Use Bulk SMS to reach everyone in your contact list

The Short Messaging Service or SMS is one of the best ways of communication today. It is also one the most popular ways of communication. SMS is especially popular among children. Some children can now type messages faster than the time they take to speak.

The rising popularity of SMS
SMS has become so popular that a new language has evolved as a result. People have come up with various abbreviations and short terms that a person who is new to this mode of communication will wonder what the message actually means. Nowadays, every single person has a mobile phone and this is one of the reasons why it has become so popular. Due to the advent of bulk SMS and internet SMS people are now able to contact a list of people at one go. They can also do this in a very inexpensive way. In fact some companies are using this mode of communication to contact or send messages to their employees.

How does bulk SMS work?

By using bulk SMS, companies can reach all their employees in a very cost effective manner. In order for you to utilise this mode of communication you have to first register yourself with one of these service providers. You also have to add the numbers of those who you want to message. In this way you can reach your whole contact list easily, quickly and efficiently.

Internet SMS helps to increase the sales of a product

SMS is one of the most popular ways of communicating in today’s world. In fact you may have seen teenagers messaging continuously. A whole new language has appeared as a result of the popularity of SMS. It enables you to send short messages to other people and is therefore a unique and a personal way of communicating to those close to you.

The use of internet SMS for marketing purposes

Because of internet SMS and online text messaging you can now message your whole contact list, all at once. This saves a lot of time and energy that would otherwise have gone on messaging each person individually. This mode of communication has not gone unnoticed and has now caught the attention of marketers and advertisers. They use this mode of communication to directly target consumers. By using internet SMS they can reach each consumer individually. This is a very effective way of getting your message across to the mass audience.

Internet SMS helps to increase sales
The marketer’s message will definitely be read by the text recipient and this can than lead to a sale. In this way internet SMS can turn curious people into buying customers. Thus, internet SMS can be used as tool to increase the sales of a product.

Promote your brand with SMS marketing

The population of mobile phone users has considerably increased over a period of time. It is not in doubt that many people now own a mobile phone. In the past, companies of all sizes used to promote their products and services using different marketing techniques such as radio ads, television ads and newspapers etc. However, these marketing methods can prove to be quite expensive to a company, so it is essential to use appropriate and cost effective methods.

SMS marketing is the latest concept that is cheap and also helps companies to reach a wider audience. This is because SMS marketing strategies offer greater solutions compared to other marketing techniques. A mobile phone is regarded as one of the most personal forms of communication and, with SMS marketing; marketers can easily convey their message to their target audience.

In order to get the optimum benefits from mobile marketing or SMS marketing, marketers should always follow a long-term strategy. Communicating with the target audience at the right time is also very important. Using SMS, companies can easily send out text messages to their customers informing them about their latest schemes and promotions.

Internet SMS and bulk messaging services allow marketers to send messages using the internet. Bulk messaging and internet SMS enables marketers to send a single SMS to several recipients at one time, which is one of the major benefits. Thus, if you want to promote your brand in the most effective way, SMS marketing proves to be one of the best options.

Bulk SMS – communicate with your customers effectively

SMS or short messaging service has become extremely popular among mobile phone users. It allows mobile phone users to communicate with any mobile phone user across the world by the exchange of short text messages. SMS also allows mobile phone users to express themselves without calling the recipient. Today, as technology is developing at a much faster rate, communicating with your loved ones has just got simpler.

Some years ago, sending text messages was limited to mobile phones, but with the advent of the internet, it is now possible to send text messages over the web. This service is popularly known as internet SMS and enables people to send instant text messages to any mobile phone user across the globe.

Internet SMS has many advantages over mobile phone messaging. When sending an SMS using a mobile phone, typing the message on a mini keypad consumes a lot of time. However, with internet SMS one can type the desired message using the QWERTY keyboard without any hassle. Sending internet SMS is quite simple. All you need to do is login to the client website, type in your message followed by recipient’s mobile number and click to send.

Internet SMS also features bulk messaging which is extremely beneficial for marketers. This feature allows companies to send a single text message to many recipients at the same time. Thus, marketing companies can easily reach a wider audience base when promoting their products and services.

What advantages can Internet SMS offer to your business?

Sending SMS via the internet is fast becoming a preferred method employed by companies to tackle the problem of sending more than one message or sending the same message across to a number of people. What are the advantages of Internet SMS for a business?

• Firstly, Internet SMS requires minimal training. It blends seamlessly with your existing business communication system. You and your associates will be able to utilise this service by merely creating a different suffix to an Email address so that you are able to send Internet SMS instead of a normal Email
• Internet SMS is also a fairly inexpensive service and you will be able to save a lot of money for your company on an annual basis on the communication expenditure
• Typing SMS on a mobile phone can be taxing and quite time consuming. While you are sending Internet SMS, with the help of a computer keyboard, you will be able to accomplish this task fairly easily and with minimum problems
• Internet SMS can easily be used to send out Bulk messages. Sending the same by using Mobile phones can be time consuming as well as costly when compared to using Internet SMS service
• With the help of Internet SMS, you can also send anonymous SMS’s. This means that you will be able to send SMS’s without having to reveal your identity to the receiver

With so many advantages, it is important that you utilise this convenient but inexpensive method for your communication and promotional requirements.

