones is, if the person is to busy or unable to answer the phone, a simple SMS can be sent to that person to get the message across.

You can now send messages to mobile phones via the internet and many businesses are taking advantage of this service. Whether a business is big or small, online text messaging can help them considerably with low cost communication solutions.

Online text messaging is a boon to large companies that have thousands of customers and clients, as they can keep them updated about the latest developments of the company, without much trouble. The development of internet SMS has worked wonders for many companies because daily information can now be sent to people in a hassle free way.

There are different plans from which companies can choose to suit their bulk SMS requirements according to their size. This feature of internet SMS ensures that your customers get the message, no matter where they are or what they are doing. This can greatly help a company build a good rapport with its customers and increase business and profitability.

Internet SMS makes communication easier

Short Message Service (SMS) is one of the modern methods of communication. An SMS is generally sent between two mobile devices. With the development in technology, this traditional idea of a SMS has changed. Now, it is possible for you to send messages from a computer to a mobile phone. This has been made possible with the advent of internet SMS.

Internet SMS allows you to send text messages to a variety of users through your computer rather than your mobile phone. There are online sites that provide you with internet SMS facilities. These sites charge you a minimal amount for sending your text messages. Compared to your mobile phone services providers, these charges are very low and are therefore, preferred by all.

Internet SMS is used generally, by various businesses because of the advantages of bulk SMS that it provides. Bulk SMS allows you to send a single message to multiple users from your computer with the single click of a button. This is very helpful when it you need to inform your employees about anything they need to know. They also help during the festive seasons, as you can send all your employees a greeting SMS, maintaining a good employer-employee relationship.

With internet SMS, you can be sure that your messages will be delivered instantly. This gives you an added advantage when it comes to your competitors. Since internet SMS is cost-friendly and very easy to operate, it is preferred by many.

Internet SMS- A simple and easy way of communicating

The Short Message Service has become a global phenomenon and seems to be a very efficient way of communicating with people all over the world. The service, which includes writing a message with 160 characters, is seen on mobile phones. As almost everyone has a mobile phone these days, getting in touch with someone or passing on a message to them has become extremely easy.

This cost effective way of communicating with people is now being taken advantage of in the business world and is showing signs of great success. But there is a change in the way businesses are using it. The preferred service for businesses includes online text messaging. This means that companies can send their customers and even employees messages through the Internet. The concept of Internet SMS is an extremely effective one and has a number of advantages.

  • Internet SMS allows you to use regular email applications like Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and others to send important messages regarding promotions, events and meetings to customers and employees.
  • Online text messaging is an effective way of immediately alerting customers about sales, news and events. The service ensures that customers get updates instantly and are well informed about the company.
  • The Internet SMS service includes an online address book which makes sending messages quick and easy. All the company has to do is select the contacts that have to receive the message and with a few mouse clicks the message is sent to all those customers.

Uses of online text messaging

With advancing technology, all electronic gadgets are becoming available for all. Almost everybody has a mobile phone and so for people who know the value of time and money SMS has become very important. SMS is a service which enables people to send and receive text messages via mobile phones.

Online text messaging is a service which is provided by many companies through the internet. All you need to do is write a message and the number or numbers where you want to send your message. It is particularly good for businesses who may need to send the same message to large numbers of people.

The maximum characters that you can write are 160. Once you have written an online text message and have sent it, it is a matter of a few seconds before your message is delivered to the desired person. All you need is a computer.

Online text messaging can also be used for bulk messaging. Online text messaging is thus becoming increasingly popular not only for private affairs but also for corporate companies, due to its effectiveness and simplicity.

SMS via internet

SMS is one option for communicating through mobile phones. SMS via web or internet enables people to send an SMS from the internet without using their mobiles. By visiting a website and typing in a message, anybody can send SMS to anyone anywhere in the world.

Online text messaging is a service provided through the internet by which SMS messages can be sent all over the world. Online text messaging is slowly gaining popularity throughout the world as it is a good way to stay in touch with your customers and employees.

All you have to do is to write your message on the website within 160 characters and then add the mobile numbers where you want the information to be sent. Just click on the send option and your job has been done.

