Text Online

Send and Receive Texts From Your PC

The ability to send and receive text messages online is a powerful marketing tool that enables you to keep in contact with customers and/or colleagues quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. Our online texting service allows individuals and businesses to send single or multiple messages directly from a web browser, by email or through integrated back office applications or servers, depending on their requirements. Our SMS delivery gateway is fast, reliable and secure and is hosted on robust servers that are maintained 24x7.

No Software To Download

There is no need to download or install any software, you can start sending and receiving messages simply by creating an online account on our system. There are no setup costs or monthly fees. You only pay for the messages sent, which is a flat rate to any network worldwide. Our online text service supports prepaid users, very popular with SME's and start-up companies, or monthly invoiced accounts for larger organisations wanting to run bulk SMS marketing campaigns.

Simple To Use

Sending and receiving text messages via a PC is much quicker and easier than by phone, particularly if you send multiple messages to large groups on a regular basis. Distribution lists and messages created in Excel, or other spreadsheet formats, can be easily imported onto the system. Our bespoke software converts all information into appropriate SMS formats. Delivery confirmation (including date and time) and customers’ replies can be forwarded to your online account, your email address or mobile phone, depending on your requirements.

Personalised Messages

We also offer a personalised replies service at no extra charge, which means that even in a multi-user environment, the right people get the right replies.

Bespoke Solutions

Our text online software can also be customised to meet many different business needs so if our standard service is not what you are looking for then please get in touch. We will work with you to provide a service that meets your exact requirements.

Development API

Our SMS gateway can be easily integrated into your overall IT infrastructure or corporate website via a Developer's SMS API so your employees can send and receive online text messages. Click here for additional information. This API can also be customised to meet specific requirements.

Getting Started...

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