Bistro live gets great results from SMS marketing campaign

Some time back, Bistro Live, a group of restaurants carried out a bulk SMS campaign as a measure of company marking. The company paid £470 for the SMS marketing campaign. As a response to this bulk SMS campaign, over 2.7 percent of the SMS recipients visited several Bistro Live outlets and spent above £8,000.

At the moment Bistro Live has a database which comprises of above 10,000 customers who agreed to receive promotional offers of the company via SMS. Statistical data from uSwitch says that above 60 billion bulk SMS messages are being sent every year by companies in the UK for marketing.

The main reason behind this high commercial use of bulk SMS marketing is that its results are obvious and the cost is nominal. There is no other method of marketing where a company can directly communicate with the consumers at such an economical price.

Thus, SMS marketing has been taken up by smaller as well as large companies due to its efficiency and affordable pricing. If you want to reach out to large numbers of people at a reasonable price, then opting for bulk SMS marketing is the smartest way. So, use SMS marketing and enjoy the benefits like so many other companies.

Internet SMS – A new and innovative mode of communication

The short messaging service or SMS came to the fore with the advent of mobile phones. It is a value added service that allows mobile phone users to send short text messages to other users. It is one such mode of communication that is cheap, reliable and fast. SMS became immensely popular very quickly and an increasing number of people now prefer using SMS to communicate with others. However, sending SMS from a mobile phone is not that convenient and not that cheap.

Internet SMS is another service that is becoming extensively popular these days. It is a service that enables people to send short text messages using a computer and an internet connection. Using the internet SMS service, you can send out short text messages to any mobile phone user across the world. It is worth noting that online text messaging has a limit of 160 characters per message.

With increasing mobile phone users and the growing popularity of SMS, many advertisers are now employing internet SMS. Using internet SMS companies can easily communicate with their clients and employees to inform them about the latest offers and promotions. Internet SMS also enable companies to send a single SMS to many recipients at once that can thus save a lot of time and money.

E-mail to SMS is another popular method that can prove to be highly beneficial for companies. With e-mail to SMS, companies can easily stay in touch with their employees and inform them about the various developments taking place in the workplace. So, if you are a company looking to stay connected to your clients and employees, the internet SMS and e-mail to SMS services are the ideal solution for you.

Are you familiar with internet SMS?

These days, mobile phones are used by many people. Mobile phones have now become one of the best means to be in contact with family, friends and office staff. The SMS or short messaging service is a value added service that comes as a feature on all mobile phones. Using SMS, one can send text messages to other mobile phone users and hence you can stay in touch without having to have a verbal conversation.

Although SMS is an excellent way to communicate with the recipient without disturbing others, not many people are comfortable sending SMS from their mobile phones using the tiny keypad. Messaging from mobile phones can sometimes be a tedious job and also expensive. However, with the help of a computer and internet connection, people can now send text messages over the internet. This service is popularly known as Internet SMS and is widely used by most advertisers and big businesses.

Typing a text message using the QWERTY keyboard is much easier than the mini keypad of a mobile phone. So, in order to send internet SMS, all you need to do is have a computer along with an internet connection. One of the major advantages of this service is that it does not require the installation of any third party application as you can easily send text messages using the internet browser.

Internet SMS is convenient, reliable and highly secure which not only allows you to send text messages but also provides you with the delivery reports. With internet SMS you can also send a single message to a number of different recipients which adds another advantage. So, if you are a company who wants to stay connected with your customers and employees, internet SMS is the best option.

The SMS service: A revolution in the world of marketing

Short messaging service technology was introduced in the year 2000. Ever since then this invention has created a stir in the mobile market and among mobile users. Communication became easier and life became faster. Big business companies today are opting for this remarkable service for brand marketing and hence also business recognition. The SMS service is an effective way of communication to promote marketing strategies, enabling quick messaging with the help of computers.

Everyone uses a mobile phone today. This makes it very easy to reach out to customers through the SMS service. Unlike emails, the SMS service is spam free services enabling you to have personalised marketing.

It is a simple service. You just need to type your message about any latest developments, product and services, new brands etc, and set the phone numbers you want to deliver it to. Once done, with a click on the mouse, the message will be sent. Even if the customer’s phone is switched off, it does not get erased as it will get stored on the SMSC service and beep when the phone is switched on. Customer attention is therefore guaranteed.

SMS marketing is better than phone calls too, as a salesman will not need to make the customers understand each and every point of the sales pitch. Sometimes customers may not be interested, and in such cases sending an SMS is a perfect solution as it will not disturb them.

Hence, these amazing services are captivating to business organisations, booming the world of marketing.

Email to SMS – An effective tool to market your product online

Online marketing allows you to market your product in the online world. Similar to offline marketing, online marketing makes the online people aware of your product. With the web world now being so popular, online marketing is a good way to communicate your product details to a lot of online users. Here is how you can go about marketing your product online:

1) It is important to first know the kind of target audience you are aiming at for your product. Knowing their likes and dislikes, you have to understand your visitors. The kind of sites visited, the content they like to read, etc. make you aware of your visitor’s mindset.

2) Once you get to know your market space, you should start with your plan. Promoting your product with exciting deals and discounts can attract lot of new visitors.

3) Make your product name amongst the top few in the online market as well as the offline markets as well.

4) Email to SMS: This is simply like sending e-mails, but as text messages to mobile phone numbers instead. Once the email is delivered as a text message to the mobile number, you can get a delivery report on the email you sent the text e-mail from.

You can send bulk SMS to a large number of people through this medium. A number of different mobile servers or carriers send promotional SMS to market their products and services.

