The opportunities provided to marketers by online text messaging

The short message service or SMS to many people is one of the best ways to reach people with short to the point types of information. It has become a very personal form of communication in which many people use messages to contact people close to them. In fact a new language has come about as a result of SMS. This language uses various new terms and shortened word forms to communicate to people.

A new language of communication
This language of communication is especially being used by teenagers but is also used by people of all ages. Mobile phones have become so much a part of our lives that we cannot go anywhere without them. Children as young as 6 or 7 now own their own mobile phones. Most of our lives now revolve around mobile phones because of the convenience they have bought into our lives. We can contact anyone we know at the push of a button. Marketers have observed this with a keen eye and have taken advantage of this opportunity presented to them. They have found a new exciting way to have an impact on the mass audience.

SMS – A Marketer’s Tool
Marketers have used this opportunity, as there are many companies online that are offering services such as online text messaging services. Using these they can send a bulk set of SMS to hundreds and thousands of people at one time. This is known as bulk SMS and is an inexpensive way of reaching the mass audience.

Ways of online text messaging

Online text messages can be sent and received on your personal computer, via email or on your mobile telephone. Thousands of customers make use of this fast and reliable service to suit their convenience.

The service provides features at no extra cost in receiving and sending texts, long messages, international messaging at same rates, pre-paid accounts, online account management, flexible sender ID and customer service.

E-mail to text: Internet SMS can be sent and received from any email application, be it outlook, Gmail or Thunderbird. As no particular formatting and passwords are needed, this form of messaging is easy to use. The service has features like delivery reports received directly to your inbox and an integrated address book.

Web to text: A standard web browser is used to send and receive text messages. It provides the facility messaging groups. Besides, it configures an online address book.

Direct response: This can be done in two ways – dedicated or shared numbers. In case of dedicated numbers, all text is forwarded while a shared number would require a key word. This offers you scope for international format numbers that work worldwide, no additional message charges, text can be received via e-mail.

Developer’s API: Through this operation, texts can be sent as an HTTP Post or any e-mail. The features include single flat rates for hundreds of networks worldwide; a single API can send messages to a large group world wide.

Bulk text messaging: This enables one to send messages in bulk while customising each message.

Some tips to help you make your bulk SMS usage more efficient

Bulk SMS is an excellent tool for the communication and promotional requirements of a business, particularly when you use internet SMS services to send them out. It is quite cost effective and you will be able to communicate with a number of users in a very convenient manner. It is however, also important to make sure that you use bulk SMS in an informed manner to ensure that you are able to reap the best of its benefits. Mentioned below are some vital points that will help you utilise bulk SMS to its full potential.

• It is important that your bulk SMS is constructed in an excellent manner to make sure that all your receivers are able to quickly and successfully decipher it
• Targeting the right group of people is also quite important. Making a list of all the people who could potentially benefit from the information you are sending them, will ensure that you use bulk SMS effectively
• Nobody likes to read an email size message on their mobile phone. Hence, it would make a lot of sense for you to make your message as brief as possible
• Bulk SMS should also be used at the right time. For example, sending out a message to all your potential clients right when the product is launched in the market will enable them to react positively to your offerings

By keeping these important points in mind, you will be able to use bulk SMS effectively and to your benefit.

Internet SMS is a new and highly effective tool for communication purposes

Internet SMS is rapidly developing into an excellent tool for the communication requirements of a business or an individual. There are a number of reasons for this increase in popularity. Firstly, it is very easy to use internet SMS.

You do not need to acquire any special skills or go through extensive training to utilise the benefits offered by internet SMS. Anyone with a working computer and an internet connection can make use of internet SMS for communication and promotional requirements. There are a number of benefits of choosing internet SMS over other mediums of communication.

Firstly, internet SMS is quick. You will be able to reach out to a wide audience in a personalised way and make an impact on the recipient of the message. Since an SMS is a short message delivered to the cell phone, it is also quite non intrusive in comparison to phone calls. Internet SMS also works out to be quite cheaper than sending an SMS through your cell phone. If you need to send out a lot of messages, it can be quite inconvenient for you to type them out using the keypad on your mobile phone. An internet SMS is typed out using your computer keyboard and hence, is a lot faster.

With so many benefits, it is important that you get in touch with a reputable internet SMS service provider and get yourself this inexpensive yet effective tool for your communication requirements.

Bulk SMS a marketer’s favorite tool

You may have noticed that the number of advertisements you receive on your cell phone has increased. This is because marketers have started to use internet and bulk SMS as a way to promote products and services. SMS or Short Message Service is a very personal way to communicate, and thus by using this medium, advertisers and marketing agents are targeting people at a personal level.

No matter whether you are a new cell phone user or an old one, you get very excited when you receive a SMS. By using bulk SMS they can reach every individual in a small amount of time. Mostly everyone owns and uses a cell phone nowadays and to some they are an extension of their body. The marketers use this to their advantage by getting their message to every single person they message. Through the use of internet SMS and Bulk SMS they are able to reach a lot of people very quickly. They buy the leads from network providers and SMS the same message to countless users. There are many online text messaging providers that team up with cell phone service providers to provide this service to people.

The 21st century way of marketing has become very popular amongst advertisers and marketers the world over. This is not only easy but it is a very effective in getting responses as well as it being a cheap form of marketing.

Internet SMS – the best and cost effective mode of communication

Internet SMS is one of the best and the most effective means that can help your company to spread your message among its target audience. The effectiveness and cheap cost of internet SMS has made it highly popular among most businesses. These days, almost all small and large companies make use of the internet SMS service.

