Online text messaging services can save your monthly mobile bills

If you like sending texts or SMSs to your friends very often then stop wasting your monthly mobile bills. If you want to send quotes or funny messages to your friends then use online text & SMS messaging service. Online messaging is one of the most convenient and efficient way to send messages.

With an online text messaging service you can send messages to any mobile number and at a fraction of the normal cost. Send those romantic, funny and cool texts or keep in touch with your employees in the simplest way. A mobile phone is considered to be one of the greatest inventions of the twentieth century. A mobile phone simplifies our day-to-day lives. One of the best things about them is their ability to utilise SMS.

Another advantage of a text messaging service is that you do not get disturbed. If in case the cell phone is switched off or out of coverage the person can receive the message as soon as he gets beck in the network range. Typing messages on a mobile phone usually takes more time. Using online text messaging service, you can type the message with a keyboard, making it faster and easier.

To send online text messages you are required to login to the website and just complete the simple registration procedure. Once you are done with the procedure, it becomes very simple to send a message. Use the online text messaging service and you can save your monthly messaging bill.

Net to phone SMS services for text messaging

It is common to see mobile users typing short messages with their fingers or handy touch devices, and sending them through instantly.

As a result of advancing technology, SMS is now an effective tool for companies to market their services and products. From a general users’ perspective, text messaging is an effective form of communication. But what if you do not have a mobile phone? Is it still possible for you to communicate by text messaging? Of course! This is absolutely possible!

Look for a quality and reliable online platform, which will let you send free SMS messages straight to someone’s mobile. Other common online option to do this is visiting the internet service provider (ISP) website. If you know which firm your contact uses, you may well be able to simply log on to its website and send a text message.

If you do not know the specific details, there are ample options available such as net to phone SMS services. You just need to log on, type in the phone number, your message and click send. now supports sending bulk text messages is very pleased to announce today the launch of our bulk text message sending feature.

Text messages can be specified in a spreadsheet that can be uploaded and then sent. The messages within the spreadsheet can be customised for each recipient, so you don’t have to send exactly the same message to each recipient.

The first line of the spreadsheet must be a header that defines the data, and each subsequent line represents the text messages that are to be sent.

It is very important that the spreadsheet is in .csv format, as .xls is not supported. You may need to select File, Save As… to get the required format.

Example 1:

The simplest form of the file to upload consists of a set of fixed messages to be sent to one or more mobiles, for example:

447000000001,Sale now on! Big Savings. From
447000000002,Sale now on! Big Savings. From
447000000003,Sale now on! Big Savings. From
447000000004,Sale now on! Big Savings. From
447000000005,Sale now on! Big Savings. From


Example 2:

It is also possible to customise the message that is sent to each person. This is done by including one or more additional columns. Wherever the name of the additional columns is found within any of the messages, then the value of that row of the column will be inserted into the message.

447000000001,10,Your book has arrived, outstanding balance £BALANCE
447000000002,14,Your book has arrived, outstanding balance £BALANCE
447000000003,8,Your book has arrived, outstanding balance £BALANCE
447000000004,20,Your book has arrived, outstanding balance £BALANCE
447000000005,30,Your book has arrived, outstanding balance £BALANCE


This means that the messages that are sent would be as follows:

447000000001:	Your book has arrived, outstanding balance £10
447000000002:	Your book has arrived, outstanding balance £14
447000000003:	Your book has arrived, outstanding balance £8
447000000004:	Your book has arrived, outstanding balance £20
447000000005:	Your book has arrived, outstanding balance £30


Example 3:

Any number of extra columns can be inserted to allow your messages to be highly customised:

447000000001,10,Mr Jones,Your book has arrived NAME, outstanding balance £BALANCE
447000000002,14,Miss Smith,Your book has arrived NAME, outstanding balance £BALANCE
447000000003,8,Dr Jenkins,Your book has arrived NAME, outstanding balance £BALANCE
447000000004,20,Mr White,Your book has arrived NAME, outstanding balance £BALANCE
447000000005,30,Mrs Green,Your book has arrived NAME, outstanding balance £BALANCE


This means that the messages that are sent would be as follows:

447000000001:	Your book has arrived Mr Jones, outstanding balance £10
447000000002:	Your book has arrived Miss Smith, outstanding balance £14
447000000003:	Your book has arrived Dr Jenkins, outstanding balance £8
447000000004:	Your book has arrived Mr White, outstanding balance £20
447000000005:	Your book has arrived Mrs Green, outstanding balance £30

Mobile marketing campaigns using SMS are getting popular with marketers

Major brands are now looking to invest in innovative and effective mobile marketing campaigning over the next few years, according to a new independent survey conducted among large brands in the retail, manufacturing and financial service sectors. The survey was commissioned by O2.

The O2 survey concludes that mobile marketing budgets of the top brands are set to go up by a whopping 150 per cent in the next five years or so. The survey also reveals that the brands do not think the economic slowdown will hugely affect what is allocated to mobile marketing and communications. In fact, the percentage will keep on increasing owing to its inherent benefits.