The content in such an SMS should be short and, at the same time, effective for the receiver to get attracted and send in a reply to it as well

Internet SMS is an excellent tool for marketing

Almost everyone has a mobile phone these days. One of the most important benefits of a mobile phone is its ability to send and receive short messages more commonly known as SMS. SMS are short and a very effective method for the communication of important information. One service that has revolutionised SMS is the internet SMS. Internet SMS is a useful service which allows people to send messages to mobile phones over the internet. The usability of internet SMS has also turned it into an important tool for marketing products and services.

Currently, it is quite important for companies to reach out to prospective customers in a manner which is brief and informative. People are increasingly getting busier with very little time to look at advertisements on televisions and billboard. At such times, it becomes important to reach out to them in ways which are both innovative and at the same time provides them adequate information about a product or service.

Internet SMS enables businesses and companies to accomplish their needs using a cheap and effective tool for marketing purposes as a large amount of messages can be sent in one go. It is a known fact that more people read messages when compared to any other form of digital information provided to them.

Internet can help you send free SMS

Mobile phones are one of the greatest inventions of all time. Most of us can’t get through the day without using one, Apart from other features, the messaging service is very useful. Through messaging you can communicate to anyone in the world at a really fast rate. It hardly takes a few seconds for the message to deliver.

Although messaging from your mobile is very convenient, it can be a bit expensive. Now, with the latest advancements in the internet technology, one can use the internet to send free SMS. With the help of internet you can now send messages anywhere in the world for free.

Recently, internet SMS has become very popular. This service is available for every one of us. It is very suitable and the most important thing is that you do not have to pay anything to the service providers. You only need a computer with an internet connection to send these SMSs to your friends and family members.

The benefit of using this internet text messaging services is that it costs you nothing and helps you to send messages in bulk. If you want to invite your friends along to any special occasion or event, then this service is ideal for you.

Lastly, typing the message on the keyboard is much easier than on the mobile phone. Moreover, it helps you in many other ways and you can always be in contact with your friends and relatives. This service will make it very easy for you to communicate to anyone you want.

Speed up your business network and see your sales shoot up

SMS to us always meant messaging through mobile phones. It is less time consuming and an easier way to stay in touch with people. With the telecom sector booming today, the use of mobile phones is widespread. Bulk SMS has evolved out of this growth. It is the latest mantra of big businesses to reach their customers with just a click. However, bulk messaging service is done via the computer and not mobile phones. Banking, insurance, shopping centres, retailers etc are using this service effectively.

Internet SMS offers great advantages and benefits to entrepreneurs:
• Bulk SMS enables the company to inform its clients and customers at a larger scale about the product and services, the latest developments, promotions and offers.

• It helps in updating the employees and trainees.

• Bulk SMS enables the company to reach a huge number of people without any network problems. It is sent via the computer without any special hardware or software.

• Greetings during festivals and occasions can be sent to clients and customers thus, building your brand.

Bulk SMS service is easy to use and faster to connect; it also helps in increasing efficiency by updating regularly. It is the most reliable mode of communication connected through the internet. And faster internet enables quick SMS delivery. Taking the subscription from a reputable bulk SMS provider will ensure that you receive the best service.

With its striking benefits and advantages, bulk SMS is the new age of marketing your products. So what are you waiting for? Apply for it right away and see the sales shoot up.

Bulk SMS: the modern age of business

The business world is running fast these days. New brands, companies, services, mergers are happening everyday at a breathtaking pace. Marketing and advertising are the major tools to gain recognition and importance. Are you planning to launch a brand or modify your marketing strategies? Bulk SMS services could be of great help during this time. Bulk SMS is also known as internet SMS. It is a fast and secure way of reaching your customers via SMS from the computer.

Advertisements in TV, radio or newspapers can go unnoticed, but bulk SMS guarantees customer attention. It helps to inform the customers about the latest innovations and inventions in the company. It also helps them to build customer relations and enhance brand loyalty. SMSs regarding new developments, bill reminders, new products, facilities etc can be sent through internet SMS.

Also, the company can send messages to potential customers as well as existing customers through its SMS networking service. This helps in brand building as the company will have a diverse range of customers.

Bulk SMS is immensely popular in carrying out successful business work, enabling the company to have personal contacts with the customers. The company can build good customer as well as client relations. They can reach to a large number of people and save time and energy with internet SMS.

Buy the bulk SMS subscription service from a well known bulk SMS provider and run your business efficiently and effectively. No need to install a hardware or software.

Bulk SMS is the hottest new invention of today enabling fast and reliable messaging and enhancing consumer satisfaction, brand recognition and success.

Online text messaging is a very convenient and cost effective service

With the advancements in technology, we have seen a great number of mobile phones introduced onto the market. Most of them have pretty complex features. However, for those people who have to send a lot of text messages, writing them on the phone can become a very difficult task and so you can use the function of online messaging that was introduced in the 1990s.

We all use the computer so often that we have become more comfortable typing on a keyboard than using the mobile keypad where the spacing between each key increases the difficulty level when inputting a message.

Online text messaging has become very popular as it is extremely cost effective and quick, as it allows you to store your contacts and send messages to a group of people all at the same time.

The facility of online text messaging is used in the following situations:

• When you have to send a long message, as typing on the keyboard is easier
• When you have to send messages to a group of persons, as the facility of online text messaging allows you to do so at one time
• When the battery of your phone is dead. Often, when you have important work or messages to send your mobile battery goes dead; you can send the required text messages from your computer, with the help of the internet quite easily.

With technology developing at such a fast pace, you can not only send text messages but also graphic messages through the computer.


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