Different styles of SMS

Did you know that you can not only send SMS from your mobile phone to another phone but also use the web for the same?

This is a great feature and it simply means that you can email messages through your email account to a mobile phone number. This has become quite popular in recent times as it is cost effective, faster and easy to execute. Also you can type in several numbers that you wish to send the desired message to.

This procedure of online messaging is done using an SMS gateway. The SMS gateway allows the sender to send messages from their email account. This kind of online text messaging is very practical to use as it saves a great deal of time and ensures quick delivery.

The SMS gateway stores the messages that are sent and even if the receiver has not received them because their phone was off or whatever, the messages are safe with the gateway and once the opportunity arrives the messages get delivered immediately.

This style of online messaging is very popular in organisations. In fact a lot of companies have started initiating in bulk SMS so that they can promote their brand and products more efficiently. Since the majority of people have a mobile phone and are totally addicted to SMS, it is obvious that companies get maximum productivity and visibility by targeting phones.

Bulk SMS – a great tool for marketing

SMS has become extremely popular and is being used by almost everyone. It has become an important aspect in everybody’s life, be it the young or the elderly. The use of SMS can be seen everywhere, whether it is social or business oriented.

In business related marketing, one has to cater to a large number of people and the cost of this works out far more expensively. Therefore, the same concept of SMS has been redefined by introducing bulk SMS to not only cut costs but save time too. Bulk SMS is a method that allows an institution or an organisation to send and receive a large volume of SMS at a decreased cost.

An important element of SMS in bulk is that a single message can be sent to many other users. The service is so efficient that a large number of companies are using bulk messages to promote their products. Also there are huge benefits through cost cutting. Bulk messaging is friendlier in terms of cost compared to print campaigns. Bulk SMS apart from being cost effective is also instant in nature.

Benefits of bulk messaging

Bulk messaging is basically sending messages to as many phone numbers as you like. There is absolutely no limit and all of this can be done at the same time. The charges may vary but it is very cost effective and an economical concept.

All you have to do is select the phone numbers, then select the company’s email and send the bulk messages. This concept is most beneficial for larger organisations as they need to manage and message a bigger group of employees.

Another advantage of bulk messaging is it allows you to reach a larger audience, thereby putting you in the spotlight. Bulk messaging is a great way of marketing products and services as it is cheaper and can be better targeted. This kind of marketing and promoting service takes online text messaging to a whole new level altogether. This kind of internet messaging has become so popular that even schools and colleges are taking advantage of its services.

Bulk messaging has opened a whole new market. The concept is simple, easy to grasp and yields excellent results which are incomparable. Online text messaging is here to stay and has revolutionised the concept of online or internet messaging. Bulk messaging will ensure that you stay ahead, after all in this competitive world it is all about being ahead of your competition.

Improvements to the toText.net API

toText.net is going to be updating and improving the API that developer’s can use to send and receive text messages.

The API is based on an HTTP Post in either direction, and HTTPS is also supported where required.

What we plan to do in the early stages in to make integration easier for our MS Windows based customers. We’ll release some open source reference implementations, so that customers can take these code samples and either use them directly, or customise them for their own requirements.

These new features will be rolled out over the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for updates. Please get in touch in the meantime if you have any questions or suggestions.

Email to SMS – a new way to communicate

In this age of mobile phones, SMS (short messaging service) has become very popular. People all over the world are using SMS to keep in touch with their family, friends, etc. Anyone with a mobile can easily send text messages to any other user in the world. You can stay in touch with your business colleagues or loved ones by expressing yourself through SMS.

The latest and the best way of sending SMS these days is email to SMS. In email to SMS, you do not have to use the small keypad of your mobile phone to type the SMS. Instead, you can type your SMS using the keyboard of your computer or laptop and then send an SMS through email.

Using email to SMS is fairly simple. The procedure is very similar to sending an SMS from a mobile phone. The only difference is that instead of a mobile number, you send the SMS through an email ID.

Email to SMS can be really useful for companies who want to keep in touch with their employees. Typing an SMS in a mobile phone keypad can be quite difficult. But with email to SMS, this is no longer a problem.

It is possible to send and receive messages anywhere and anytime with a computer and an internet connection.

