Business SMS

Send and Receive Texts From Your PC

Text messaging is the fastest growing communications medium in the world. With more than 4.1 billion mobile phones in circulation globally and more than 50 million in the UK alone, it is little wonder that SMS is being increasingly used for direct marketing campaigns as the potential business reach is enormous.

Unlike PC’s, mobile phones are very personal to the individual. Business SMS allows you to carry out targeted campaigns that yield successful results because, unlike email or voicemail, the majority of people do read their texts. So long as you understand your customers’ needs and you’ve got your marketing messages right, business SMS is an invaluable business tool. It is easy to set up and monitor. It is cost effective and it allows you to interact and receive feedback from your customers.

Business SMS can be used for many different marketing campaigns such as: debt collection, fund raising, notifications and reminders, time sensitive information, complaints and server monitoring, to name but a few.

Easy to Use

Our business SMS service is easy to use so you can be in contact with your customers and/or colleagues within minutes of setting up your account. The service is hosted by us, so there is no need to download any software, and you can send messages either by email, from our secure web interface, or via our Developer's SMS API.. There are also no set up or maintenance costs. You only pay for the SMS messages sent, which is a flat rate to any network worldwide. We offer prepaid accounts for SME’s or individuals or monthly invoiced accounts for larger organisations wanting to send SMS messages in bulk.

Cost Effective

Individual or bulk SMS campaigns are more cost effective than other e-marketing campaigns and they provide higher response rates. SMS is also the most efficient way of running time-sensitive campaigns - a sales promotion over a limited period, for example - because we usually have our mobile with us.

SMS also provides your customers with an easy response mechanism, which in turn helps you to monitor the success of different campaigns and analyse their results.

Development API

Our SMS gateway can be easily integrated into your overall IT infrastructure or corporate website via a Developer's SMS API so your employees can send and receive online text messages. Click here for additional information. This API can also be customised to meet specific requirements.