While online advertising is currently more popular compared to mobile-based marketing, nearly two thirds of businesses surveyed stated that the latter (mobile marketing campaigns) are already generating a higher response rate than other traditional methods owing to the more personal way in which they can reach and address their customers.
In a nutshell, mobile marketing campaigns comprising SMS marketing are getting more popular with marketers. According to the survey, almost sixty per cent of marketing directors favour mobile marketing owing to its highly targeted nature.

The rising demand of web to text services

In today’s world the ability to communicate and co-ordinate faster is a must. Modern gadgets and software have made our lives simpler and better-connected. In businesses there is a need to stay connected – for example, companies offering technical expertise. Such companies need to be on their toes when dispatching their technicians or engineers. The web to text service is ideal for such businesses. This invaluable service has helped deployment managers keep in touch with their staff who are out in the field. Information can easily be transmitted to the mobile phones of the engineers from head office. It is that simple.

The web to text service allows you to send and receive text messages using a standard web browser, with no need to install any other software. You even get a delivery report. The ‘email to text’ and ‘receive text’ services are equally useful. All of these services are designed to make life simpler for many organisations that need to stay connected 24/7.

You can find many companies offering SMS text message services. But it is advisable to opt for the service from a renowned provider. You might even be able to take advantage of discounts on your bulk SMS.

Growth in Text Messaging Continues in 2008

2008 has seen more phenomenal growth in the number of text messages that are being sent. The Mobile Data Association (MDA) published its research findings for July -September 2008 yesterday.

The figures show that in Q3 2008 there were 38% more texts sent than in the same time last year.

Interestingly, MMS is still a very small fraction of all the texts that are sent – we’re now sending 1.5 million MMS’s per day,  compared to 217 millions SMS’s. This growth is being driven by new devices and services, adn is expected to continue as strongly for the foreseeable future.

More machines connected to mobile networks

According to Berg Insight, the number of machines that have a connection to one or more mobile networks will grow by over 34% this year.

This will mean that over 14 million machines will be connected by the start of 2009, and this number is set to grow by 33% each year to 2013.

“The total number of mobile network connections used by machines now equal that of a medium-sized European country. While the market for personal communication has reached its saturation point, the machine communication market will continue to grow for many years to come.”, commented Tobias Ryberg, Senior Analyst, Berg Insight.

The quality of SMS text message services

There are a few efficient SMS text message service providers with years of experience. So if you are confused while opting for a service provider all you need is to register. Service providers can help you evaluate your requirements in order to work out how their SMS gateway can be comprehensively adapted to meet your business needs. These service providers offer free consultancy to help you to integrate your systems into their text messaging gateway. The best part of it all is that their systems can be customised, if necessary, so that your requirements are fully addressed. In case you are looking for Oracle database consultancy it would not be a hassle.

SMS text message service providers operate a full development, integration, test and validation service so you can be confident the system is operating properly before it goes live.

You will be backed with customer support 24/7. The service providers are constantly developing and enhancing their products to offer you the best of services. With technology and innovation being prime these SMS service providers tend to put you at ease in turn offering you some of the best options to choose from.

Online text messaging can help you reduce your expenses

Mobile phones have become indispensible these days. No one had ever thought that a small electronic device could find a place in everyone’s pocket and change the way the world communicates. It is very difficult to imagine our day-to-day lives without mobile phones. A mobile phone is no longer about just receiving or making calls but also popularly used for sending and receiving text or SMS.

Business organisations find it very convenient to stay in touch with their employees or keep them informed about events in the organisation.

Now as there have been numerous developments in technology, they can get more feature rich services at an affordable rate.

It is now possible to send online text messages using the internet. You can easily send SMS to hundreds and even thousands of people at the same time. For this, you just have to visit the online text messaging website and follow some simple steps.

You are required to enter the recipient’s mobile phone number in the field provided. Care should be taken that you do not use dashes or any other characters. Only enter the number with the area code. The next step to do is enter the message that you want to send, and you are done. Sending online text messages is the most convenient and efficient way of communicating with your employees or customers. Online text messaging is very cost effective as compared to normal SMS from a mobile phone. It is also easier to type your message using your keyboard rather than the mobile phone’s keypad.

A new study highlights importance of SMS as marketing channel

A new study has highlighted the importance of SMS when it comes to reaching out to today’s tech-savvy consumers. The new ExactTarget study has outlined six distinct personas while measuring how each of them interacts with different media. Here are highlights of the research report:

Wired Users – About 20 percent of them subscribed for various marketing communications via SMS (importantly, more so than any other group), but they wish to receive texts for urgent customer service issues only. These include key travel updates or financial alerts.

Young Homemakers – Over half of them make use of social networks as well as SMS during the day. Direct mail and e-mail are also among their preferred marketing channels or avenues.

Retired – About 94 percent of them have been influenced by some kind of direct marketing.

College Students – Being very tech-savvy, they are finicky about private communication channels like SMS and social networks from a marketing point of view.

Teens – They are more likely to buy from direct mail, and then followed by e-mail, SMS and social network sites.

Established Professionals – Women, within this group, are more likely to use digital media channels such as IM, SMS, and networking to communicate with family and friends. But men use these media more to shop online.


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