Group SMS

Send Text Messages From a Spreadsheet

Group SMS allows you to send text messages to a group of people based on data held within a spreadsheet. By defining one or more data columns within the spreadsheet, the text messages that are sent can be customised with a personal touch for each individual recipient.

If you wish to send the same message to a large group of people, then our PC to SMS service is quicker to use as it doesn't require you to create a spreadsheet.

Full instructions for Group SMS may be found in our Group SMS user guide.

Why Group SMS?

Our Group SMS service allows you to send an SMS message to a large number of people, and have each person's text message tailored so that it is specific to them. In addition, it can be used in conjunction with our personalised replies service, which means that replies to received messages are delivered directly to the original sender and not to a central mailbox or holding number. This facility allows you to add a personal touch to your promotional campaigns and is not offered by our competitors.

Key Features

How It Works

To benefit from our Group SMS service all you need to do is set up an account with us. Once you have done that then follow the simple steps below:

Our software creates the text messages, and presents them to your for confirmation that they are correct before they are sent. You can see at a glance when your messages were delivered and whether you have received any replies using our account management software.

Our group SMS service allows you to send messages to an unlimited number of recipients in more than 200 countries worldwide. It supports prepaid users, very popular with SME's and start-up companies, or monthly invoiced accounts for larger organisations wanting to run high volume mobile marketing campaigns. There are no hidden costs or setup charges and you are only charged for the messages you send.

Potential Uses

Group SMS is a cost effective way to send simple messages to large numbers of people quickly and easily.

Accounts departments for example, can use our group SMS facility to remind customers about outstanding invoices. Messages are created in Excel and can be customised to include a contact name, the exact amount owing and the due date. Group SMS will help you reduce the number of accounts in arrears.

Group SMS can also be used by retail organisations to advise customers of their deliveries. Again messages are created in Excel and can be customised to include a contact name, a delivery date and approximate delivery time.

Our Group SMS service can be used for national and international campaigns. Our SMS gateway is connected to all UK networks and more than 700 networks worldwide, and our SMS software supports most languages and character sets.

Development API

Our Group SMS service can be easily integrated with your back office CRM systems via our Developer's SMS API. This API can also be customised to meet specific requirements.

Getting Started...

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