SMS vs. Mobile Instant Messaging

There has been a lot of talk recently about how mobile instant messaging will threaten SMS. Our experience so far is that these two services are complimentary, rather than competitive, and furthermore that user are prepared to pay for both.

Mobile instant messaging is still relatively early in adoption, not least because it requires users to be on a data tariff from their operator – still a fairly expensive commodity for most price plans. Additionally, the handset specification required to support Instant messaging is very high, and is therefore outside the capability of most handset on that market today.

The advantages of SMS lie in its ubiquity and coverage, both geographically and across the base of mobile subscribers. Mobile IM will undoubtedly grow, but it has for the foreseeable future it will very much be a niche application.

Send online SMS

Mobile phones are undoubtedly one of the greatest inventions of modern times. With countless advantages they make our lives easier. SMS or short message service is a highly effective service. In simple words, SMS helps to send and receive text messages via mobile phones.

With advancements in technology, SMS can be sent through many online service providers to anywhere in the world. To enjoy this service you do not necessarily need a mobile phone. All you need is a computer with an internet connection. You merely have to enter the required information on any of the sites that offer a free SMS service and follow the simple instructions. The site provides space for the mobile number of the recipient and space for the text message. Generally up to 160 characters are allowed for messaging.

Many additional services like replies or delivery confirmation are also offered by online text messaging service providers. This will help you to keep a track of your sent messages and delivery reports. The recipient can also reply to your message.

Typing a text message on your mobile phone is time consuming compared to using your keyboard. Even using the latest mobile phones it is difficult to type text. Online text messaging is much quicker and more convenient.

Growing demand for online SMS

TynTec, a mobile messaging operator, has announced a deal with corporate SMS provider Red Oxygen. TynTec is to provide high quality message delivery to the SMS provider, plus the deal even ensures that Red Oxygen’s SMS services will benefit from TynTec’s 15 second delivery guarantee.

Red Oxygen offers email-to-SMS, bulk SMS, and Microsoft Outlook SMS. The company enables enterprises to benefit from scheduled SMS, calendar reminders, email replies, bulk message delivery, single number reception, premium SMS and CC-to-email. TynTec aims to provide Red Oxygen with the same.

The main aim behind the deal is to offer customers a guarantee that every message sent arrives within 15 seconds. The online text messaging industry is innovating and creating novel solutions. You can find many companies offering a plethora of SMS and email related solutions to make your life simpler.

In the modern age, email to SMS, internet SMS and online text messaging have become crucial. People need to stay connected at every step and hence these services are in great demand. In fact, those individuals or organisations that do not currently make use of these facilities should register.

Ever-growing demand for Email to Text services

Have you experienced the benefits of the Email to Text service? This new-age service, designed for individuals who are always ‘on-the-go’, is a simple and intuitive way to send and receive text messages from any email application. You can send a message with a few clicks of the mouse – whether to a single recipient or a large group.

Email to Text is designed to make emailing processes much simpler. The service is ideal for business use, and opens up text messaging facilities to many people within your organisation. It is also ideal for adding text message alerts to essential applications such as server monitoring, equipment status, and other critical functions.

Emails to Text systems are usually easy to use. No special formatting or extra software is necessary – all you need to remember is the email address to send it to. This service is developed keeping in mind usability, quick connectivity and ease in operation.

The key is to locate a credible service provider offering email to SMS, Internet SMS and online text messaging services that are sure to change the way you connect with friends, family and clients.

Make Use of the Best SMS Gateways & Web to Text Services

Enjoy fast, secure and reliable SMS gateways that allow you to send text messages from your desktop, by email, or fully integrated with back-office applications or servers. There are many companies offering varied SMS and email solutions. For example, you could try the Web to Text feature that allows you to send and receive text messages from any website, using a computer.

The service is accessed through a standard web browser and there is no need to install any other software. You can send messages to either an individual number, or to groups of numbers stored in a websites online address book.

Once the message has been sent, the message page shows you when each one is delivered and all the replies that are received. The best part about the Web to Text feature is that it can be installed and ready to run in minutes, plus it is easy to use (no specialised training required) and it is ideal for sending bulk messages.

You can even take advantage of the SMS gateways ability to harness the power of discreet, personal and immediate communications to keep in touch with your customers and employees. It is important that you find a reliable service provider, which offers cost-efficient SMS text messaging services to customers.


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