Moreover it is very easy to type a message on the computer using a keyboard compared to typing one in on a mobile phone. You can also send this message to many recipients at once, which is perhaps the greatest benefit for businesses, no matter how they’re using the service.

Online text messaging takes less time and also shows if the SMS has been delivered or not. Thus internet SMS is a wonderful gift of modern technology which is being used by individuals and commercial organisations alike.

SMS as a marketing strategy

To advertise through SMS allows you to reach more people than marketing through the internet.

Thus small and large companies alike are moving to SMS marketing strategies as these offer better results than via the internet, since SMSs can easily reach a larger audience. By doing bulk SMS through the internet you can directly communicate with numerous consumers.

The opportunity to reach out to the target audience is much better through SMS, as the messages are delivered to the mobile which is carried by more than 90% of the people and more than 85% of people read the messages they receive. Unlike email, it cannot go missing in the junk mail box.

To get the maximum benefits from mobile marketing using internet SMS, you need to follow a long term policy. You can use internet SMS for customer care and also to promote the launch of a certain product. The time and the content of the SMS are very important if you want to get your message across.

Using bulk SMS for publicising small events or small scale business can easily be done by making use of online companies who specialise in the service. Marketing through SMS is one of the cheapest but most effective ways of advertising and it is revolutionising the business world.

Promote your offers with bulk messaging

Today many people use mobile phones all over the world. SMS or short messaging service is one of the features of mobile phone communication. SMS is a good way of communication as it does not disturb people.

SMS is a noiseless way to communicate with others and does not disturb anyone. The message gets delivered to the client’s mobile phone. If the client’s mobile phone is unavailable, he will receive the message as soon as he switches it on. You can also get a delivery report when the message is delivered to the client’s mobile phone.

SMS messaging is faster and performs more accurately. It is easy and the most convenient way to get in touch with people. Bulk messaging is another great service that can prove useful to large companies. Businesses organisations and companies often need to get in touch with their employees and this is a great way of doing so.

Nowadays many companies come up with offers for their clients. With the help of bulk messaging, companies can easily communicate with their customers by sending a single message to everyone. This makes the customers aware of the ongoing schemes and promotions. Companies can also send personalised advertisements and during the festive season they can also send greetings to their customers.

Online text messaging – a better way to communicate

Short messaging service or SMS has quickly replaced the traditional ways of communication. SMS is an in built feature in mobile phones. Today, SMS has become a better way to communicate with others. One benefit of SMS services is that if someone is in a meeting or unavailable, with an SMS you can quickly send a message and when the other person switches on their mobile phone, they will receive the message.

It is an alternative to e-mail. Text messaging is a discreet way to communicate with people. SMS has many benefits as a person can communicate without disturbing others. Online text messaging is another useful service that takes messaging to new heights. People can send text messages using the internet, which is a convenient as well as spam free mode of communication.

To type a message from a mobile phone can be easy for some, but it takes a lot of time. That is where online text messaging is helpful. Sending a message via the internet requires only a few seconds. Having a QWERTY keyboard serves as an added benefit. You can quickly type the message from a computer and send the message using an online text messaging service. It requires no external software. It is a safe, fast and effective mode of communication. Online text messaging works with almost all network operators across the world. Hence it becomes very easy to connect with people worldwide.

Internet SMS – the future of the communication industry

Ordinary telephone communication is still one of the most popular methods to be in contact with people across the world. Then came mobile phones, which changed the whole scenario. People can conveniently move around and still remain in touch. A mobile phone is a wire free mode of communication.

Instead of telephone conversations, people more often use SMS or short messaging service. SMS is short, simple and the fastest way to communicate. It is a spam free mode of communication. Today many people prefer SMS over telephone calls. SMS has become very popular in the past few years.

Technology has further moved ahead with Internet SMS. You can send messages to any mobile phone in the world using Internet SMS. If you type a message from a mobile phone, it takes lot of time, but in the case of Internet SMS it is very simple and quick. Another advantage of Internet SMS is that you get a QWERTY keyboard which makes it very easy to type a message in a very short space of time.

Internet SMS can prove to be very beneficial for large companies. Companies can send bulk messages to their employees. Nowadays many shopping malls and banks like to inform their customers about special offers and bulk SMS is exactly what they need.


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