Expand your business through email to SMS

Successful businesses make use of the latest technology. The better the technology, the more success the business enjoys. One of the latest technological developments introduced into the world of business is online text messaging. One example of this is the Email to SMS service. When companies use this service, it can help them expand in all possible directions.

Online text messaging can be used to inform customers about the latest services or products the company is offering. Through an email to SMS service, the sender can use any email application to send messages to the receiver’s phone. The benefit that online text messaging provides is that it is a quick method of communication and it does not invade the privacy of the receivers or disturb them.

Companies can use an email to SMS service to keep customers informed about the latest happenings as messages can be sent quickly. There are various plans that can be selected to meet the requirements of different sized companies.

The online text messaging service can even be used to keep employees from within the company informed about certain situations. During emergency situations, companies need to inform employees instantly. At these times sending all of them emails or calling each employee up may prove useless because they may not be at their desks. In such cases, employees may not get the message. However, companies can be sure that employees will get the message on their phones as soon as it is sent through the email to SMS service.

Advantages of using bulk SMS

Using bulk SMS can be of great benefit to companies. Bulk SMS are sent through the internet, directly to mobile phones. Bulk SMS is like sending online text messaging but here, one single message is delivered to a group of people. Being a spam free medium, internet SMS is a better means of communication than email.

The company can send instant alerts to their employees about emergencies and critical situations and summon them to work or give them instructions.

A company can send important information to key customers or suppliers and hence ensure that the information is received by the intended person immediately.

It can also maintain a cordial relationship with customers, clients and suppliers by sending greetings through internet SMS on occasions and festivals. This is a way of maintaining long standing business relationships.

Any important updates or messages can be sent to roaming employees, such as sales people or technicians who are on the move. This increases the efficiency of the employees and in turn results in better performance of the company.

The best part about bulk SMS is that it can be sent through the internet very quickly as the message needs to be written just once and then, in a click, can be sent to all the desired numbers. The software also has an option of checking if the message has been delivered or not.

Have you tried bulk SMS?

Methods of communication are changing every day. Today, the internet and mobile phones are among the most effective means of communication. People are extremely busy these days and there is hardly any time to talk. SMS is thus an effective way to send short messages to people. Bulk SMS enables single and multiple users to send and receive SMS messages.

Sending bulk SMS through online text messaging is thus an option which yields multiple benefits. There are certain benefits of email to SMS as SMS is a spam free mode of communication. Also, the delivery of an SMS is certain, whereas an email might be branded as junk mail, but in the case of an SMS there are no such hazards.

Bulk SMS can be sent through internet SMS services. It helps you save money and time. You do not have to enter into an unproductive conversation. You can deliver your message point blank. Bulk SMS is a very fast and cheap way of communicating.

Bulk SMS is becoming increasingly popular among individuals as well as business organisations. Bulk SMS services can be used for various purposes. They can be used for recruiting, marketing, customer care, rendering emergency messages to a large group of people and other such jobs.

The best point about bulk SMS is its cost effectiveness. As bulk SMS is basically internet SMS, it is much cheaper than the normal form sent from a mobile phone. There are many companies who provide internet SMS or bulk SMS services and they can be ordered online making it completely hassle free.

Send SMS with a click of mouse

Science and technology is advancing day-by-day. The communication industry is not behind. In the initial days, the only means of communication was by letter. Then it was replaced with phones, the internet and e-mail service, and finally we have SMS or short messaging service.

To convey information, communication is a must. Without proper means of communication, one cannot express things properly. Today SMS is widely used for communication. All the traditional mediums of communication have been replaced with a convenient messaging service. SMS does not disturb anyone unlike phone calls. It is a silent mode of communication that does not create noise.

Sending SMS with the help of a mobile phone usually requires more time as the mobile phone has a mini keypad. Online messaging service is another beneficial service that requires hardly any time. With the online text messaging service, one can send an SMS using the internet. Another benefit of online text messaging is that you get a QWERTY keyboard which makes it very easy to type a message in a very short time.

SMS is very common among the younger generation, however online text messaging services can provide many benefits even to companies. These companies often need to get in touch with their employees and customers. To announce any of the ongoing promotions or offers, online messaging is well suited. You can send messages to many users at once. Online messaging service works with almost all operators and hence you can easily get connected with people worldwide.

Send messages from PC to mobile phone

While sending messages from one mobile phone to another is a common fact, one could also send text messages from a computer to a mobile phone. All you need is an internet connection, the carrier address and the contact number of the mobile phone.

Yes, it is that simple. With the click of a button, you could send more than one message to more than one recipient. This facility is being used to send bulk messages as it is convenient and cost efficient. Also termed as bulk messaging, it has become a powerful tool for marketing products as the reach of a mobile phone is massive.

The majority of the population is hooked on to a mobile phone, which makes bulk messaging the ideal method to reach out to them. In fact almost every major organisation is using the concept of bulk messaging for promoting and advertising their products as the cost incurred is modest and the response is just a button click away.