Sending an internet SMS is very easy as it involves a few simple steps. Initially you are required to login to the client website, enter the contact numbers of the recipients, type your message in the dedicated box and just click on send. It is so simple. Also, internet SMS enables companies to send a single message to many subscribers at once which is one of the biggest advantages.

Bulk SMS and internet SMS is used for a number of reasons. Commercial companies usually use the bulk messaging service to notify the company customers about new products and services. Companies can also warn their employees about any emergency situation. With internet SMS, you will also be able to get the delivery reports of the sent messages which is another great advantage of this service.

For any company, advertising and marketing their products and services among the masses is very important. Today, as the majority of people use mobile phones, it is the most ideal way to communicate and internet SMS allows you to reach a large audience.

Bulk SMS – send a single SMS to several recipients at once

A mobile phone is something that is widely used by many people across the world. It is a device that helps people to communicate with others irrespective of their location. For any small or large company, advertising their products and services in an appropriate manner is very vital. If a company advertises and markets its products well, it can ensure good sales. Thus, it makes sense in advertising the products using the most cost effective means.

Internet SMS or bulk SMS is undoubtedly one of the best means that can help companies to popularise their products among the masses. Television, radio and newspapers are some of the commonly used advertising means. However, these advertising techniques can be expensive and so internet SMS and bulk SMS proves a cost effective alternative.

Today, many companies use internet SMS to help their business. Using internet SMS, companies can easily keep their employees and customers informed about all the latest promotions and offers. One of the biggest advantages of bulk SMS is that it allows companies to send a single SMS to several recipients at once. Moreover, it also provides the delivery reports.

Almost 90% of the mobile phone users read messages that they receive and thus with attractive offers and promotions, companies can ensure to draw in more customers. Bulk SMS is cheap and highly effective. So, if you are looking for the best advertising technique, internet SMS or bulk SMS can be an ideal solution.

Online text messaging is a success tool for your business

Using the online text messaging service, sending and receiving text messages becomes much easier. This can be easily done with a standard web browser and there is no need to install any other software. Using an online text messaging service, you can send text messages to either a single recipient or to many recipients simultaneously. Moreover, you can even store all your contacts in the online address book. You can even get the delivery reports for your sent messages.

The online text messaging service can prove to be extremely helpful for businesses. Advertisement is the best means for promoting any type of products and services. However, when you advertise your products, you need to make sure that they provide effective results and reach a wide audience. If you use an online text messaging service to market your products and services, it can help to add value to your business.

Bulk messaging and internet SMS are great marketing ideas that can help to boost your business as well as generate sales. It is also one of the most cost effective means for advertising your products and services. These days, mobile phones have become a common mode of communication and so it is best to communicate with the audience using an effective tool. SMS marketing can actually help to increase the productivity and overall efficiency of your business. So, if you wish to make the most from your marketing promotion, it is best to go for an online text messaging service to reach your target audience.

The online address book facilitates easy reference and what’s more, online text messaging is ideal for sending bulk messages. You also have the option of using your own mobile number so replies can be delivered straight to your inbox. It is a paid for service but it is a worthwhile investment.

Online text messaging is advantageous to business entrepreneurs and organisations and is becoming rapidly popular. It is an innovative way of marketing because it serves the purpose of educating, informing and communicating.

A few advantages of using internet SMS

Internet SMS is a rather new phenomenon but its effectiveness has made it very popular in a short space of time. Discussed below are some of the major benefits of using internet SMS which also justify its increasing use.

Internet SMS allows direct interaction
Internet SMS is delivered to the desired persons mobile. Studies show that more than 90% of people who have a mobile phone read an SMS the moment it has been delivered. Thus, unlike any other media, internet SMS allows instant and direct interaction between the sender and the receiver of the internet SMS without causing any disturbance.

Sending Internet SMS is easy and fast

Internet SMS is highly used by commercial organisations for delivering a message to a large number of people at once. Sending internet SMS is very easy and takes little time as the message is required to be written just once.

After the message is written it is sent to the company providing the service of delivering the internet SMS along with the numbers where the message is to be delivered. The rest is taken care of by the service provider. It takes only a few minutes time to write and send internet SMS to a large number of people.

Internet SMS is cost effective and can be used for multiple purposes

Since internet SMS is sent using the web it is much cheaper than sending a mobile SMS. Internet SMS is thus used for promotional and marketing purposes by commercial institutions and also for staying in touch with the staff.

Key uses of the bulk SMS service

Bulk SMS services are being used extensively, not only by commercial organisations but also by government agencies. The best advantage of using bulk SMS is that it is delivered at once to a large number of recipients. Discussed below are some of the popular uses of the bulk SMS service.

Bulk SMS for maintaining customer relations
Many commercial companies stay in direct touch with their customers in an economical way by using bulk SMS services. This is easier and less expensive than any other way of communication. Companies use bulk SMS services for greeting their customers and maintaining good relations.

Bulk SMS for promotional purposes
When a bulk SMS is sent out, the message is delivered to a large number of people at once. The maximum people read a delivered text message instantly as these are short and to the point. Thus, companies use bulk SMS services to promote new products or for declaring the launch of a new store or product by telling people directly via a text message.

Bulk SMS for staying in touch with company staff

Bulk SMS services are used by companies to keep in contact with their staff. Sending bulk SMS is in fact the cheapest and most effective way of conveying important information to the ground-level employees.

So, decide how you can use the bulk SMS to your benefit.


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