It is time to switch on to online SMS if you are still using the traditional mobile phone based SMS. You will save your time and money by using email to SMS.

toText.net Signs New Reseller

toText.net are pleased to announce a deal with a reseller that will be using our text messaging services amongst their own clients.

Scene Media Marketing Ltd provide marketing and promotional facilities to a wide client base across commercial and public sectors. The company sees this reseller opportunity as a way of strengthening and extending their reach into clients and customers.

Rob Jagger, Director, said “This is an exciting opportunity for us, as this opens up a new client base with a respected partner. We’re very much looking forward to levering the synergies between our two companies”.

Email to SMS – easy way to send bulk text messages

Gone are the days of sending text messages through mobile phones. As technology advances, we get more innovative ways to make our day to day tasks easier. Sending a text message through your mobile phone is not very convenient as it requires you to type your message in the small keypad.

A mobile phone has a numeric keypad and different alphabets are assigned for various numeric keys. So if you want to type a message it usually takes more time. A computer keyboard has alphabet keys which are justified properly. So it becomes very easy to type a message. It also takes far less time.

One of the benefits of e-mail to SMS is that you can send bulk messages. You can also send bulk messages to people using your mobile phone but usually to a limited number of recipients.

E-mail to SMS allows you to send as well as receive text messages from e-mail applications like G-mail, Hotmail, Lotus notes, Yahoo, Outlook or any other application. This e-mail to text service is ideal to use for business purposes. You can send text messages to everyone in the organisation or to client lists.

Another advantage is that you can receive delivery reports and replies directly into your inbox. E-mail to SMS is very simple and easy to use and does not require any password or special formatting.

When you create a message, enter the mobile number in the “to” field including the country code and a specified address and send the message. It is that simple.

A new form of communication – internet SMS

With the advent of mobile phones came SMS, which stands for short message service. Since then, text messaging has become amazingly popular.

Soon SMS was used by everyone for keeping in touch, so much so that there came a time when people started suffering from ‘SMS thumb’ – a condition in which your thumb gets sore due to excessive typing on the phone keypad. However, SMS costs money and hence it was not exactly cheap to send SMS messages frequently or in large numbers.

The internet can now be used to send text messages to wherever you want, all over the world.

Companies and business organisations are discovering the benefits of internet SMS and online text messaging. Email to SMS is a popular way of keeping in touch with employees and informing them about any new developments at the workplace. It’s most commonly used for managing technical staff who are working out in the field. Companies can also use internet SMS or online text messaging to communicate with their customers to promote schemes, offers or products.

Bulk SMS is Hulk SMS.

With the SMS came easy and fun connectivity and with the Internet, this service just got better. SMS which is a popular messaging service amongst the youth and even others has now crept over to the internet and when you were charged a lot for bulk sending SMS over your phone to others; with the internet SMS, you can send many SMS at a much cheaper price.

This type of connectivity is fast gaining popularity and now users can easily send SMS anywhere they want, and this ‘anywhere’ extends to the whole world.

So if you were hesitating to SMS that friend of yours who now lives abroad, all because you do not have the money; do not fret, for now you have the internet to do this, and all at a near-to-nothing cost!

Since this technology is very cost effective, you do not need to keep checking your balance to see how many people you can SMS, or if you still have enough to make a call.

All that is needed to use this service is a computer that has internet enabled over it. Then you need to register on the specific site and you are off to go!

Since the internet SMS service extends all over the world they are perfect for those who operate on world time for staying connected with everyone.

No more will your friends complain that you never reply for, replying never got this easy!

The Rising Demand for Bulk SMS

There is a need to update everything around you. In a world where your business is big, your clientele is bigger and the workload is massive you need an effective communication system such as SMS that helps you cope with business. In today’s world you can enjoy seamless messaging services that offer an array of options to choose from. In fact there are many companies offering a wide and varied range of SMS services.

Bulk SMS and Internet messaging service providers have a 360-degree approach. Not only messaging services, but also you will even find all the backend support you need to manage your SMS’s. You can even save your addresses on the service provider’s server and access it at ease. It is always good when you have a backend service as it saves you from a lot of effort.

At present you will find a host of service providers offering many innovative services – from Email to Text, to Receive Texts services. If you have not discovered the power of bulk SMS and Internet messaging then you should sign up for the service. It will change the way to perceive and run your business or team. The best part is that you can make the optimum use of the service if you have a big team to stay connected with.


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