Bulk SMS to reach out to the target audience

With a large number of people using mobile phones, SMS or short messaging service has become a popular mode of communication. With SMS, communicating with people using short text messages becomes very simple. Compared to other modes of communication, SMS is quick and easy.

However sending a large number of SMSs all at once from a mobile phone can consumes a considerable amount of time as typing a message is a bit difficult. Thus, online text messaging service proves to be the best option. With online text messaging, you can send text messages to any mobile phone user across the world. Another important advantage of online text messaging service is that you can send a single text message to many recipients all at once.

Bulk messaging service is especially beneficial for companies, as they can send greetings to their employees, suppliers and customers about special events and promotions. This can also help to develop a great bond between the company and customers. Field employees such as technicians or sales people can also be informed about work related updates from time to time.

Marketing can also be done easily using a bulk messaging service in order to reach the customer base. Unlike e-mails, online text messaging service is not treated as junk or spam mail.

Online text messaging and its benefits

Via the internet and e-mails is one of the fastest ways of getting in touch with someone these days. Online text messaging is the newest concept that ensures faster delivery of messages. With the majority of people using mobile phones today, SMS or short messaging service is a sure fire way of getting in contact with someone. Using the online text messaging service, text messages can be sent from an email address to any mobile phone around the globe.

Sending text messages with just a click of button is efficient and remarkable. Irrespective of whether the user’s mobile phone is switched on or off, the message will be delivered as soon as the user comes into the network coverage area. Most of the mobile phones have a mini-keypad, whereas a computer has a QWERTY keypad. Thus, typing a message on the tiny keypad of a mobile phone is avoided.

In order to send an online text message, all you need to have is a valid email address, computer, internet connection and the mobile phone number of the recipient. With online text messaging service you can send messages to either a single person or many people at once. Bulk messaging feature is extremely helpful for businesses and advertisers as it proves to be the best means for communication.

Using the online text messaging and bulk messaging feature, companies can easily reach out to a wider audience base and promote all the existing offers and promotions. It is also a cost effective mode of communication, so if you want to make an impact on your target audience, online text messaging is the best option.

Online text messaging is an excellent tool for the marketing requirements of businesses

SMS is the abbreviated form for Short Message Service. SMS enables short messages to be sent to a user’s mobile phone. These SMSs can be sent from a mobile phone as well as the Internet. Bulk messaging allows a person or a business to send messages to a number of people in a convenient and inexpensive manner. Using online text messaging to promote the products and services offered by a company has become a new and innovative way for the promotional and marketing requirements of a business. Listed below are some advantages that online text messaging can offer your company.

• Communication via online text messaging is a lot more personal. Hence, there is a much better chance of getting your message across to an end user as compared to any other forms of advertising

• Mobile phones are carried by people at all times. This means that you can utilise online text messaging service to send sensitive information in a short space of time

• It has been noticed that users usually read the contents of an SMS a lot more carefully than they do with an e-mail

• Online text messaging also enables you to effectively track the progress of your message. Moreover, it also allows the receiver to respond to your information quickly

• Lastly, online text messages get delivered almost instantaneously. Hence, you will not be looking at any buffer time between your dispatch and the delivery of your promotional text.

Internet SMS – Fast, economical and effective

There are several methods of marketing and advertising that are used currently by various companies. With every technological innovation, the methods of advertising have evolved. When the internet was made available, companies tried to reach out to the customers through emails. But this is the age of mobile phones and palm tops. SMS is the smartest and most effective way to interact with people directly.

Unlike email, SMS cannot be marked and filtered as spam. It is delivered directly to the recipient in almost real time and is usually read by him or her at once. Thus, when a company sends an SMS to people the message is conveyed directly to the masses offering greater effectiveness.

Writing and sending an SMS to thousands of people is a time consuming and expensive proposition. Internet SMS is the easy solution to this problem. The companies that provide internet SMS service can be contacted online. Once the internet SMS service is booked, it becomes very easy to deliver an SMS to millions of people without any delay.

The internet SMS message requires to be written just once. It is then sent to the service provider who is already equipped with the phone numbers where the SMS is to be delivered. In a few minutes time, the internet SMS is thus sent to innumerable people.

Since internet SMS is sent via the internet it is cost effective and can not only be used by large companies, but also by small and upcoming business concerns.

Online text messaging can help your business perform to its maximum potential

Marketers the world over are looking for innovative ways by which they can promote their business and gain visibility from larger audiences. Not only this, they are also looking for newer ways to increase and expand their current customer database and channels of selling their products and services to people.

Online text messaging has become something of a fascination for marketers the world over, as they get absorbed in this new method of promoting their company’s brand and gain responses from their target audiences as well.

Methods used in online text messaging

While online text messaging draws a lot of responses when initiated, there is no doubt that companies compete in order to make their promotional offers look more interesting and more reader friendly. In fact there are methods used by companies that attempt to make absolutely sure that the response rate is a hundred percent, and people do respond to their promotional attempts.

One such method is contests. Companies make use of online text messaging in order to promote their products or services through contests. Companies announce a big give away or a big prize, and by doing this, they collect a number of email addresses and other particulars of newer potential customers.

Another method could be the method of using special discounts. Promoters using the special discounts method contact a person on their mobile phone offering him or her a special discount amount on their next purchase online or even in store. This is done using a special discount code which has to be text messaged by the customer.

Promotion by online text messaging is a great way to get feedback for your product or service and at the same time it can also give you a lot of information about the latent and immediate needs of your target audience.


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