Service Level Agreement


Our systems are monitored 24x7x365, both internally and from the point of view of our customers. In the unlikely event of a problem, we are sure to notice very quickly and start corrective actions as soon as possible.


This is the proportion of time that the platform is available (excluding planned maintenance periods).


This is the time between the point at which a message submission is received by, and to the time that it is submitted to the mobile networks.

This table shows the response times that we support for different classifications of service incidents:

Response Time
Fix Time
1 hour
4 hours
Major service failure, either software or hardware, affecting multiple customers.
1 hour
8 hours
System failure, either software or hardware, that does not prevent messages being sent or received, or only a single customer affected.
4 business hours
Next business day
Non service affecting issue.
1 business day
As required
Training, support or billing issue; non service affecting.

Customer Service

We offer first class, personalised, customer care across all our products.