Even sports therapy experts are making use of text message services

Are you looking for a bulk SMS service? Are you aware of bulk SMS services online? Well, in this modern age, there are a few efficient SMS text message services catering to thousands of customers worldwide. You can take advantage of email to text, web to text and many other services as per your needs.

An SMS text message service provides a fast, secure and reliable SMS gateway that allows you to send text messages from your desktop by email, or fully integrated with back-office applications or servers.

Let’s take the sports therapy business for example. Many companies in this industry have realised the potential of SMS text message services. Today’s sports therapy experts are using email to text to contact their large teams of mobile staff members. When a request from a customer is received, the appointment co-ordinator can easily text the staff to check their availability and subsequently send them the name and address of the customer.

Well this is just a simple example of the great features of SMS text message services. You can even take advantage of ‘receive text’ services or bulk SMS services.

Bulk SMS at your service

Bulk SMS and internet SMS services are in abundance. But choosing the right service provider is still a task. This modern messaging service has revolutionised the way people communicate. In fact it has helped many organisations to stay connected. Here is a lowdown on the services on offer.

Email to text
This form of messaging gives great freedom and connectivity. The email to text service allows you to send and receive text messages from any email application, for example Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Lotus Notes, or anything else. Ideally designed for businesses, the service provides text messaging facilities to everyone in your organisation. The best part is it is easy to use. You even get replies and delivery reports sent directly to your inbox and it can be easily integrated with your existing address book.

Web to text
This text messaging service gives you the option to send messages using your own mobile number, so replies go straight to your phone. It is easy to use and you can be up and running in minutes. You can even access your messages in the online address book offered by the service provider for easy reference. The Web to text service is ideal for sending bulk messages.

How to send texts using non-English characters sets

A standard text message can contain up to 160 characters. With toText.net it’s possible to concatenate messages together so that longer ones can be sent, but in priciple the 160 characters is what most people consider to be a text message.

One problem with the 160 characters though is that it assumes that the sender is only using ‘English’ characters – see http://www.developershome.com/sms/gsmAlphabet.asp for a list of the supported alphabet. Therefore, people wishing to use east european or asian character sets, for example,  have been largley unsupported.

The good news is that with toText.net we have full support for virtually all characters. For the techies amongst you, we can encode all text messages as UTF-8, which means we can send almost anything. The slight downside is that the number of characters in a message drops from 160 to 70, but it’s still possible for us to join texts together as usual.

The plus points of subscribing for a text message service

Since the advent of the mobile phone the short message service (SMS) has been a favourite of many users. It is simple and cheaper than making a call (especially if it’s an international one). SMSs have made communication much simpler and in fact there is a whole new lingo that has developed because of this.

Today you will find some of the finest SMS text message service providers. They offer a range of services like ‘web to text’, ‘email to text’ or even the ‘receive texts’ service. The best part is that you can send text messages from your desk, by email or an API of the service provider.

Consider the ‘web to text service’. This matchless service allows you to send and receive text messages using a standard web browser, with no need to install any other software. You can text either a single person or a group of people at the same time and contacts can be stored in the service provider’s online address book. The best part is that you get delivery and reply alerts.
Text messaging companies have changed the way people perceive text messaging.

The advantages of opting for the ‘Receive Texts’ service

Today the world has become flat. With instant connectivity and the access to distant lands (via the internet) life has become simpler. You really do not need to take a flight to personally meet your client in Kenya or India. You could simply communicate with them in any part of the world through text messaging.

Let’s take the simple example of the ‘Receive Texts’ service. This ingenious service uses virtual mobile numbers to receive messages from people. You have two options in this case: either dedicated or shared numbers. For dedicated numbers all texts received will be forwarded to you, whereas with a shared number each text must begin with a specific keyword.

The best part about it all is the texts you receive can be sent as an email, displayed on a website. It is that simple. The service offers you international format numbers that work worldwide and you can take advantage of the facility at a flat fee, with no additional message charges. The service providers offer you worldwide coverage.

The world is constantly growing smaller in terms of connectivity. And the ‘Receive Texts’ service is one example of the ingenious world of instant messaging.

