Our extensive experience means we can help you evaluate your requirements in order to work out how our SMS gateway can be comprehensively adapted to meet your business needs. We offer free consultancy to help you to integrate your systems into our text messaging gateway. Our online SMS systems can be customised, if necessary, so that your requirements are fully addressed.


We operate a full development, integration, test and validation service so you can be confident the email to SMS system is operating effectively before it goes live. We offer free trials as standard so you can assess the performance and quality of our online text messaging gateway.

Customer Service

Our customer support and SLA is one of the main areas we feel sets us apart from our competition. We understand how important it is for you to ensure you are able to get answers to your questions quickly and effectively, and we aim to respond speedily to any requests for help or information regarding our email and PC to SMS services. Telephone support is available from 08:00 to 17:30 Monday to Friday, and email support at all other times. We are available on 01223 421277, or


We're constantly developing and enhancing our online SMS products so that we stay ahead in a competitive industry. If there is a feature that you think we should offer that we don't have, we'd like to talk to you with a view to including it in our online text messaging portfolio, at no charge.

One of the reasons that toText has become one of the leading players in email to SMS technology is our ability to adapt our services to meet specific needs of individual companies. Whether it’s an innovative use of bulk text messaging or a special adaptation of PC to SMS technology, discover how toText’s highly experienced team can help you grow your company in exciting new directions - benefiting your customers and increasing revenue.

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