An SMS gateway is used to send the messages. The concept is so lucrative that more and more organisations are incorporating it. The consistency of message receiving is also guaranteed due to the reliable delivery reports indication.

No matter where the person is positioned or located, the messages are bound to reach without any delay. This method of sending online messages to mobile phones not only reaches to a larger audience but also gains high visibility.

Online messaging for direct response

Online messaging or sending text messages through the internet evokes a direct response. The process is simple, all you have to do is send messages from your email addresses and they are received by the respective mobile phone numbers.

There is usually no limit to the number of contacts one can send messages to. Also, one could send the same message to different contacts at the same time. This sending of numerous messages to several contacts is also known as bulk messaging.

Online text messaging is ideal for promoting or marketing products. There are times when a product loses its value or is forgotten by the public. In such cases it is ideal to re-introduce the product by marketing it aggressively.

Therefore, text messages are sent to the mobile phones as the degree of visibility is significant. Mobile phones are like an addiction to some people, never letting it leave their side. Every second millions of people check their phone to see whether they have a new update or message in their inbox.

Therefore, it can only be wise to market a product with the help of the most powerful tool, which is the text message. The messages are directly received by the recipients and an impact is created into the minds.

This direct response works in the favour of companies who wish to promote their products via cell phones. The service is highly cost efficient and productive. Indeed a resourceful tool for marketing and promotion.

SMS marketing- low cost and effective way to reach out

You know pretty well that the best way to stay ahead of your competitors is by employing the right methods of marketing and advertising. The methods of marketing and advertising are changing everyday. To lead the way you must always opt for the newest ways of marketing.

Using SMS as a marketing strategy can give you excellent returns. Internet SMS is a way of delivering your message to innumerable people. It is one of the most cost effective ways of marketing as it is very cheap and successful.

Business organisations use internet SMS or bulk SMS for various purposes. Using internet SMS for marketing enables you to reach out directly to huge number of people. Internet SMS is being used by organisations to draw attention of the customers and also to strengthen customer relationship.

Internet SMS or bulk SMS is being considered as one of the best marketing strategies to promote a product. More than 90% of consumers read all their text messages and so SMS marketing means direct communication with the buyers ensuring better returns.

Reaching the consumers through internet SMS is much easier than through email, which was the rage few days back. Text messages are short and the mobile phone is handy, so consumers read these SMS immediately, unlike the mails, which are long and sometimes risk the possibility of being delivered into the junk mail box eliminating any possibility of reaching the consumer.

SMS marketing is thus a low cost, worthwhile investment for companies which are searching new ways to reach out to their customers and probable customers.

Internet to SMS in seconds

Seconds is all it takes for a text message to be sent from an email address to a mobile phone.

Everyone is aware of text messaging from one mobile phone to another. However, one could also send text messages from the internet to the mobile phone. All you need to have is an email id, the carrier address and the mobile phone number.

In an organisation several of the employees often need to be sent alerts and information on a daily basis and if a mobile phone is used then typing on the small keypad could get quite chaotic. The process also consumes a lot of time, which is wasted time for the entire organisation. To improve efficiency online text messaging is considered as an ideal solution.

Similarly, if a company wishes to promote its products and is looking for the fastest way to do the same then online text messaging is perfect, as it would reach to a larger audience. It is also highly reliable as the confirmation of message sent is followed by a delivery report. The cost incurred in promoting and marketing the product via online messaging is quite cheap compared to the traditional methods.

Well there is only one conclusion to the above described points and that is if one wants to save cost and yet yield high productivity then online text messaging is the way to do it. After all, it is safe, secure and reliable.

Forgotten password..? No problem!

We’re currently developing a feature that allows customers to automatically create a password reminder email. This means that anyone that has trouble remembering what their password was will no longer have to contact us to help them out, although they are perfectly welcome to do so if they wish.

The password reminder will be available on the account login screen. Customers should enter either their username, or the mobile phone number that they used to create the account, and we’ll send a reminder by email.

We very much hope this feature improves the customer experience while using toText.net, and we expect it to be available sometime in the next few days.

Using online text messaging to increase your business profits

Information and regular updates are required to keep customers coming back to your store to buy your products. But how could you possibly keep updating thousands of customers every time a new range of products comes out? It may sound a bit far fetched, but it can be done through a fairly easy method. Online text messaging can be extremely useful in helping a business grow.

For example, a big clothing store can easily update its customers when the latest line in winter wear comes into the store through online text messaging. Internet SMS can be efficiently used at minimal costs to update customers and this can result in increased sales and better profits. Through this service, the store only needs to type in the message using the internet SMS service and with a few clicks of the mouse, the message can be delivered to hundreds of people.

One of the best features that internet SMS provides is that you do not have to individually send the messages. All you need to do is select the recipients and send the message you want to multiple recipients at a time. This method of communication is time and cost saving. It even allows receivers to read the message at their own leisure.

Online text messaging is the latest of all powerful tools to promote any business. Using internet SMS service is as simple and easy as using phone SMS but offers better results to companies, businesses stores or any organisation that needs to constantly update their customers.


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