New Feature – Bulk SMS

One of our potential customers wanted to be able to send a set of text messages as a bulk upload. They have a spreadsheet at the moment that holds a list of customers, and they amount that each customer owes on their account.

The requirement is to be able to send a personalised text message to each customer that shows how much they owe on their account. The information is currently held in a spreadsheet that our prospect would like to be able to upload to toText.net, and have a text message sent to the appropriate mobile numbers, with the correct dates and amounts being substituted in each message

We were going to initially integrate the spreadsheet with a bespoke piece of code, but we think that this is such a good idea that we’re going to make the service more generic and offer it to all our customers.

After the spreadsheet is uploaded, and the validation checks had passed, the user will be asked to check the messages are correct before they were sent. Each text message will be shown in a table to the user, and they could perform whatever checks they saw fit. If the user is happy, then the texts will be sent to the appropriate mobile phones.

We’re developing this feature now, and it should be available in a couple of weeks. We’ll announce it when it’s launched.

What are the advantages of SMS?

Many of us use mobile phones. SMS or short messaging service is one of the most popular methods of personal communication. It has many advantages. SMS is an ideal way to have short conversations without having to call or talk and it is very helpful when you do not want to get disturbed. If we compare it with a phone call or an e-mail then it is often less time consuming.

SMS is basically a store-and-forward type of service. The text message that you send does not transmit directly to the recipient’s phone. The advantage of this is that the recipient’s mobile phone does not have to be in range or active when you send an SMS. The SMS message that you send is stored in an SMSC.

The recipient will receive the message when he or she comes back into network range or when they switch on their phone. Another advantage of an SMS service is that you get a delivery report once the message is delivered to the recipient’s cell phone. Compared to bulk e-mailing, sending bulk SMS messages is considered a spam free mode of communication. The e-mail sometimes may wind up in junk mail, but as far as an SMS message is concerned the delivery to the desired recipient is certain.

The performance of SMS messages is accurate and much faster. An SMS messaging service is the easiest, most convenient, most efficient method of communication.

The many benefits of SMS

SMS is an acronym standing for short message service. SMS is a cheap messaging solution which is gaining more and more momentum. It allows you to send a text message that can have a maximum length of 160 characters. The SMS messages can be sent from mobile phones. When compared to an outgoing phone call, an SMS message is very cost effective. SMS is also a convenient method of communication.

In comparison with web access or voice messaging, SMS messages are quite cheap. Another advantage of SMS is that if the recipient’s phone is out of reach or switched off, the recipient will receive the message once they move into the range or when the mobile phone is switched on again. SMS messages need not disturb you when you are busy with some work.

Another great advantage of SMS messages is that they can be sent worldwide. Making an international call can be really expensive. However SMS is very cost-effective and can therefore save you a lot of money. You can send messages online these days and SMS messages can even be sent to many people at a time with this method, so this is another great advantage.

Google’s “SMS Channels” is Launched

This month Google India launched a service called Google SMS Channels, which allows subscribers to receive news stories, stock prices, jokes, and lots of other things via SMS. Additionally, user can add an RSS feed to the service so that others can receive updates to the feed via SMS.

The intention is to allow users to be able to create and share content between their friends and families in an easy way.

The service is currently only available to subscribers in India, though the intention is to “work towards” making this service available to international numbers.

SMS, the most convenient way of communicating

There are several benefits of SMS. SMS makes it possible to send your message to the desired recipient within a fraction of a second without disturbing the receiver. While on the other hand a phone call is time consuming and is a source of disturbance during work hours. SMS is less time consuming compared to a phone call and even email.

A sent SMS does not directly go to the client’s mobile phone. In other words SMS is a store and forward service. In case the client’s phone is either switched off or not in a network zone, the message is stored in the SMS centre until the recipient turns their mobile phone on or moves into range. The SMS is then sent to the recipient when they switch on the mobile phone.

Apart from one to one messaging, SMS also helps to send messages to large number of people at the same time. This service is used by online mobile service providers to provide news or other information to subscribers or by companies to contact groups of employees. This service is known as broadcasting. This service saves a lot of precious time during business hours and even reduces the cost of communicating.


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