Bulk Text Messaging

Bulk SMS: Wholesale Service for High-Volume Users

If you frequently send more than about 50 SMS messages at a time, it is more economical and reliable to send your messages in bulk using an SMS gateway provider such as toText.net.

Our bulk SMS services allows you to send a large number of SMS messages to individuals or pre-defined groups either online from a web browser, by email, or via our Developer's API. Bulk SMS is the easiest and most cost effective way to simultaneously send single or multiple messages to large groups of people.

Why Bulk SMS

Using our bulk SMS service you can send single or multiple messages such as those described above. Our SMS gateway is connected directly to all the UK mobile networks and to more than 760 networks worldwide, so your messages are delivered immediately.

Your personalised replies are delivered to your secure online toText.net account, and can be forwarded to your email Inbox, where they can be viewed and dealt with accordingly.

Which Bulk SMS Service?

If you wish to send the same message to lots of people at one time, then the following services are most suitable:

If you wish to send a message that is customised to each individual person, then our Group SMS service is most suitable. Group SMS allows you to send text messages to a group of people based on data held within a spreadsheet. By defining one or more data columns, the text messages that are sent can be customised for each individual recipient.